Black Clover

Episode 23

Why is this allowed?

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wasn't this canceled?

Why would you think that?
It's at Episode 23/51

I have no intention of watching this but please tell me what you thought of the episode, OP.

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Animation was a bit lacking this episode but the content was great. Very excited for Yuno vs Catherine next ep. Also, Fate/Apocrypha animators are being moved to BC team so we might get more scenes as beautiful as Fuegoleon destroying Alfred. 7.5/10

It was better than the last few episodes, preview of the next one looks good though.

This arc just started so I don't quite know but it seems to be going in the right direction.
The animation quality is kinda lacking in some parts and better in others.

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What is the latest arc about?


Catherine is a fucking beauty wew lad. You should be very excited for next episode, we're gonna be introduced to the big bad of the series and one of his underlings.

Some group of outcasts attacking the castle city.

Clover Kingdom is invaded by a bunch of zombies and fuck boys

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Is this The Warriors reference?

Ironically yes

>kingdom is on fire
>continue cooking for the gluttonous little mouth creature who will turn out to be very strong should she ever actually do anything besides stuff her face

this chef deserves to become a shokugeki

Do they really add chocolate of coffee powder as a hidden taste in curry rice?

I always thought pineapple or apple is the staple hidden taste.

I think the real question here should be why they're cooking curry in a land based off of Medieval Europe, especially when this world already has it's own version of Japan.

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Uhm.. because it's delicious?

Call me a faggot, I don't give a shit. I fucking love that salt sprinkle thing.

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The best anime ever

It gave me a good giggle. I never expected to see it again, much less in an anime.
But if this world has it's own Japan, shouldn't it have it's own version of India and the rest of Asia? And if so, then how does the Clover Kingdom know what curry is? You could argue trade routes but it seems the Clover Kingdom doesn't interact much with the outside world. There's no real reason meme chef and Charmy should know what curry is. This is a fucking plot-hole and I will not stand for it.

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If you know yami is from the land of raising sun aka japan

>There's no real reason meme chef and Charmy should know what curry is. This is a fucking plot-hole and I will not stand for it.
>implying magic wonder chefs don't exchange recipes or collect them in huge libraries all over the world

Curry is native clover kingdom food

I swear there was a thread about it being canned

Nope this anime is popular in japan but we dont know how high the rating in tv

I'm happy nips like it

I'm happy anyone likes it its nice not being lonely

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How? The animation is disgusting.

The director's twitter I guess.

That's just because it's low budget.

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Asta's screaming really grew on me

Are you ready for this cute girl kicking some asses next episode?

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Charmy is so adorable I love her

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Thank God Black Clover is finally being accepted in Sup Forums, I love the anime, maybe I should give a chance to the manga too.

The manga is actually a lot better than the anime. If you like the anime you'll love the manga.
>Thank God Black Clover is finally being accepted in Sup Forums
eh, we only have 12 IDs here. The manga threads get a lot more replies but I still wouldn't say accepted.

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I'll read the manga once the anime is over or on break.

season 1 is 51 episodes so that's gonna take a while nigga

i like this show but the animation is consistently bad...

>his evil magic is too powerful, let's just bann him from our kingdom, this will solve this problem.

Actually, the problem was more so
>magic requires the death of other people to work to its full extent
and of course a little bit of classism mixed in because they were assblasted that a commoner was stronger than most royals. Honestly the Clover Kingdom is pretty scummy.

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>There is no Japan in that world
>Yami is an isekai character

>Patolli is an isekai character

My point is that they specificly mention how strong he is and their way of fixing the issue of a strong guy with forbidden powers by just throwing him out, which will probably not keep him from using his power and also forces him to live in another kingdom they're probably in war with.
How would they not see it coming that he would come back pissed at them?

Because they're fucking stupid I guess. Probably hoped he would just starve and die since there's no way an enemy kingdom would take in a refugee.

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today's episode animation was terrible

except for the part where Fuegoleon came in

Agreed, they probably have to work with a limited budget

>Thank God Black Clover is finally being accepted in Sup Forums

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Well this Studio Pierrot so I wouldn't expect anything of quality even with a good budget

I like the song they have now

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if nothing else atleast bc threads involving the manga has less shitposters than the usual shounen general

at least is better animated than DBSuper from Toei.

DBS ToP has had pretty ok animation most times

Oh boy, haven't followed this shit since I dropped it when Asta and the crew were fighting some evil comrade of that fire/diamond guy from Diamond kingdom and rescuing her brainwashed childhood friend.
>Evil guy want to kill everyone including his ally because fuck everyone, I am an edgelord.
>Asta stops him with asspull demon
>Evil guy expects Asta to finish him off
>Asta starts shouting shit like he won't let him die till he has undone all what he did
>Few panels later the same evil guy who wanted to kill all your friends were laughing with the crew like nothing happened.
It was fucking stupid

>expecting good writing from a shit manga
you are the one to blame.

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Im sorry you have shit taste, plus you only watch the awful anime too, cmon man are you even trying?

Someone post a japanese version of the meme with a translation

thanks for the spoiler, fag

You must be talking about Ladros

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>mfw it's actually true
author is a hack.

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lmao you never realized that ?

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pierrot needs to get their shit together. There was some really bad animation this ep. There was this part where Alfred knocked Asta out of the air, and it was a still shot of Asta basically dragged across screen to make it look he fell. It was incredibly awkward.

What was the point of Ladros anyway? If the author wanted drama with the child experimentation, the childhood friend was enough to carry it.

Pretty sure he's trying to set up for a future Diamond Kingdom arc involving the Eight Shining Generals and obviously Mars and Ladros

I honestly think BC would be a lot more popular, despite how generic it is, if the art/animation wasn't so fucking terrible.