Dragon Ball Super

> DBS will switch from weekly shonen anime to high quality movies
> Toei getting rid of Yamamuro for Shintani
> Toyotaro will cover the movie in the manga after the Tournament of Power

Good time to be a DBS fag

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>anything Toei
>High quality
Thanks for the laugh Juan

> m-muh toei boogieman

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Is Sakurada out? I'm so fucking tired of 17 shilling and that guy is literally in love of him

>high quality DBS movies

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So we went from "DBS is cancelled" to DBS is still alive and dramatically increasing in quality?

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Neither of those look good, user

It´s definitely good news.

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what's it like to have shit taste

Now it would be pretty cool if the manga was moved to a weekly or biweekly magazine

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It can happen as long as it doesn't have the non stop schedule like DBS. Look how much better Precure action scenes look compare to Dragon Ball or One Piece.

Message to any autistic GT faggot that tries coming here to cry about noncanon shit.

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How old are you?

For animation knowledge watch animeajay on youtube

Old enough to have a College Degree. Got a problem?

You sure convinced me with your post that reeks of 14-year-old.

> weekly manga
I don't think Toyo can handle that stress. It will definitely cause a huge dip in quality for the manga

fuck i just remembered i was going to binge watch gt for the first time once super ends.
nothing can be as bad as super was

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>Being this defensive.

What are your thoughts on Super's dub, anons? Any actors you like or dislike? Any voices you look forward for?

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>Instead of having to wait a week for disappointment, you have to wait almost an entire year
>Boy, aren't you lucky?

Trust me, GT is far worse. Just started watching it, and it's definitely not as "okay" as I remembered

Good shit.

Goddamn they love DB in South America. This bar is offering free lap dances for everyone if Goku wins they saw the spoilers lol

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Nothing makes it impossible for GT to not be canon.

dub or sub? Funimation arguably changed more with the dub of GT

Where are my Vegitochads!?

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Why would a fan of someone whose lifetime record is 0-2 be considered a "Chad"?


The dub is even worse because it changed GT's best quality, the OST

> High quality SSB Kaioken Goku
> High quality SSB Evolution Vegeta
> High quality Ultra Instinct -Omen-
> No Yamamuro

Oh boy

Hopefully the U6 Saiyans make it to the big screen

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good choice. Nozawa's SS4 is incredible but the constant waku waku gets really old and the golden oozaru screams hurt me.

The only good song in GT, Dan Dan Whatever, is still in the dub.
Plus, Ice Cube's cousin rapping is fun to laugh at

Manga gets confirmed again as canon and anime will stop doing poor series and go with neat movies, it's the best for both versions

Reminder that these two were a mistake and need to stay dead.

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What they should have done in the first place.

The last 2 movies were bad, so why would this one be any better?

Reminder Vegetto never won nor lost a single fight, everything that happens when he's there is that he beats the shit out of the enemy then leaves, he's the chadest one even if he's not allowed to win (he still can't lose unlike Gotenks/Kafla/Zamasu)

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>being this young

It's only bad if you have literally nothing else going on in your life.

>Vegito burns through his allotted fusion at over 1000% and Zamasu is no worse for wear
>"Yeah, Vegito totally won't that fight."

Literally best movie.

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>Numerous forced comedy segments that drag on way too long
>Lackluster action scenes
I guess if you have low standards, but I'm not as easily impressed as you


>Manga gets confirmed again as canon
How the fuck did you even get that from the OP?

