No Game No Life

We need a thread

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She looks ugly, at least use a better pic next time.

But robots are not people

Are you mansplaining user?

Neither are angels.

Glad we agree

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Watched the movie in theaters two weekends in a row, would watch again


I got better sound system at home than the theaters. Now give us S2 Kamiya

Season 1 was 1-3 novels
Movie was the 6th novel
What are they going to do with season 2, use only 4-5?

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No reason they can't do 7 as well and leave it on a cliffhanger.

True, then again I expected nothing from the dub and I absolutely loved it here.

So I'd call it a DRAW.

5 ends so smoothly, would be a darn shame

Should I read the LN?

It's pretty good and has a lot of details that didn't fit into the anime or movie.

I recommend it.

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>4 years later and we get a movie
Haha time to go back to suffering

that manga got axed at vol 4

This LN is so ridiculous. I'm on volume 8 and it's impossible to understand a good part of the moves. Entire scenes make no sense because the author likes to explain the strats only at the end, but if you try to analyze move by move it still makes no sense.

I still don't understand what the fuck is Plam doing with Fiel and Ino. Why would they need to play anything with the elves?

The anime was a good adaption, this is NOT like Overlord where the LN is miles better. Still worth a read, since s2 never

What do you expect from a Brazilian monkey?

You are right. We haven't bullied her enough

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I blame the translator.

S2 or we riot!

Maybe in 2020. Also didn't the movie do fairly well, and was received pretty positively? A S2 is something that should happen, but that's the case for too many shows. At least the LN is a good enough read.

What did he mean here?

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Truely beautiful

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>a full fucking year gap between volume 6 and volume 7's release
Fucking yen press.

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Rewatching the anime with this newfound hatred I have for jibril. I really enjoyed this scene.

Volume 8 is translated?

Still no decent subs for the movie?

I'm not surprised. Nips have shit taste.

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Can humans get flugels pregnant?

Apparently yes if the Flugel uses magic in the process.

Jibril offers to have Sora's child in volume 4 I think.

I'm sure someone has the quote.

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God I want to rape her.

Jibril a shit

>makes a haram of the best race representatives
>starts making non-R18 porograhy so he can fap
>staying a virgin untill he's 25
This fucking gut

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Even making the oldest Old Deus into an idol.

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Isn't the LN on Hiatus or something right now?

No. Volume 10 was released only a few weeks ago.

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