Baki Dou 195 translation


Chapter 195: Crimes

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>Hitoshi: Pulse.
>H: Breathing.

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>H: Blood pressure.
>H: Body temperature.
>H: All normal.

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>Narrator: Team Leader, Nonomura Hitoshi
>H: And, as you can see,
>N: Paleontogist, John Hohner

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>H: There are no brain waves.
>Tokugawa: He went back.
>H: Yes.
>H: He went back...

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>H: He went back...
>H: To that 'time'.
>T: Are you alright, Nonomura?
>H: I'm fine.
>H: It's as if time has stopped here.

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It can't have been for nothing Joel.

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>T: What is that liquid?
>H: Liquid nitrogen.

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>T: Isn't that minus a hundred... some degrees...?
>H: Well...
>H: In today's world, we still keep it near its freezing point.
>H: Starting now, we're going to...
>H: Gradually lower the temperature, by 0.5 celsius every 6 hours.
>H: The end goal is -196 celsius, which should take 6 weeks' time.

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>H: We're using extremely slow cryopreservation techniques.
>T: If he freezes, won't his cells be destroyed?
>H: That issue...
>H: Was solved by our team, two years ago.
>H: It's the tube from his mouth.
>H: This research is still unpublished...

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>H: It's a new medication created by our team.
>H: Per minute, 0.9 milligrams of it...
>H: Are slowly...
>H: Slowly...
>H: Swallowed.


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>H: By standard digestive procedure,
>H: 20 litres -
>H: 20,000 millilitres - are to be digested over a 15-day period.
>H: By this, it spreads.
>H: On a nano-level, through all of the cells.

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Too much has been wasted for an anticlimatic ending.
Just have musashi go berserk and kill someone, beat baki then die to yujiro.

>H: A preservation fluid which will not freeze is spread.
>John: So...
>J: It's a liquid that won't destroy the cells...
>H: Our team's work is never complete.
>J: What if his blood freezes...?

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>H: The tubes attached to his femora...
>H: Are joined to his major arteries and veins.
>H: The circulation is speeding up.
>H: In 77 hours - by the start of the week, the freeze prevention...
>H: Should be sufficient throughout all of his veins.

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>T: Thank you so very much, Nonomura-kun.
>T: Thank you so very much, everyone.

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Missed a few chapters. Did Baki beat Memesashi and now they want to freeze him to not lose his body?

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>H: What if...
>H: The modern world could charge Miyamoto Musashi with crimes?
>H: But, before asking such things...

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End chapter.

As Taylor said, "This ain't for the best."

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Advertisement for the anime. The teaser was released at the same time as this magazine. If you didn't read or hear about the teaser,

Baki is to be voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga. You may remember him from such roles as Gudao/Ritsuka from Fate/Grand Order: First Order, and the Sun Quan Gundam from SD Gundam Sangokuden: Brave Battle Warriors.

And I think that I wrote up a list of the VAs for the prisoners, back in 2016. I'll have to dig that out, somehow. All I remember is that one of them is Jet Black.


End transmission.

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>Baki is to be voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga.
That's cool.
It's a shame that Masami Kikuchi is not coming back as Baki, tho.

Ah, found it:

Sikorsky - Daisuke Ono

Doyle - Wataru Hatano

Dorian - Yukinori Ishizuka

Speck - Atsushi Imaruoka

Yanagi - Hisao Egawa

Katsumi - Shunsuke Sakuya

Retsu - Kiyoyuki Yanada

Tokugawa - Nakatsukasa Takayuki

Whether or not these names mean anything to you off the top of your head, almost all of them are well known voice actors. Discounting Nakatsukasa Takayuki, they are all total veterans.

So how's freezing gonna revive him? Or are they keeping him in the freezer in case some strong fighter is showing up later?

something something scientific research
they can't bring him back, anyway; not without Sabuko, and Sabuko will never agree to bring him back


So we will never see Musashi go all out and moider everyone? What the fuck, man. What the fuck. I was looking forward to that.

>we will never see Musashi go all out and moider everyone
See volumes 16, 17

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Looking good, kind of funny that the guy on the middle (don't remember his name) looks almost exactly like Baki looked on the first anime.

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So, what was the point of the whole Dou? Or is it once again "beat each other up, it's all for the sake of each punch" with no need for winner?

Neo spirituality from a cognitive post-episcopal reverse inward angle, with zen tendencies.

Extremely convoluted way to kill Retsu because we can't have nice things.

Boredom which can only be defeated by enjoying what you're doing. Memetobe explain this in the last fight, Musashi and him spend their time thinking about war and only war, in the other hand, Baki is just having fun. Someone who forces himself can't never defeat the one who has fun with it.

Dorian. Brit. The most sympathetic one.
I wonder if, since this is a good digital version of Baki, it also means this week's version of the rest of WSC will be HQ too (instead of a lower res manga mura watermarked version). It differs per week.

