FATE/Extra Last Encore


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Wait for me goshujin sama I will be back too

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lol the generic fem mc is not dead the anime is saved xddd

Yes, but come back with me.

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But you summoned Nero, not me...

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Coulda came back in a wheelchair.

Kek. That's impossible.

Are we gonna get Redman back too?

It was confirmed that Nero was Hakunon's previous servant. So I don't think so. He might just make a cameo or smth

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She probably has a new servant right now, right ?

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Oh no
Please no

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It doesn't need to be saved because it's already good

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Sup Forums would explode if Hakumon was back with Redman, no fun allowed though

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>Nero kills Hakunon
>Nero kills Redman

So many possibilities to make /fgog/ or Sup Forums go crazy hope they do something fun

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>Redman kills Nero

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>her voice
Jesus christ how unfitting.

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Hakuno will never let something like that happen

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Hakunon will never let her gf get hurt again

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I would literally eat my shit if deadface hakunon and redman appears and battles it out

>deadface hakuno vs deadface hakunon
>redman vs nero

this would make me cum

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>deadface hakuno vs deadface hakunon
Can't they just fuck each other?

That basically selfcest

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Just watched the episode. What the fuck is happening?

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That's the good part.

I hope FeMC and Redman comes back

Wouldn't that the first thing you do when you meet a close enough version of yourself?

>that fucking room
I can't help but enjoy Last Encore more and more with each episode. I'm really happy they went with a sequel to the games instead of a retelling.

>it's already good

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The anime is basically about them all being in purgatory unable to move on. Each one has their own reasons for being unable to move on.

>The madoka background waving goodbye to HAKUNO at the end of episode 7
What more do you freaking want man
It basically doesn't get better than that

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2deep4u, Sup Forumsirgin shitposting drone?

subs when ?? I want to know what is going on

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nah I want hakunon merged with redman
that would the ultimate KINO

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spanish: hours ago
english: 4 days at best

fuck off /u/fags

What an unusual head tilt

So good that its flopping

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What I like about that image is it looks like a typical shaft loli smile but then you turn the image upside down and she looks sad.

FMSubs hasn't even released episode 7 yet. Fuck.

What should I download in the meantime?

>Now neither of us will be virgins

aren't they the memesub ?

I can read spanish well enough I guess but I heard spanish subs are shit, but I will try to watch it I guess.

They have the umu counter shit. Still, there's no other english subs available on nya.


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Are you retarded?nyaa.si/view/1015498

>that camera position
Brings back good memories of that shitty RPS game.

>Hakunon losing her black stockings and yellow uniform
Lets not repeat the sins of CCC

If saber lost to li shuwen in the past, why is she fighting saver in the 1st episode?

nvm apparently is a spic mistranslation fucking shit subs

>in the past

who said it is in the past ?

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Hakunon had Nero and Hakuno had Suzuka Gozen in the last iteration of the war.

HAKUNO: Demo ichido ̄ kata aitena ndaro
google translate: But I guess you are afraid
spic subs: however, he beat you once, right?

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FeMC has a voice now

is it cute ? some anons were complaining

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Where is Gawain?

Final floor(technically second to last floor since Buddha is secret boss), although we still have to fight one mystery servant before Gawain