Slowpoke watches Madoka

>"Also, kill me now please"
Fug ;_;

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ah, episode 10, my favorite. Don't forget the movies after

Don't watch the movies, the movies ruined the franchise

Can Madoka be turned into a lesbian?

>Homura couldn't protect this precious smile
If it weren't for Rebellion, I'd genuinely hate her incompetent ass.

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Please. Get off Sup Forums, Homu.

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Should I watch the recap movies or skip to Rebellion?

Also, which subs are recommended?

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But she didn't want to be protected in the end.

Mama sure aged well.

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The recap movies are just recaps, prettier backgrounds and different OST and some removed scenes, that's it.

[Meguca] subs are fine.

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How do you like the show user? One of my favs for sure

It was good! The last few episodes made me shed a tear here and there. Kinda wish I had watched it with Sup Forums when it came out.

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Between this and FGO's CCC event, I've found I really like the tragic aspects of timeloop love.

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Won't have time to watch Rebellion tonight, unfortunately; maybe tomorrow. Goodnight!

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She may have missed her family and friends but she was still smiling. Homura would've joined with her and Sayaka.
Hopefully in the next installment it'll end where she's a normal girl in a non-fucked universe with no gods and a perfectly functional LoC.

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Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20 user

Did u guys know that the guy on/r9k/ who blow his fucking head off on a live stream was a huge homura and a urobuchi fan? People dug up old accounts he had and damn... I dont know, for some reason that detail actually made me sad. That a fellow homu fag died.

He had inferior taste but RIP

What do you think Madoka wished for in the earlier timelines?

Fuck Madoka.
She was the author of all of Homura's suffering.

Canonically wished to save a cat who was hit by a car in the original timeline.

This is peak Homurafag.

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What do you think of these usurpers?

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she died for our sins


The new quintet from Magia Record, the new mobile game.

>Sayaka still dies in the new universe
>needing kamikazes with a four-girl team
C'mon now.

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>War fans
>Tower shield
Dat midriff is a deadly weapon, to be sure.

>Fuck Madoka
I really wish.

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Finally got around to rebellion. As much as I liked the film it did kind of cast a shadow over the whole series - I would almost say ruined it.
I don't think Homura's love is entirely pure here. I think it's more of a monomaniacal possessive affection stemming from imbalances in herself. Kyubey deserved it though.

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Is there ever going to be a sequel to Rebellion or do we have to accept that Homura is the devil and will destroy the world eventually?

Her love is definitely not pure. It's extremely possessive and obsessive made much worse by her looping. She does genuinely care for Madoka, though.

>we have to accept that Homura is the evil and will destroy the world eventually
Basically. Homura 'won' and ruined everything. The whole universe is truly fucked unless Madoka recovers her memories and power as LoC, then tries to knock some sense into Devilmura or kills her.
Emotional/Romantic drama ensues.

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I read in one of the manga (published before rebellion) she tries to protect Madoka at the expense of others, which Madoka objected too.

Even in the original 12 episodes, Homura would rather take on Walpurgisnatch with an unreformed Kyoko and then die with said Kyoko continuing to allow familiars to mogu people, than to let madoka stand beside her in the fight against Walpurgisnatch.

Moemura's friendship - love was pure though. After many loops Hommando became mentally jaded so I wouldn't blame her if her pure, innocent love turned into obsession.

>I think it's more of a monomaniacal possessive affection stemming from imbalances in herself
She spent roughly 20 yeas doing the same thing over and over again. Any sanity she got left would have been lost already. Even if her original intention was pure, high chance is that she forgot why she was doing it in the first place and now the only thing left is her obsession with protecting madoka.

being Meguca is suffering...

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Why did madoka turn to shit Sup Forums?
Rebellion was a mistake.

I love that doujin! Quite possibly my favorite non-porn doujin. Maybe my favorite doujin.

Clara dolls are so cute! Except Ai, probably. Depends on if I'm right on what she looks like.

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Never said it didn't logically follow or that she's inherently in the bad. Doesn't make her as her current character in the right though.

Wait, never mind. I guess did imply that.
One could argue the initial degree of her bond was a bit extreme, especially considering the actions she decided to take, as if she really had no one else so put some supreme love in her. Maybe I just never experienced that kind of love though. Wish they showed more of Homura's pre-history so i Could get a better idea.

I just checked and I misspoke. is from the time they made her lunch. I thought it was from the time they threw food at her. Still fun though.

OP are you still here? Are you new to anime?

>[Meguca] subs are fine.

Imho grab the tri4 release of the anime, then watch the translated audio commentary for the show, then do the drama CDs and save rebellion for last.

I can also honestly recommend the fancut of the anime, it's basically the movies sliced up into anime episodes. You get the better visuals of the movies while keeping the episodic pacing intact.

Don't skip the drama CDs.

>translated audio commentary

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Not!Madoka's outfit is pretty daring
Shield-chan a qt
The others aren't anything special

Have these guys ever heard of Readme.txt?

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Oh yes, there's 117 mb of translation notes included in the release.

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The Japanese language was a mistake.

Watch the OP of the first recap. Then you're all good.

Is the White cat really evil in this game or are people just stupid to fall for his shit I'm trying to decide whether to give this a try or not and hear its by Urobutcher that means despair in the MCs and thats good

Same, felt like I lost a friend even though I never knew him

It's not about what SHE wants, user

Bunnycat is such a dick

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Are you spoiled or you are going blind?

hammer is a idiot
the orange one has the most "meh" restaurant of japan
blue is a 19y old that dont use panties and may or may not want to romance the pinkie
Pinkie is the result of Ume's going all out in lewd
Shield is a broken mess and needs to be protected.

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Being magical girl only brings depression.
>those who believe that magical shenanigans and blatant miracles are childishly naive.