Doyle was the middle one.

Whoops, my bad. It's been a while.

Doyle, not Dorian.

>since this is a good digital version of Baki, it also means this week's version of the rest of WSC will be HQ too
what the fuck are you talking about, how is x1200 "HQ"

More to the point, these aren't the public raws; I'm buying the magazine every week. I just didn't feel the need to mention it since it doesn't affect anyone's experience with these threads. Death to those responsible for MangaMura and all that, but they're not ever going to be relevant to these threads.

Do you want anything specific out of WSC? I don't know if uploading the whole damn thing will get my account banned or whatever.

Based user.
Dumb namefag. Learn the difference.

Yes! made it in time!

As always, thanks for the translation.

I have no fucking clue what the hell is going on into Itakagi's mind.

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If you've ever bought WSC on paper, you'd know that the new digital versions are infinitely better than those, 1200 or not. Better than the digital tank releases on EBJ, even. But no, I don't want anything else. I read WSC for Himawari. Sometimes those are MangaMura'd, sometimes they aren't. Unless you're uploading the entire thing to places like Nyaa, there are other people who sometimes do good clean versions like your early Baki chapters. I'm just saying that those are unpredictable.

Well maybe as the now KNOW for a fact that souls still exist somewhere in the universe after you die, they can scientifically research that and try to bring him back again through SCIENCE.

What I don't know is what narrative purpose would that serve at this point though.

But Dou starts with all of the cast being bored to hell and back after the father and son fight.

Even Baki. You have to take in mind, until that point the only thing Baki wanted was to surpass his dad. Baki obtains a symbolic victory and the rest of the cast saw the most spectacular fight of their lives.
Dou starts with boredom, which is the true antagonist of Dou. Desperate by this, Tokugawa decides to revive Musashi, which was a mistake.
Characters like Motobe or Yujiro don't suffer from boredom.

Maybe if they ever make a ridiculous DBZ ripoff arc of fighting against aliens/time travelers/robots/demons like we sometimes joke? about, they can bring back Musashi to help in a time of need.

So the message is that baki has learned to enjoy himself even if thre's no fight to win?

WIll he end up losing himself in his imagination forever while his body keeps getting stronger?

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>If you've ever bought WSC on paper, you'd know that the new digital versions are infinitely better than those, 1200 or not
Huh. Good to know. Strange.

Is there a good place to read all the chapters up to here? My usual places go up 130ish and skip to 168.

>So the message is that baki has learned to enjoy himself even if thre's no fight to win?
The story is also meta, Baki defeated the strongest man alive, what's next?
Just the readers, Baki is suffering from not knowing what do or where to go.
Having fun seems the only way to deal with boredom.

I think that the idea is that Baki has defeated that which Yuujiro could not defeat. Remember Melancholy of a Man, and this chapter? When you reach the top, boredom perpetually assaults you. Baki is conquering boredom.

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But Baki was never a battle junkie on the level of Yujiro, and never really defeated him on a phisical way.

I dropped Baki in second part when retsu brings him poisoned to his school and proposes joining kaiou tournament. Everything was just to boring and pointless. Should I skip to third part, or is there something interesting coming?

On Sup Forums.

We'll get back to the scanlations when I stop pretending that I don't know where to upload new chapters. Oh, and we need a cleaner for volumes 17-20 of Dou, so that's another setback unless we choose to ignore the need for cleaning.

>Baki was never a battle junkie on the level of Yujiro
He became one. What did you think that all of the yawns in volume 1 were about?

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The Ali jr arc is afterwards.

But waht are you saying, the chinese tournament boring? it's one of the best part of the whole series!

About him lacking an objective.

The hunter without his prey is nothing, so he was bopred because after focusing all his life on a single objective, he does not what to do, it's not the same as being a junkie.

I'm before it I suppose. All this crap with fights consisting of staring at each other and then giving up tired me.

You need to get to the Yujiro vs Kaku kaio fight at least

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Whether or not Baki can be called a "battle junkie", the point remains that he reached 'the top' of physical achievement, and that made him bored.

This was the point of Melancholy of a Man. It clarified that the boredom wasn't *only* because Yuujiro wanted a good fight; the boredom comes from the sheer absence of potential for failure. If you went to a vending machine and got a coke, could you consciously and unconsciously consider the success of that action to be 'glorious'? To Yuujiro - and, now, to Baki - that sort of action is not markedly different from bringing down a major nation.

If they want power, they can get it by just asking. If they want the finest foods in the world, they can get them by just asking. If they want to know about something in the literary world, every book on the planet is available to them. When literally every material thing in existence is within your grasp, you become bored - regardless of the means by which that power has come to be yours.

