These middle-aged men are cute! CUTE!

These middle-aged men are cute! CUTE!

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>Akira begins to develop feelings for the manager—a 45-year-old man named Masami Kondou
picked the fuck up.

Be real with me, OP, is it any good?

>10 episodes in
>not a single giant robot
What happened?

It's legitimately great.

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It's actually really fucking good.
Unfortunately Sup Forums doesn't care much for it...

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It's mediocre

it's pretty good, easily AOTS.

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Not in this season, lots of more worthwhile shows.


It's probably going to be remembered as a "hidden" gem in a few years.

maybe it's for the best,
that way we have less shitposters.

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Please, Ameagari threads are tumblr-level cancer.

not always,
the early episodes had great threads

RisoPara is a favorite of mine and I'm just going for this in the expectation it'll be similar.

>Sup Forums having good taste
Choose one

I wanna marry Kondou!

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Long haired middle-aged men are bro-tier af despite their dominant roles as villains.

Any other anime with similar artstyle? I don't mean just the big shoujo eyes, this is legit one of the best looking series I've seen in a long time.

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Not him, but 3-gatsu.



I'm not into romance anime but I ended up picking it up this season, no regrets. I genuinely think this is well directed. Based WIT studio.

Season 2 when?

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Best art direction I've seen in a while

I don't think it's very likely. They've included a lot of stuff in the anime related to Akira's injury and whether she still wants to run that don't happen until way later in the manga. To me it looks like they're going to rush the same ending the manga has been building up towards and end both the manga and the anime at the same time or at least on a similar note. At best I would hope for a special or OVA but another season seems very unlikely.

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Is that on the right a man? He's a total cute ossan. I might start watching it.

They purposely reveal him in a way that makes you think it's going to be a woman. His appearance is teased a few episodes in advance and we know it's someone the other guy used to know but refuses to talk about. And here the other guy stops when he's approaching him and blushes. We first see him from behind so you only see the long hair and his slender hands. Then he turns around and you finally learn the truth.

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