New Episode is out.
The power of budget cannot be underestimated.

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what did they mean by this?

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NTR when?

Albedo no!

They even managed to fuck this up, blurring the fucking the flag, like, HOLY HELL

She doesn't like the guild, only Mononga-sama


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Goddamn the anime is too fast for ln readers and too slow for anime only, with a better direction they really could have fixed it, add in with the half budget it got

She loves her man but he really needs to stop showing favor to women who aren't A MEEEE

I really hope they saved all this budget for the magic bugspray scene

Call me a fag or whatever but I can't help but think the dialogue in this show is lackluster and could be better, considering the setting.
No, I haven't read the LNs, yet.

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Ill spoonfeed

She is programmed to love Momonga, and so she hates that he changed his name to Ainz

I'm so close to being done with this fucking season. Madhouse has completely fucked everything up.

It's not like Overlord is some literary masterpiece, far from it, but this is just fucking terrible. They've mangled everything in Vols. 5-6. Only Lizards were servicable.

Do you enjoy watching anime in oh yeah the budget is so low that they can't afford anything above 720p.

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>mfw got meme'd into watching S2

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Wow, I just realized that next week we get bugspray AND this.

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>Episode 10 and still no Lupusregina
>Just the worst meidos
I want to see Sebas punching holes in people, and I don't want to see Solution making that bitch face anymore.

They've cut a decent chunk out compared to the LNs

>when the manga has better animation than the anime

Why is Madhouse so shit? Why is KYOANI so SUPERIOR to any other studio in terms of animation?

Best meido coming through.

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>mfw Lizards arc was the best thing in S2


Probably because it is
They add in shits that would be trivial and nonsensical by anime-only since they were unexplained (grain from current ep and the various minerals 2 ep ago).
And the dialogues that mattered have also been cut down, the best example is from the current episode where they could have add in Albedo saying she only loved momonga and not the guild, instead they left that one sentence and make it confusing for secondaries

Wow they even fucked up the scene with Albedo & Ainz. She's supposed to be fucking scared when Ainz gets mad.

Nigger all anime airs at 720p, 1080's an upscale, are you retarded?

Madhouse can be amazing when they want to. It's just they can't be bothered to make a good adaptation of Overlord.

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I wish I had that many Momonga body pillows

>getting kissed by that disgusting used up whore mouth

jesus christ what a nightmare

Here's the real story behind this quality according to my interpretation of the author's twitter post.
This season is a strategic move since the author could not write novel bonuses for the anime BDs and he says the higher ups kept bothering him because of that so he told them he would write the novels if there was season 3, they stopped bothering him after he said that.
Basically season 3 is all but confirmed.

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So wrong.
Papa bones should be glad that he changed her settings.

Not at all of them but yeah only a very little few.

The saving grace of this trainwreck was Ulbert-sama

I wish Maruyama would assert more direct control over the anime, maybe if he had some more involvement the fucking tone would be correct, at least

But then again it'd probably delay the LNs if he did that

>"Several guys shat down my throat two days ago yet again."
I still don't understand, why did Tuare said this to Sebas after she kissed him. Maybe she tried to impress him?

I like my women used and abused, Sebas is a lucky guy.

You knew there would be lizards. You knew there would be Climb. You knew what you were getting into.

Tuare acute


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Ulbert is a fag

>Delay the LN
Are you for real?

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Even the WN was a fucking chore at this point, what exactly were your expectation?
This season is doing the job done.
LN will sell and we'll get S3.

What a qt

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This season should have been 50 episodes and have Kaiji pacing.

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Uh I don't remember this in the LN, did I speedread too fast?

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I think it's NTR
from volume 10
>Philip spent more time with Albedo
>her beauty along with her desire to be with him
>Albedo loved him.
>Philip now seeks to find a way to marry her
Albedo x Philip best ship

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>Even the WN was a fucking chore at this point, what exactly were your expectation?
A half decent adaption of the LN? What does the WN have to do with this? Yes, Vol. 5 was not great, but the adaption of it is fucking horrid and thus far the adaption of Vol 6, an actually decent volume, is terrible. 0 fucking budget.