The anime team arguably works just as closely with Toriyama as Toyotaro does

> Toshio worked with Toriyama in a pre-episode planning meeting
> Says "of course Toriyama is involved" with the anime team
> Toei receives Toriyama outline
> Toriyama sees what Toei is planning (saw that they were going to make Jiren talk, then asked them to change it)
> Meaning Toriyama reviews anime-only content and either asks them to modify it or he approves it
> Toei created Kale, which is now part of Toyotaro's outline
> Toriyama created Caulifla because of Toei's initiative to create Kale.
> Toriyama created Jiren, Toppo, and Dypso. Toei created the other Pride Troopers which Toyotaro is using

Source: kanzenshuu.com/translations/dragon-ball-official-site-the-artisans-who-made-the-universe-survival-arc/

Anyway...a manga that is
> from a promotional magazine
> that was announced AFTER the anime
> mostly ignored by merch/games
> is dependent on the movies/anime because it's not a complete work on it's own

Will never be "canon". It's a nice companion/supplemental manga to the main product. Which is the anime in this case.

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>he can't read nor write
Literally illiterate

Shit disgusting taste. Why are you even here?

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Vegetto successfully saved everyone inside Buu. That was the whole point.

>nothing can be as bad as super was
I hope you are ready for this, user. GT is going to break you.

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Still too weak, boy

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>my opinion is superior, PLEBEIAN
Grow up.

Here, have a pity (You)

No he didn't. Goku and Vegeta did. And then they all died anyway. Cuckgito is a jobber and a failure.

For the same reason any Z-baby posts here, to complain about MUH SERIOUS DEEBEEZEE IS RUINED

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>two threads up
Why are we so based?

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>unironically using "cuck"
>ignoring what "jobber" means
Please leave, you are supposed to be 18 to post here



Yamamuro being gone is cool and all. But my god I hope the design isn't final and they fix his face.

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Right here bro

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movie trailer when

Is he more of a Vegeta or Goku

hohoho frieza totally made vegeta look like a bitch (my favourite quite from abridged dbz by team fourstar) by lasting longer than him in the tournament. this proves htat frieza is stronger than vegeta. if frieza, a planet buster, is stronger than vegeta vegeta must be at the very most an island buster. also GODku is a galaxy buster AT THE LEASt did you see his energy? it was a literal galaxu. cant wait for GODku to beat jiren in the next episode. jiren is scary, but godku will job him with ease with his new ultra instinct mastered form.

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Never hot.

>switch to movies
>Literally one movie to bridge the end of Super to the next TV anime

RoF is supposed to be good now?

I'm 15 and still here

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>abridged dbz


Super is better than GT when it comes to new characters but GT treated the old cast better.

>The only good song in GT, Dan Dan Whatever
Dumb amerimutt.


>All you had to do was lie
>All you had to do was to never be honest online

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Expected. DBS threads are obviously filled with underages, how else could they be this low quality.

What stress? He isn't known as Traceyotaro for nothing. Also, how did 2 DBS threads around the same time got the 999 trips? Is that even legal?

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Hope you have a dynamic ip...

Gohanfags are underaged.
Not too suprising

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did she fart

Also, GT never ruined Vegeta's buu arc development. In Super he was turned into comedic relief with some bingo dance, doesn't catch up to Goku despite his best efforts, is turned into some battered househusband that takes shit from his wife and doesn't train because no reason other than to show how much Goku is dumb and sucks as a familyman (as if Vegeta was supposed to be a good familyman), and then discards his wife and dsughter because he wants to bring back and fuck some twink boy he knew for less than 3 hours.

>GT treated the old cast better?

user are you on fucking PCP?

goku cant do anything against vegito, retard.

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How old is Jiren?

not as old as El Hermano

>ignores how his claim that Vegito accomplished anything got BTFO

old enough for El Tio

I want to play videogames with her!

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Hohohoho. I, as an intellectual frieza fan, must point out the obvious floor in your statement. Vegito is a merged form between goku and vegeta. And besides, my main point was that frieza is the best.

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Same as El Primo.

El Hermano

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How strong es El Vecino

>feeling superior for liking shitty Godzilla music
Dumb weeb.

Sakurada was in charge during the ToP and he used it as a prop to shill his husbando so he must be blacklisted for life

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that doesnt mean goku could beat vegito.

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are you related to the underage "chad spammer" brolytard?