Dragon Ball Super

This fight should have been more than 3/4 of an episode

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You're trash

Nadie queria ver a Vegeta sufrir. El grande manlet ya ha sufrido mucho.

fuck that

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Caulifla saves the thread!


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Callate wey. Vegeta siempre ha sido mucho mejor que Gocuck.

This one..

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Why aren't the omni kings and the grand priest the final boss? Why the fuck is the anime ending on a cliffhanger?

it is still keikakudoori wait for the pelicula

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Do japs REALLY think this’ll work? If not even the us can stop piracy in South America( already part of our culture), 11’s have no chance

Idiot there's thread up already.

Top lel

el hermano wank has got to stop.

That fight should have been more then three eps and vegeta's muh cabba crystal form looks retarded and should be thrown out.

Him trying to go SSJ2 but accidentalyl gaining green hair/legendary broly status would have been HYPE AS FUCK!!

Vegeta the pinnacle of the saiyajin race had achieved true legendary super saiyajin form, something that not even the preternaturally gifteed mutant goku could have done.
He does this because he thinks of his wife, his son, his pride, and the powerlessness he felt as he was beaten by frieza and the other warriors as a child after his world was destroyed.

He achieves the Legendary(non dyke legendary form more like broly) form and the battle commences in earnest.

Because GP can quite easily slap Goku's shit without anything resembling a slight bit of effort.
Even in his UI form.

Posting top end spoilers

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Because Goku and Jiren are bugs compared to the angels.

Super saiyan god super saiyan 4 would be better

This is fanfiction tier garbage maybe even worse kill yourself for even suggesting that

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This way, you'll have no choice but to read the manga and they're more likely to get you to see the movie.
I personally think ending something on a cliffhanger is really fucking dumb since nothing is ever guaranteed and there's a good chance it won't be worth the wait.

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>even his spanish is getting weaker
Fucking lol

Fuck that.
We're making Legendary a canon thing in the U6 and giving Vegeta something beyond that gay blue haired bullshit.

Still better then Vegeta squealing MUH CABBA and gaining his POSITIVELY FABULOUS AND FIERCE new crystal form.

I really do hate the dumb "spic" memes. It was funny when it was them making the stupid wild theories, but when Sup Forumsnons do it le ironically xD it loses all the charm

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Vegeta vs Toppo should be hype in manga

SS Rage has a higher multiplier than ssb

SSGSS is SSG who went SS, and SS is x50, so what is SSG's multiplier?

I wonder who the long awaited antagonist is

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What the fuck is going on under Goku's chin?

k es esa weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
pejelagarto wwwwwwwww

They can manipulate spacetime.
There is no need for them to fight mortals.
They are real gods compared to the so called GoDs who are just strong foes who learnt Hakai technique.

you cannot prevent people from pirating, the same way you cant stop people from becoming evil
as Gabe Newell put it, you have to make your service better than the pirate's service

but nobody thinks of LA when importing stuff, thats why, as this user said pirating has become part of our culture

Toyo can't draw necks, or most things really.

>or most things really.
You're an idiot

Beaners are so deluded they actually believe Crunchyroll is trying to get them the rights and that it will only cost them 5 burgerbucks.

Reminder that El Hermano sama will save the universe from the evil El Grande Padre and his watermelon head Regla De Todos

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Wasn't actually beaten by Goku! Caulifla's cockiness made Kefla a suicidal tard!

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So is Frieza still winning? Is it really ending on such a cliffhanger?

where's the rest

it ends on cliffhanger

>this cliffhanger will last for another 20 years


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>Toei is trying to save Mexico from becoming a smoldering crater in the Ocean
>people are giving them shit; Latins are freaking out
The hero they need but definitely not the one they deserve

>Guy literally becomes of God of Destruction. A being the entire show, manga, and past two movies have established as being far beyond Saiyan peasantry.
>Oh Bejita just says a speech about his promise to cuckba and hakais his hakais and wins in less than an episode with his Mahou Shoujo Blue, which is more of an asspull than Ultra Instinct.

