Killing Bites

Those with the sharpest Fangs wins, right?

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Civet proved that you don't need the sharpest fangs to win.

I want to cum inside Bunny and make lots of babies with her!

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Would you let her leglock you between her strong bunny thighs?

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bump due to limit.

Both of them are wrong.

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I want to wake her up.

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Don't wanna

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>A cute giant beast warrior with a cute name.

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We need a new spoiler info dump for the Destival Arc especially about the Origins

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Even though the arc's still going, the fact that new chapters only come once a month might justify this.

Would a capybara hybrid be fun to chill with?

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Truly the best girl

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Refuses to fight, refuses to move, refuses to do anything at all except lie in the sunshine and snooze. Still somehow friends with literally all other hybrids.

What does Goat meat taste like Sup Forums??

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Salty coins

I love Hitomi.

That's me, I'm Hitomi.

I love you

Wait, that person could be Hitomi Tanaka.

Dumb doggo

They're said to have an harmonious relationship with some species of birds which may or may not mount them as they walk, and eat the insects that are driven away from the capybara's path; birds also eat the capybara's ectoparasites, the capybara actively exposes its underside for one bird species to feed on.
They have a number of natural enemies, however.

>They have a number of natural enemies, however.
Like the damn anaconda, which makes sense that the largest snake eats the largest rodent.

The Heidi tale mentions the MC's friend's health getting better by feeding on goat milk, so I'd like to make a scientific research on that as well.

Hippo dude got absolutely cucked out of his power levels or whatever, hippos are extremely aggressive and lethal towards land or water predators while themselves being herbivores. He's more like a manatee.

Because Hippo is pussy

>I thought he was going to be the one to beat crocodile due to hippos and crocs being rivals of sorts in the wild
>all he did was one push to get him off tiger
what bullshit

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You're trying to crash the Dentival when pic related blocks your path. What do you do

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We really need more of her.

I think his odds were better than crocs', while the latter can attack from a distance with tail and dismember hippo (with the crocodile spin), it takes one mistake for hippo to bite him. On the other hand, if he won, he would be alone against gorilla and Kido.

i ask her what is killing bites

Assemble a team of hybrids with attitude.

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Nodoka bringing "buff cute" to the table.

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Request a check-up so that I can crash the Destival harder.

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Sore ga Killing Thighs da.

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The one with the hardest 8 pack wins. Thus killer abs.

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She can climb my mountain anyday if you know what i mean.

So the author himself thinks Sloth chan a cutie huh?

Some kind of goat i pressume. Also we finally know her name

Thus Killing Pangolins

I don't like this

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Ibex is are mountain goats Alpine Ibex is probably the most well known though theres quite a few others such as Nubian or Siberian Ibex etc.

They're insanely good climbers just look em up in google and you'll see all sorts of shit.

fucking subhumans
>and their scales are believed to have medicinal value
is there a single endangered animal on Earth at this point whose organs the Chinese don't harvest for their "medicinal value"?


I guess that's what Kemono Bites is

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Well... She probably could break you in half but still cute though...

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This is peak humanity right here.

Don't bully sloth.

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Who will protect her smile?

Inaba? More like InaBest.

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>Don't bully Sloth

Is that even possible?

I think she doesn't need protection user.

Yeah you just walk around them in a circle repeatedly and they get super buttmad.

Sloth and Doggo in the cave, yuri doujins when?

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>pissfag bait
>best anything

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Lamb meat is delicious. Though I might just love it because I rarely eat it.

*Out of context KB*

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whens caterpillar translations

Etotama threads are gone forever, user. Give up.

>Those giant things
Dear lord

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>he doesn't know

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Man you could grill cheese on those abs.

Why would you do that? Just lick them

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And why no both?

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I like to think Killing bites as a combination between three series:
Battle Royale (free for all)
Bloody Roar (Animal Henshin)
Island of Dr. Monroe (Dr. Shidou himself)

I think I wasn't much impressed by Bloody Roar's "animal fight" theme, because I've seen games like Killer Instinct, Darkstalkers and Tekken before, which also had animals.
On a minor scale, Primal Rage and Fighting Masters.

>Asks for yuri doujins
Japs give him futa Sloth wrecking Doggo.

Oh no! You smug’d the smug and this happend, now what?

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Think a name for our new lion baby

This meme doesn't really work with girls who already have a loving husband.

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>Island of Dr. Moreau (Dr. Shidou himself)

Also, it take them long enough to make the connection.

Ah yes, the one truth.

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>"Don't come crying later"

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>when you see it

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nice thumbnail idiot
nice " ** " redditard

Oshie did nothing wrong

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What is this a pic for Antmorphs?

Just googled Dr. Monroe, even though it came earlier, it reminded me of The Black Hole movie (without the animals part) and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (scientist trying to combine his intelligence with the dinosaurs' strength).

misspelling, user meant Moreau.

Who is best Girl in Killing Bites? All Manga-Girls Poll.

Getting all the oldies there for me. And kimono waifu too.

I see the new girls are leading the poll. Some recency bias maybe?

Were do you see this.

I want to see her smug again
I want to restore her smug smile

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I was too quick to make assumptions lol.

Who is best Girl in Klilling Bites? Ultimate Sup Forums Poll with "Child protection":

Poll for Children:

What's with these many polls? lol

Hitomi = perfection
Ui = butt
Eruza = ???
Doggo = ???


That was hilarious.

I see the love some anons have for sloth girl is hurting some of y'all.

TazDev is better than Eruza and Doggo fusion.

I don't see how Sloth is gonna beat Sloth. Tough one right there.

I guess those "Anons" are only a single lonely Person without Life.