Killing Bites

What the hell was her problem?

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Literally just wants the D

This, but not sure if I want her to be fixed.

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Her reason to exist is to be a reacationface.jpeg generator.

reminder that she blushed when she heard that the MC was still alive

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I want to hug loli Hitomi

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Who wants a used slut who has been repeated stuffed with Lion cock?

She was lioned in the manga? True shit?

She did get some BBC (Big Barbed Cock)

I was thinking, most probably the author didn't showed up what animal does the main male character transform. It will be probably revealed once things will get really nasty

smugness overload

she wants the dick

I want to shoot Hitomi!

her fangs weren´t sharp enough

Unfortunately for her, he's not a beta anymore.
Nomoto was transforming and then cliffhanger happened. Next chapter should arrive on the 1st of every month for the magazine.

>Gramps is stressed from work, becomes a degenerate
>Hime wants to recover his gramps, stresses herself, becomes a degenerate
All she needed was a fidget spinner.

This show is the perfect example of so bad yet so good.

I will protect this smile

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the hardest the smug, the more satisfying it is when they lose

This man speaks the truth

I'm hoping we get a Kabutomushi sequel to Arachnid soon but dude is currently running TWO Arachnid rehashes at the same time...

She lost so hard, that she loses the smug but looks unhappy. Wonder if she'll try to use Nomoto to get rid of Leo, who's bossing over her organization through her.

Oh yeah, Caterpillar chapter 96 is out:
lhscans com/read-caterpillar-raw-chapter-96.html

>even Hitomi got her Blanco form before Gohan

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Her enthusiasm is infectious. She really makes the show for me.

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she's hotter when she shuts her fucking mouth

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The thunder thighs make her even better.

>Takes a look at the latest chapter
>Gets reminded of this

"The Blanco betray you, because it belongs to me"

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AMLO pls

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Now I want a proper list of Rape Zombie Apocalypses in fiction.

>What the hell was her problem?

The entire point of her character, and this would resonate even more with Japanese readers, is that she's an enormous fucking hypocrite, why is why she gets shit on harder then almost anyone else by the author.

She claims to be all 'muh honor', 'muh nobility', 'muh granpa', FUCK all these shitty, criminal, degenerate, lunatic freaks who revel in violence and insanity. But she herself is a dishonorable, ignoble, shitty, criminal, lunatic freak who revels in violence and insanity. That's the point, that she's completely blind to this simple fact. Do you really think, for example, that her granpa was a kind, gentle, loving, "honorable, noble" individual when she was younger before Shidou? Of fucking course not, he's always been a crazy pervert who rants and licks tv screens like Hyoudou peanutnose, she just willfully never saw him that way through rose colored glasses.

Also, on a meta level she's a no-fun-allowed-in-a-manga-about-having-fun character, the sort of person who'd be in yugioh considering a Children's Card Game (tm) the most seriuz biziness in the world.

I only found this movie because I was searching for another movie, which turned out to be this

Dey jABA DA hut.
Star wars confirmed.

Can't wait for Season 2 of this anime.

>animals fangs are sharp bits of bone
>humanity's metaphorical 'fangs' are an arsenal of weapons that could level the planet

Checkmate, Brutes.

>Intelligence vs stronger bodies

>hybrids can still fully utilize their human parts
>therefore they can still use human weapons

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Yeah, it'll be out along with Panty and Stocking season 2.

Caterpillar 96 is out
Spoilers for those who want to know what's it about, though you can probably guess everything from images alone
Big guy knocked caterpillar out by stabbing some bullshit point, it's his signature move. He then proceeds to tell Mantis that a new king is coming to replace him and Boss, and the king needs their support. Insect trivia about mantis males being smaller than females to provide more hunting space for them or something. Cut to Caterpillar and Mantis in bed, Caterpillar is saying that they're finally going to become "tied together", Mantis asks her to be gentle and she promises that it'll be the best first time experience for him and rides his monster dick. She then wakes up and wonders if that was a dream and why she's at her house, peeks out of the window and sees rape zombie apocalypse. There's a letter with Praying Mantis' signature on her desk
Still deciphering notes about the series ending or something

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True shit

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Okay, I think I got it. The final page says that next chapter is the final and it'll have a colored spread or something

Thank you.
Doing that on the same room where she saw her dead gramps and the lion claw wounds on him, savage.
I think that Yugo might've thrown his match against Hitomi just to create this opportunity.


as much as Mantis getting to do that makes me happy. I would still prefer Hibiki being ok.



How many more faces do we have left to go?

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needs the tongue

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Good end scenario
>Mantis/Kabutomushi/whatever find old man wasp
>wasp fixes the zombies
>instead of population culling the whole event fixes the demographic trouble Japan has
>DNA testing industry makes big bucks
>Killing Bites

That's a nice back.

So she's Kaiba.

brb China to catch one, wish me luck.

Inaba? More like InaBest.

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