What does Sup Forums think of Chrome Shelled Regios?

What does Sup Forums think of Chrome Shelled Regios?

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Felli was hot, rest was forgettable

Chrome Shelled Fellios

I don't remember much but that parts of the anime seemed intentionally confusing, and that it was worth watching for more Felli.

Felli and sword surfing

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The team leader was hot, and I still have her character songs in my library.

It's fun!

She went on to be Chris in Symphogear.
Good taste, years ahead of the pack.

Still waiting for season 2.

Can't speak for the light novels, but the anime was unremittingly awful.

-Complete absence of any sense of threat. Even things like Zuellni losing its last resource mine don't have any effect when its revealed that there are treaties protecting it.

-It's a textbook example of the absurdity of the 'cosy catastrophe' - the environment has collapsed and civilisation has ended but you wouldn't know it when the city has lush verdant rolling lake districts and prisoners are interned in four-star hotels with buffet service in the dining hall. When the characters are exploring a wrecked and abandoned city they can still get hot showers. Everything is so utterly safe and inconsequentially suburban that a girl is at university studying management. Fucking MANAGEMENT.

-The whole Overload drug arc was nonsense. The imbecile who overdosed on it and reduced himself to a dribbling vegetable wasn't fighting to protect his city, he was fighting to win sparring competitions in a tournament arc.

-Characters are totally inconsistent. The leader of the 17th platoon dragoons the MC into her unit because she wants a ringer who'll help her win matches, then she gets pissy when he does exactly what she tells him too. The Zuellni president drafts the MC into the army 'for the good of the city' then later tells him that all that social duty crap is cobblers and he needs to find his own reason to fight.

-The Legend of Regios flashback sequences had utterly zero relation to the main plot and they were too cut-up and bitty to even be enjoyed as a standalone adventure.

-All the soldiers share Starship Troopers-style mixed showers, so why does Felli still get wound up about about the usual eek-baka-hentai! crap?

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has the manga stopped updating? anime was okay, read some of the light novel, got spoiled at the end

How many people even first saw a 10 year-old anime of a LN that was never translated, let alone remember it enough a decade later?

We're at 11 posters atm. Doubt it'll go much higher.
There's almost a dozen of us! That's pretty impressive!

If I started learning to read it when the anime first aired, I might have not needed translations for the LN.

Reminder that best girl won.

Confusing plot.

There's an excellent doujin by Maruta. That's probably the most notable thing about it.

is living in a mobile city in a post apocalyptic while being attacked by monsters setting a thing before chrome shelled regios? Darling in the franxx reminded me of CSR on only those things so curious if it was a thing before

Fuck off. Sage for blogshit.

Felli won. Nothing else matters.

I remembered the shitty Engrish backstory. Man was that horrible.

At least best girl won. They sang the ending as a duet.

Started reading the LNs - fully translated now btw - honestly its unremarkable and there's nothing really exciting going. It's quite the slog to read too. Think I might drop it.

What happened to Nina in the end?

best ending
immortal Felli and Layfon fucking around the void is great

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Engrish parts were the best

even in the epilogue he is a shitty autist who returns nearly 0% of her affection

Layfon is only interested in seeing Felli in her black underwear

So Felli wins, but nothing ever happens? That's not the best way to end it, but at least it was still Felli.

they just explore unknown areas to the point they are mutants, no time for lovey dovey. Besides, we don't know what they do when they are not roaming around.

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what happened with his previous girlfriend or whatever if Felli wins?


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I'm in volume 8, Savaris is great and Felli is not a shitty tsundere like the anime, does it get better?

nina was never really in the running and she just becomes a military leader under the pres, leerin is the queen's cocksleeve

I actually watched this show twice with 6~ gap in between.
I figure it's the closest thing I'm going to get to Final Fantasy VIII: The Anime

>both are immortal forever young
>first they do in meeting is jeer at Nina for getting older and single
Felli is great.

Was Nina at least happy in the end?

i read all the books a few years ago and while I do not regret it (because felli) it was still a slog to get thru and would never recommend it.

Not to mention the Nina wankery and Layfon's degradation to a side character

content maybe, she is a battle maniac doing her captain gig on a larger scale

Isn't RWBY basically that?

I guess I'll take that as a win then.

she's a frustrated OL that gets bullied by her juniors

I've haven't seen more than 10 eps of RWBY, but I can't see any of the characters as more than fapbait. Also the setting is a lot more generic than CSR and FFVIII from what I've seen.

Why was Nina such a special snowflake loved by the fairies?