What anime needs a new season?

What anime needs a new season?

I vote Samurai Champloo

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Why didnt he use this move when they stole his sword at the end?

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Easy answer

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Black Lagoon. It's not an open and shut show, a few more seasons would rule.

I vote for Yuru Yuri. New season by TYO of course.

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A boy has the right to dream.

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Konosuba just to end the teasing

Gab Drop

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literally pic related.

wasn't s3 announced?
should be called satanichia drop out

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Samurai Champloo would have been better if either Jin or Mugen died at the end.

i honestly was more interested in the bounty hunting and space pirates and wild west shanghai aesthetic yakuzas than the galactic layline shit

I want more EXUPUROSHIONS and Darkness low key cumming at the thought of pain/humiliation. Also the humor.

>doesnt even mention aqua

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i love those gay little idiots.

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I was going to say To Aru Majutsu no Index just for the tradition, but i guess i can't anymore, so i vote for this

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Why would I even want to watch that without Chtholly in it.


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le dramatic effect

I disagree with him, the ending kept you a bit nervous but felt good in the end

This show needs a reboot
1-6 can be exactly the same, but everything after needs to be handled rationally and effectively.

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