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Momo would be the best mother. This is a fact.

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Reminder, Todo > Bakugou even with Hori's boner for Baku.

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And Knuckleduster best dad, also how're you all doing today? You all have a nice day so far?

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Coming soon in 15 days

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Unpopular opinion. Bakugou is the worst written character in the series and a terrible rival co protagonist

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i want todoroki to make momo become a single mother

>decucks unironically believe this
Face it faggot, Bakugo is the best character in the series, is far more popular than Deku by a mile, and will win the Ochabowl

He's trying not to be like Daddy though.

Don't understand why the author has the main rival establish more bro moments than Deku does with his circle.

Also, translated chapter is out

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I know and it's even more proof that Knuckleduster is the fucking best. Man got his heart shanked and electrocuted, and then he restarted his own heart with his own high wattage, fist taser.

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Praying that Deku's new gadgets aren't lame and make his costume look like shit.

He has zero chance at the Ochabowl. The only contenders are Deku and MAYBE Iida if Deku fucks it up by being too oblivious.

At least wait until the last thread has archived itself before making new one. There is no need for 3-4 bnha threads at the same time.

does anyone know who the creator of this is?

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This doesn't qualify as guro, right? So what tags should I be searching to find more? How do I find more?

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That definitely is guro.

>and make his costume look like shit.

todoroki's attractive but definitely not attractive enough to garner all that attention from almost every girl he meets. i don't get it. his hair style is kind of ugly

toga infilitrating the school disguised as ochako when

I would say it's not exactly guro but it's close, she's not riding his dick while cutting out his throat

He is a decent mix out of sharp features and soft features in his face. Why wouldn't girls love him?

Also his burn scar for some reason isn't hideous so it only makes him more interesting

You're right. Make his costume look even more shit.

Oh, I thought guro was used for guts showing

>Shitting on the costume given to him by his mom
How dare you

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I like his mom after the house visits but that costume needs to fucking go. At least Hori realized people weren't crazy about the bunny ears and he never once had his hood up during the Yakuza raid.

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I always liked the grinning mask motif. I wish he'd at least use that more.

It's awful but it's not Inko's fault, she literally copied a design she found in his notebook.

Honestly he should just ask Power Loader (and Mei Hatsume because she'd interfere no matter what) to come up with a better design. The costume design department should know this shit like the backs of their hands.

Girls also have different tastes and stuff. There's no guy ALL girls would love at first sight, much less one with a burn scan covering half of his face. It's dumb no matter how you look at it. If it was because of the status of being the son of the #1 it'd be more believable but that hardly ever is mentioned.

I mean they did improve it
Its still horrible but mark 2 was a lot better than that shit.

They do but not as much as guys. Also they are influenced by what other girls around them consider hot.

Not saying they don't differ at all but its a completely different level for guys.

Todoroki is a Gary Stu. He's loved by people just by existing and he never does wrong.

People love him because of appearance and status.
It doesn't make him a Gary Stu, he would be one if he were an asshole to people and they still loved him.

I'm talking by experience. Girls are more of liking guys because of their actions and attitudes than their looks. You'll probably see a guy and think nothing of him, then you'll later notice the guy is attractive. I agree on that of being influenced by the other girls though, but that's mostly pretending. Like if a couple of girls think x guy is hot, the rest agree with them part for courtesy and part for not feeling they are weird and out of the group.

Do you even know what a Gaey Stu is?

>He never does wrong
>Failed to get his hero license because he couldn't get over his daddy issues and started fighting some hot headed autist because of it.
I don't even like Todoroki. Learn what the fuck a Gary Stu means. You fuckers throw it around all the time without knowing what it is.

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Yes, that's why I was explaining it.

I want to rape and abuse him until he's nothing but a crying mess

Even if he failed it wasn't his fault. Inasa went to fucking bow to him and took the responsibility, and the narrative makes you believe he's right and it was Inasa's fault.

>shitposter shitposting
Never. Saw. It coming.

why is mt lady so lewd?

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You know what I just realized?

Season 3 is actually going to cover the entire last good arc AND the Hero License Arc on top of that.

There's basically no reason to watch the anime anymore after that point, since after the drop in quality that is the Hero Licesense Exam, the series plummeted so deep into the pits of hell that it would actually be a waste of time and money. Hopefully based BONES will give us an original adaptation after that.

Tell us how you really feel.

I don't know. Men have fetishized and written poems about every single body part of women and about every body type.
I think overall their taste runs the same lines compared to men.
>but that's mostly pretending
Well maybe they are. The argument is that the depiction in the manga is unrealistic and I really don't think it is. Especially in Japan I would think they really don't want to seem weird and have weird taste in boys.

>There's basically no reason to watch the anime anymore after that point
Even if I think overall the Yakuza arc is bad I still wanna see Mirio animated.

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She wants the Kacchad

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>He actually believes that

>original adaptation

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Everyday until canon.

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I like Mirio, but not even he can save this shit manga.

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>You'll probably see a guy and think nothing of him, then you'll later notice the guy is attractive.
That's like what happened with Camie and Bakugou.