I want to lick Lupus lips

Yes, now go back and read more slowly.


Pleiades is a shit constellation. Big dipper would have been a better name .


Yeah, it did happen. Sebas also dropped his spaghetti way harder than that stoneface Sebas in the anime.
Not to mention
>Demiurge says Sebas face is flushed
>It isn't

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>he doesn't know

Never, she's talking about the guild in general, not momonga

What a cuck hehe im arite


I would marry Tsuare and live a happy human life with her.

I like her face looking all disgusted like that.

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Does he kill her in this episode or the next one?


They really sped up the Tsuare and Ninya being sisters thing.

Dumb frogposter

He's killing her every day since then, judging by the screams alone.

Pretty nice to see Pandora's Actor play Ainz/Momonga here. The previews made it very obvious it was him for the first section of the inquiry.

Futhermore Renner basically giving up all her dynastic privileges so that she could take Climb for a paramour and get the support she needed in enacting her plot against the Eight Fingers was an interesting development.

I guess I would have liked more HAM from Pandora's Actor and more CrAzy from Renner and more Ainz-creeping from Albedo.

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Personally I manually reencode all anime I watch to 240p .rmvbs just to bait people like you

Will we ever meet another player or is Momonga doomed to wonder in this game like world forever alone?

I was so mad i posted that, sorry user

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Elf king is a player if you know what i mean

I have a feeling Albedo is gon' turn into Himmler in 2:15 youtube.com/watch?v=VykaQB4sRmE

Why did he teleport with Victim?

Too scared to leave fetus with Solution.

>He doesn't want to teleport with Victim in his arms.

I don't remember much of the first season. Was the younger sister the one who worked for a potion (?) maker who ended up getting stabbed?
Think the stabber then got defeated in a graveyard with all these skeletons and such from a ritual.

If they do a season 3 I hope they show the horror in Vol 7 and 9. I feel that they will sanitize the La Shub Niggurath scene.

Nigger half her face was in the anime.

Why are the worst meidos getting so much screentime? Why does it matter if they're not the battle meido anymore but the Pleiades sisters?

Speaking of, did they refer to Aureole by name, or even Lastborn?

Madhouse has two other series this season and they are both visually great.

i didn't hear it for a while because i kept skipping it, but this ed is great

How much screentime does Narberal Gamma get in this season?
I haven't seen any new screen/art of her and I'm kinda worried

Yes, but I don't remember her. Thus why I'm asking what story line she was involved in.

I didn't expect anything and yet they still managed to disappoint me. The trial had no tension whatsoever. I get it that this scene relies heavily on narration, but Madhouse didn't even make an attempt to portray the situation properly.

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Can't wait to go back home and horriblesubs the last episode

Madhouse has always been terrible with that shit. Just compare HxH '99 to 2011

>I guess I would have liked more HAM from Pandora's Actor and more CrAzy from Renner and more Ainz-creeping from Albedo.
Madhouse please, you've done enough.

Why did he kidnap her tho? If Tuare dies before she gets Sebas’ dick, I’m done with this shit

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I liked Pandoras Actor in this episode

Did you build your lvl 100 entirely around speed watching classes?

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Demiurge didn't do anything, he a good boy who runs a nice cattle farm.

Demiurge is innocent here.

I can't read that. What does it say?

What the fuck am I reading? Is it Lupusregina's measurements?

such a lazyfag if he were kamachi there would be more novels disregarding if there is more anime or not.

All part of Mare's master plan.

count the fingers on the hand

There is a hand with eight fingers.

I can't read the hand either. Can you translate?

>LN selling very well
>s1 sold very well
>s2 selling like shit
Let's see if the higher-ups at Kadokawa can solve this conundrum.

Why would SEELE want that whore?

Looks like people hate Overlord now
Time to cancel the LN