This is some sort of expression of Baki triumphing over that all-pervading sense of boredom without losing his strength. Musashi's presence was the key to that; I'm certain beyond a doubt that we'll get a speech about it very soon.

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Retsu will revive in Memesashi's body, mark my words. He will become the ultimate fusion of Japanese and Chinese martial arts (and boxing too if Itagaki remembers he did that for a bit)

I doubt that, i do think he's getting cloned and his soul attached to the clone.

But after this either the medium dies or gets killed because that would stablish that all Baki characters are basically immortal.

the noses actually look good...

Except baki is weaker than yujiro and probably serious doppo as well.

Did Retsu picking up boxing even have any sort of payoff in the end? I can not remember.

Itagaki wanted to draw Pacquiao i guess.

Jesus christ ! those anatomy are so bad

He tried to say Usain Bolt became the greatest Boxer ever because he's fast and then realized 'wait this is too stupid for ME' and dropped it.
Which is a shame, Retsu seeing there was more he could do to improve himself as a fighter than just sticking to one style of Chinese karate showed growth. Then he ditched it cause he did something stupid.

Are we finally free from Memesashi?
Are we finally moving onto a new arc?

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anyone happen to feel generous enough to spoonfeed me on how I can read these rough translations somewhere? The scanlations are just outright dead, and I wanna read Baki.

Oliva is the most fun character.

That's the implication given by the editorial text, at the least. It says:
>Sometime, somewhere, once again...

But, that's just vague enough to not mean anything.

>The scanlations are just outright dead
You libelous peon; I should have you drawn and quartered

Literally only on Sup Forums by searching for the old Baki threads.

Alright, fuck. Guess that's the only way
I mean, if they aren't I would be delighted to hear but it seems like Spinyback is dead and nobody else is translating.

But of course, he's best husbando as well.
Can't wait to see him in the anime.
Yeah, I've read that, but this seems to be a closure to me, which this arc absolutely needed, it dragged on far too much.

Problem is, where do we go now?
Memesashi's story is finished, we lost Retsu and Memetobe got his time to shine, will we get a Yu-Ji-Roh arc in Egypt to reconnect to the pyramid stuff we saw in the end of the previous series or something else entirely? Kaku's Counterattack? Oliva's return?

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>it seems like Spinyback is dead and nobody else is translating
Spiny, the person, has been dead for like 6 months, but also hadn't worked on anything Baki in like a year. I am and have been the sole translator for the series for a while. These scripts are my actual drafts for the scanlations. There are 2 or 3 team members who remain, so I'm working on acquiring/figuring out staff so that we can get things going faster again. The 'team' is not dead, I just don't want to do 70% of the work on my own.

Alright, that's fair. Where would you post these if you could get ahold of a solid team?

I got stiff

>and probably serious doppo as well
Doppo is mid tier as fuck. Retsu and Jack shit on him, probably Oliva too.

user, I kind of forgot to mention it in a previous thread since I have alzheimer, but since you're interested in martial arts manga, have you ever read Saber Cats by Atsuji Yamamoto?
I got myself the raws for the entire thing and I'd like to translate them myself, but I'm not really well versed in chinese martial arts.
Strong IS beautiful.

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>Retsu seeing there was more he could do to improve himself as a fighter than just sticking to one style of Chinese karate showed growth
But he solved every single problem he encountered while boxing by doing kung fu shit.

>Where would you post these if you could get a hold of a solid team?
I don't know. If I did, I'd let you all know.

wew really? for the longest time i thought these were reposts from reddit or somewhere else. Thanks a lot dude i need my weekly Baki fix.

You are, all, always welcome.


No, I've not read that manga. I'd take a look at it if you'd put the raws somewhere.
Do you actually have Alzheimer's?

>I'd take a look at it if you'd put the raws somewhere.
If you can wait a second I will, I got kind of shit connection though.
>Do you actually have Alzheimer's?
Of course not, silly.
Anyway, it's a cool five volumes cyberpunk/martial arts manga about Wushu and other stuff, I think you'll enjoy it, Yamamoto was at its prime when he did it.
Still, it often uses a lot of technical terms which I really have no knowledge about, and at times I kind of struggle searching for certain terms, if you'd like we could go through it together when you have some time, just as a side project.
It's a really cool read, like most of Yamamoto's stuff, wish I could find more of his works online.

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are they gonna bring back retsu now with a new body, leg and all??

Sorry user, my connection is acting up today, I'll try again another time, maybe I'll even start working on the thing myself so I have something done already, I'd really like to share this thing with everyone in here.

Finally, i don't knowwhat's going to happen now.

The old psychic lady jumped in the fight before they got serious and kissed musashi and sucked his soul out

Thank god.

Is he gonna get turned into a McGuffin for the bakis to protect or some shit

>ayy lmaos invade Earth and go after Musashi's body
>the series reaches new heights of retardation

plz be aliens

good shit

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Don’t die!