Boku no Hero Academia

Chapter 175 is out in the usual places.
I can’t believe the kids hanged Aoyama

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there's already a thread for bnha

Mods discourage rounding up discussion to one thread

Will Deku and Gentle fight?


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It seems that it’s building up towards that, but I’ll bet against it. We’ll learn what La Brava do and did that’s what I’m betting for

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>bakumegumin attention whore is here
>todomomo moron is here
>"NEW BREAD!!!! NOT BAIT" retard is here
Can't we have one thread without cancer? Please?

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I’ve been here longer than you newfriend.
>Dr shit reaction image

If Deku lays a finger on Gentle, La Brava will fuck him up.

Please no bully

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MS confirmed for nigger translation this week

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I feel like Gentle might try to run away

We’ll see the director’s cut

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>normal thread slowly dies
>while the one that was created for sole shitposting lives and thrives on
What is wrong with this fanbase exactly?
Why am I a part of said fanbase?

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I don't know what you are talking about

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The other one came first.

Newfags can’t even bother to check the catalogue and continues feeding the loop in the other thread. The other one os basically a hugbox for the shitposters.
It’s not even good “discussion”, those are shits I have refuted for god how many times

That’s not too bad

The “taking my ID” and “I hope I don’t forget my ID” is pretty fundamentally different. One imples he still has time to return to the dorms and the other imples he didn’t even have time to return to the dorms
And seeing how him going out to buy the ropes has been a point for contention, it’s pretty important

I don't get the mods, these threads are obviously generals. There's no specific topic OP wants to talk about, it's just a cheap way to round up posters to hang out in one place. These threads are trash that only attract the most retarded shitposters to this board see

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What's her quirk?

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Spirit Gun

That’s a big girl.

Why does he need his ID right here? Isn't it to get back into the school?

Lesbian wiles

I thought she was a marketer desu so probably something minor.

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Fucking hell I never knew Momo ends her sentences in a particular way.
You could and should scour the chapter, especially since there are two TLs out now, you know, what these threads are originally made for

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Being my wife

Holy shit Momo confirmed best girl

Wait a minute

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Holy shit I just realized something. How bouncy is Gentle's quirk that allowed him and La Brava to jump this high?

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If you have a specifictopic about the manga you want to talk about then make a thread about it instead of this MUH ANYTHAANG GOES hang out BS.

Is it really making things bouncy?


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I think that's for non-students and faculty. I'm sure the student ID would have that built in. I was only asking because the translation difference doesn't matter much if he needs his ID to get back in in the first place.

You’re the only one not discussing anything here, so

If he has his ID then it's guaranteed that Gentle and Midget-chan will win and steal the card to get in.

I think he does need the student ID to get back in
But holy shit wait
>Deku tries stopping Gentle
>LaBrava’s quirk kicks in
>They took his student ID
>They can return without hacking and pass the security system
>Deku can’t return to warn everyone
>Alarm doesn’t ring because Gente uses the student id

You guys don't have shit to talk about want to keep hanging out on this boards, that's the reason for these "generals.

Wouldn't it ring due to Deku no returning in time and 1-A will mention this and then All Might will inform Nedzu that it may be something related to OFA and shut the festival down?

I hope it doesn't even get that far honestly. I hope the fight gets settled here and now. It doesn't even have to end shitting on Gentle but Deku needs some proof of growth here.

Fuuuck. That's pretty likely, but like I said above I'm hoping shit is settled here. This post of yours is something I could see happening though.

It’s not like the staff doesn’t know him, if he makes enough of a ruckus then he should get someone to let him in. Hound Dog is patrolling after all.

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Again, this time in English, Pajeet.

>You guys don't have shit to talk about but want to keep hanging out on these boards, that's the reason for these "generals.


I think if he has the ID, he can just waltz in through the front door or something, so bypassing Hounddog and if he does make it in before the festival, 1A won’t be alerted of Deku’s disappearance

I think it might not be as straightforward as that. But I really can’t say what it could be. I’m thinking of kinetic energy related quirk but it wouldn’t fit with the earlier panel

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Fuck right off.
All this time spend on seeing Gentle's plan in previous chapters only to not even get him in the festival?
Your shit taste knows no bounds.
Also fuck Deku he always ruins every scene he appears in.

You ok?