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Reminder that "Legendary Super Saiyan" as its own unique transformation isn't canon, Broly isn't canon, and Kale isn't the "Legendary Super Saiyan", her Super Saiyan form is a different type of Super Saiyan possibly unique to Universe 6. Calling her forms LSS/LSS2/etc. is something only dumb spics pushing headcanon do.

I hope top Toei execs kill themselves

t. buttblasted Toeitaco.

It's just retarded Toei fanfiction, take it with a grain of salt

Broly isn't canon but Kale is

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Well, DBS IS fanfiction.


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kefla vs toppo?


>bulma is a genius and inverted everything, also a huge wet cunt
>gohan got cucked by spopovich, invented nothing, disgrace of the half-saiyan race, retarded last transformation

>unironical blue and pink super saiyans
>unironical Goku Blanco
>not fanfiction

Kale is canon and legendykery super saiyajin is now canon.
They decided that this was a good idea
That this should be in there over fucking broly being canon.
Someone was fired for this shit.
Or at least I hope they were.

>if I don't like it it's fanfiction

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>fur goku

>Kale is canon
>legendykery super saiyajin is now canon.

t. GTspic

Jokes on you I'd like if SSGSS:E was in the manga as a form comparable to UI so Goku and Vegeta are still close each other (also because Toyo would actually explain the form and make it less bullshit). But I guess Vegeta is getting UI in the next movie too so who cares about kawaii blue

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Frost i guess

>implying SSB is 50 times stronger SSG
Not in the manga nor movies

>o-only things I like are canon!
Hush now, Paco.

It was so hated and upset so many fucking DB fans and just fare weather shounen geeks that they begged toriyama to make up the little dyke cauli to be the first "Canon" SSJ so they can bring in Kale later or make Kale less of a shitter.

>he eats this shit up

Nah, GT was even worse than this.
Although I will praise the decency GT had of fucking off after only 60 episodes.

gets fucked

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Monster Carrot

>if you don't like DBSpic, you are a spic
>when spicland is going to broadcast this turd's next episode on stadiums.

I'm not defending Super, it's shit, but claiming that it isn't canon just because it's shit makes you a drooling retard.

>Goku and Hit vs Jiren
>Vegeta and Kefla vs Toppo

Toyo would be wasting a big opportunity if he doesn't go with this

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Stop deflecting. Super (the manga) is canon whether you like it or not.

>more saiyan and Frieza wank before continuing the retarded power creep
Oh boy, really interesting.
Toriyama needs to retire already.

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Is Broly your waifu?

What was your reaction when this scene happened?

I died laughing on the floor.

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What will be the next big meme for the Super movie

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that red makes him look kinda cool actually, looks like a classy Devil you'd face in a violin duel

Thank you Caulifla!

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Well, DBS practically destroys the legacy of DB and Z, so it's healthy to just consider it fanfiction made by some coke'd up spic.

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resurrection of ___

A movie now? Just fucking cancel this piece of shit already
My god, everything was okay here until I saw that fucking soyboy Goku design for a fucking movie (because apparently killing this franchise with a shit anime is not enough), worst part is that a lot of people see that shit design and say "wow this looks nice XD".
I thought Kitaro was going to kill this garbage once and for all, but "no no, let's make le epic movie XD for the money!"

>more saiyans and frieza wank

Literally this

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>only good episodes in 2018 till now were takahashi and GoDpo episodes

yare yare

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what are even the possible villains if it's not a new one?
>Freeza wins and gets some angelic ass power up
>Grande Padre shows his true baldness
>Zenos do the fusion dance for a fusion somehow more annoying than gotenks


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>muh legacy
>muh nostalgia
Still canon, Pedro.

>pic related is one DBH card away from becoming a reality
The SUPERCLUSTER of Dragon Ball.

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