Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san

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The desire for pudding is strong in this one

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Thx you user for uploading these wonderful chapters.

A thousand thanks Sup Forums

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They're readily available in several places, but it's fun to raise awareness.

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What was in that bottle?

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gonna take a break after chapter 25

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Another good boy

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Been playing the older SMT titles. Will Kaneko ever properly return to a project? I miss the old heads and what they brought to the series, couldn't stomach the last iteration of IV

Fuck, have to take a break already.

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Sorry, but Boss is firmly holding the title of best boy.

RX group has the most powerful people in the world and still fail to do anything.

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but #2 has always been here

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Fucking cat

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> Brainwashing overridden by love of custard

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This will make for great reaction images.

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Translations literally never


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I want the secretary-san as a maid too.

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secretary-san a cute, CUTE!

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You know boss doen't have the best long term plans.

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A man of impeccable taste.

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Lucky bastard

When will General ever nyan nyan

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Translations literally fucking never.

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Worst girl enters the ring.

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Wait, wasn't Black General in hiatus? Is it back already?

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I have no idea, I just rediscovered it had 40 new chapters since I last read it

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You can't take braveman's hits without sporting this sort of body.

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How does Boss do everything in such dark clothing? Do you think Secretary has seen his face?

>Worst girl
Shit taste bro

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Boss is the hero we need, and do not deserve.

Perma erect nipples and abs.

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I just realized hero's attack is literally the same as Terry bogard.