Dragon ball super

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Post some jobbers.

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Is he getting blacked?


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Yeah, so I'm thinking they're suspending production to revamp the writing staff.

At some point in the last ten episodes, the writing crew ran out of gas and things got dumb.

The pride troopers who by all accounts were a super close, professional team of heroes retroactively become a team of hangers-on that Jiren doesn't actually care about. Despite all of the preaching about justice, uniforms, and other team loyalty stuff implied during the previous 90 episodes. I mean, they sure were written as Jiren's close associates prior to his "turn."

All so they can contrast how Goku and his friends love each other.

The character of Jiren as emotionally traumatized meathead still isn't interesting.

Oh well, at least the animation was good.

was he an angel

So, as far as I know this set: Dragon Ball physical device. This is very cool. He is happy, the child will die. But when I grew up ... ... 17 years old, Goku can use the "I" was miserable from the user interface. Frizza demonstrated Saint now is very strong. 17 of the 18 people would be a thing again (for the men), which is thrown out the window. I cried out, however, sounded the arguments in place of 17. Well, literally, is not an easy job. What is best in line pours. This, however, the inscription, he do not like you. Goku no fool, and can exist without it just to escape the user interface. The reason for this is very annoying

I thought Goku was gonna give Jiren some energy right there at the end and heal him up.
And when he went back to base form it looked like an attack made by Frieza desu.

Yes, I thought the exact same thing, that Frieza was stealing the win in the last second

Did anyone else initially think this was Frieza?

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MVP confirmed

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OK 3 problems:

1) You mean that 17 and Frieza only relax for 3 minutes, with all the destruction around which they have been lost, nobody has noticed, no one has seen, all the rays that they miss and they are fine. BS

2) What did Ultra Instinct do? If it is possible for a natural person to avoid attacks, avoid it. How could Goku fight against a few Awoken Yaries with green kick and holders? Did he really forget all the sense of UI?

3) Goku's body dies from the UI, is energetic energy, Yiren is on the ground, and has no decisions, it's time to save the power and rescue his body to calculate. Why stay with the user interface, especially if they are with the user interface, is just a power like Ultimate Gohan?


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Nice meme. Why don't you share it with your friends on Reddit?


Was pleasantly surprised, even let out a big ass 'WHAT' when you-know-who showed up.


Yes I definitely did.

Are the armchair contrarians still crying about the same things?

Yeah I thought Freeza backstabbed him because he secretly made some deal with the clown god to be brought back with the Super Dragon Balls.


MFW that last 2 minutes

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I started shitposting about Frieza like a fiend because I thought he Death Beamed that cuck monkey once and for all

Still trendic topic on south american countries

>harming Ultra Instinct Goku


Shit that was fucking tense, best fight in DBS?

So after all that shitposting about "jobku" "gokek" etc, he didn't even lose. He had Jiren dead to rights and then "lul toll on your body" plot device once again.

>Ultra Instinct Goku is invincible
Nice headcanon

>post yfw Junannago-san is still alive

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>sacrifices invalidated by dragon balls
DBZ Super
>sacrifices invalidated by time travel energy ball donations and by not being real because nobody dies
also everyone getting trolled by spoilers nice

Goku jobbed to a fucking Ringpop while he was SSB you dumb fuck

Hopefully they will be better written in the manga

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Reminder that Spics are crazy

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I found funny the whole "I wont forgive you for trying to hurt my friends" bit as if Vegeta and Piccolo didnt try the same

When the next series comes about Jiren will probably be a regular on Bulma's parties

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God I fucking hate 17

Who's this big guy?

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It was el hermano


Looks like fun dude

White people are fucking gay and easily embarassed

Did anyone else notice how much of Goku and Jiren's fight took a lot of fight choreography from Goku and Cell's fight? I couldn't have been the only one to notice.

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I didn't think it was possible to top EP 109 & 110, jesus christ what an amazing episode.

I 100% did not expect the big animators to return for this, because it didn't look like it in the preview.



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>edgelord jirenfags still this assblasted

Go tip your fedoras


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That was Jiren's mentor, pay attention

>make fun of mexicunts
>people start doing the same here in my shitty latinamerican country
I though we were better weon.

goku wouldnt care t.bh

go away kike

But it's so fun~~

That fills me with joy I can't explain.

That feel when dbs is really just first 38 episodes and the last 38

I want to see their reaction when chadroid 17 appeared.

Good shit.

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It's the guy who trained Jiren whom was ultimately killed by the 'evil-doer'.

Holy fuck

I mean, I'm still wondering how Jiren even ended up working with them when his worldview runs so counter to their ideology.

why are we assuming that Jiren even has genitals?

Jiren's Piccolo-san. Jiren is what Gohan would have been if Chichi didn't castrate him. Also that dude is an angel.

Mexico is the most Chad country in Latin America. Every other spic country follows

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J-rods master.