Welcome to heist movies where plans are made to fail

Not this early you braindead cunt.

Nah son. Deku can't just be a bitch forever. Jobbing out to someone like Gentle of all people at this point is unacceptable.

Gentle already went through the initial phase of his plan flawlessly
So yes, it is time

He bullshit his way through Stain, Muscular, and Overwhore. He needs to lose for one in this fucking manga.

Overhaul is the only real win in that. He was saved by Stain and Muscular bro turned his bones to powder. And it's the fact that he took down Overhaul that makes it so he needs his some proof of progress here.

Diff user
I really wouldn’t call Overhaul a win either. He technically won, but like some previous fights, it came at a cost

I mean, it cost him his internship but with Eri helping him it was a clean win. He knocked him in the air so he could whoop his ass without damaging the surroundings. That's a pretty resounding victory.

But what do the gloves do

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Pathetic. Are you that desperate?
Deku won plain and simple. he needs to lose some actual serious battles. if not Gentle then to future villains.

Boost the strength of his finger flicks, so the 20% attacks have more force to them, probably

He basically took advantage of the quirk of the person he was supposed to save and put her in coma for several days. Not to mention calamity befalls his senior and the person he’s interning under.

Her power Awakened and started going off by grabbing the cape. If Deku hadn't started letting both of their powers flow to max she would have died. As for the rest, well, that's just how it goes sometimes. His fight with Overhaul himself though was a clear win.

boring arc

>non-bait thread
based laser

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>One drinks wine
>One drinks tea
I’m convinced they will run into each other

bitch slap

more like only positive opinions I agree with thread

He’s going to be the star of the show

He's going to literally shit on everyone.

Or maybe it directs the force out of those vent thingies so he can just shoot shockwave fists without finger flicking.

You might want to cut back on that salt, senpai, doc said it’s not good for your health

Will they make a move in this arc? Anything at all? MAYBE IT'S ABOUT TIME TO SHOW HOW KUROGIRI GOT CAPTURED? NO?

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If previous arc are to be any indication, they could pop in into the arc, but it’s more likely that whatever happens here will affect arc following it, and that’s where the VA picks up

I think we could go an arc without them, but I could also see them trying to recruit Gentle once this arc ends

>recruit Gentle
no way that would end up well. They are more likely to clash than anything

I don’t think it would go well, but if Gentle finally hits the big time after breaking into UA, I’m sure Shiggy will be interested

>awakened gomu gomu no quirk

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actually that would be an interesting scenario, Gentle is the first villain in this manga who is into crime only for the thrills and the spectacle, I'm actually kinda curious what Shiggy and the band would think of that.

will deku defeat gentle and go to prompt in time?

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I honestly don't think so. I can't think of a way for him to do so without an anticlimactic resolution to the Gentle fight or without an asspull, either.
At the very least, next week's chapter should be an interesting read

I think it would be funny if he did beat him no problem. There is that note of the time though, so either Deku or Gentle will be racing against the clock after their confrontation.

>all those chapters of introduction just to immediately job to the MC
I hope not.

Gentle could escape and the rest of the arc is Deku trying to find Gentle while keeping everything underwraps before the show starts.

Is there a reason that I can't ship Uraraka and Gunhead? A good reason? They each seemed to think the other was cute.

>Translation so shit we don't know if he forgot his ID card or not
>Translation so shit it makes it look like Deku doesn't know who Gentle is
>Translation so shit that we are finding out over 100 chapters in that Momo ends sentences with "desuwa"
Why is the TL industry so fucking shit?

i'm ok with this

>life or death struggle over who can be the fanciest
Sounds baller

Monoma and Aoyama should be interacting but they're not. God damn it Hori.

Gunhead seems to have the whiff of lavender about him
If you know what I mean

He's a lesbian?

You're my sunshine

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Close enough

He's in lesbians with his pecs

Oh fuck how did I not realize on the first pass how absolutely gay Gunhead is. He is SO gay.

So... I guess that is a pretty decent reason after all.

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Thinking that someone's cute and wanting to be in a romantic relationship aren't the same thing. There's a big age gap, which doesn't help things in multiple things. Lastly, Gunhead may like cock, but he's not desperate enough for it to go after traps, so GuChako is out of the question.

I know this is unpopular opinion but I love all the villains in this series

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