I actually want to rest his head on my lap and play with his hair while I tell him everything will be alright and that I'll always love him no matter how many times he jobs. I'd also like to cuddle with him, and record him as he plays with our cats

The Yakuza arc is not that bad it's just a divisive story arc among fans.

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I want to fire him and make sure he never gets a job in the field again.

I've never lived in Japan so I can't tell, but maybe there it's common in schools that all girls pretend to like the same guy just to go with the flow. By western standards it's weird as fuck but it happens in shoujo manga too.

>Bones remove him from the arc and make it a 5 episode Kirishima arc instead (Kirishima and Fatgum fighting against the local drug trade)
>suddenly it goes from a 0/10 to a 7.5/10 arc
Maybe Mirio can at least save the anime?

It's the most uniting arc in the series actually.

Pacing was off and the last fight was an asspull.
But to say it had no good parts is going a little far

Although season 4 of the anime likely would end around the festival we are at right now, right? So I do think with the yakuza arc and now the SoL-nothing-happens chapter it is going to be a weak season overall

Anons I need help. I can’t get the thoughts of pathetic armless Onahole being violently raped by big mutant cocks everyday in prison out of my mind.

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>last fight was an asspull.
Are we still pretending it’s an asspull? I guess we are

>It's the most uniting arc in the series actually.
More people agree that Yakuza is bad than agree that Kamino is good


I wonder how many anons even remember the sheer amount of hype "Unbreakable Kirishima" generated, does anyone still have the screencap from that day?

God bless.

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cant argue with those digits, i would actually like to see another girl compete with momo for midoriya's attention

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So you're agreeing with what I said.

>Not cumming in his arm stubs
Pretty shit pic tbhfamalam

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Eri's quirk allowing Deku to go 100% for one fight seems kinda 'asspullish' at least. It would be fine if her quirk would've been introduced earlier

There were like 5 people posting gay Kirishima shit but otherwise it was pretty calm.

I'm afraid current medicine can't help you.

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I guess. I am just disappointed with the fanbase.

Me too.

The energy from wishing was more of an asspull than Eri's rewind quirk, but it was still pretty bad.

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Why are you lying. I'm not even that user but I can remember how hyped people were about that. Which I found weird cause i wasn't that bothered myself but to say it was pretty calm is flat out untrue.

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I also want him to lose his eyes so he'll completely depend on me. I want to comfort him as he cries for how useless he is now, all while caressing him and reassuring him he'll always be my hero and I'll never, ever leave his side
he can never find out im the reason he lost his eyes but its not like he'll be able to do much about it

That was just bullshit. Asspull to me is something a character pulls out of his ass and then wins somehow.

Kirishima should really have scars as bad as Deku after that fight.

What her real quirk really is had always been up in the air, if you bothered to reread you will notice that when the issue of quirk erasing bullet was brought up, it was speculated that her blood somehow affects quirk factor directly, in fact, the story went out of its way to distinguish that her quirk is different from Eraser’s.
And then of course, there’s Overhaul’s “cursed child” and “you’re destined to kill people” lines and him lying about what he said earlier regarding Eri as his daughter, which makes everyone disregard his words as a lie.
If anything, it was an excellent twist that makes sense when you reread it

It was literally just a deluge homoposting.
And people saying they liked Fitgum (who probably won't ever appear again).


Yeah but the moment of reveal was the moment when it was needed. Its like Deku would've learned OfA breaks his bones at 100% the moment he was fighting Shinsou for the first time.

It's always weird to wonder how many user's are the same ones who have stuck around since the beginning and how many are newer people. I wonder if opinions on arcs can be effected by stuff like that.

Like how this moment was the fucking hypest thing when it was being translated in thread but do people who read it later see it the same way.

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Guro for sure. It shouldn't be hard. I bet best girl has plenty of that.

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I don’t know how you can come to the conclusion that it was revealed when “it was needed”, when Deku went into 20% and failing just earlier. Eri not wanting to be saved and always manipulated by Overhaul to come back to him was also a point that has been built up until the point of her quirk reveal

His daughter has such a cool delinquent design

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Yeah that's what I was hoping and Hori fucked it up. So disappointing.

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I started coming here around the begining of the sports festival arc.
I remember we had like hue scans first and someone would translate them in the thread.

That screencap has a lot of anons getting excited for it, there was literally no homoposting in it. It was one of the best highlights of the arc.
Is there a screencap of pic related anywhere?

Kirishima never exploded his limbs like Deku dead though.

Oh they are so cute being hopeful about the drugs meaning a big change in society and having a big impact.

>kid blows up his own arms a couple times
>holy shit, those scars
>other kid gets parts of his own skin and flesh broken off repeatedly for about 3 or 5 minutes, has to have his whole body wrapped in bandages
>lmao what are scars

That’s why the hero swooped in before it became a reality don’t you think

Here's the exact moment you lying bastard. That's hype and you know it.

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The series is far from over. It's not as if there will never be a good arc again.

Yes, but someone punching the skin off your arms should definitely leave you with some scars.

There's the r-18g tag on pixiv but some artists don't use it

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La creatura

Thanks user

I agree and disagree because it would been cool if he had some scars but he didn't take that much damage the only reason izuku have his scars because he was constantly breaking his bones

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