Can we talk about this anime?

Can we talk about this anime?

I feel like I'm probably going to need to rewatch it. But fuck, that ending.

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>I feel like I'm probably going to need to rewatch it.
That's a good idea. All the ABe-related anime, Texhnolyze especially, keep on giving with more watches.

Anything specific you want to discuss?

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>it was a great ending
all of the characters were wrong in their way to approach the whole problem
and the "mc" was a loser and ended up like what he was a loser dying on the street.

Also Despera fucking never

post yoshii

Yoshii did nothing wrong.

It was great

What made the series so great? I watched it and enjoyed it, but looking back on it, I think it's overrated.

Do I just need to rewatch?

terrorists itt shake my head

what was with ran's prediction that ichise was going to hurt a lot of people (am i remembering that correctly?). that never comes true, he only hurts a select few people. the horrible future she was seemingly scared of was entirely the fault of forces that had nothing to do with ichise. it's been some months since i watched, so maybe i'm remembering wrong.

He failed to protect Ran, aka the heart of Lux. So yes if you want to get retarded and metaphorical with prophecy, Ichise did hurt a lot of people through his failure to protect her.

maybe if she had been more forthcoming and specific in her predictions he would have done a better job.

then again, that's assuming she herself gets a clear picture in her predictions. once again, i don't really remember if they touched on that.

I feel like this was one of the best executed animus but it kind of bored me.
I guess my taste is shit

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So what the hell was the deal with Ran? She said she could see possible futures, but in the end it seemed like she was powerless to change anything of what she saw.

Also Kano isn't worthy of licking the soles of Yoshi's boots.

I think Ichise's mistake was going to the surface instead of staying with Onishii and fighting. The shapes were very strong but by no means invincible and Kano was a cuck.

I think she was akin to the Oracle of Delphi. Gives out vague ass prophecy, but no matter what you do, they are going to happen.

Really I don't recall her saying that.
But yeah Kano was a letdown after Yoshii.

>Really I don't recall her saying that.
Wait, I think it was the village elder who said it.

The elder could have just been lying to keep the village in good ties with the yakuza groups and the Class society.

I'm not sure that Ichise's fulfilment of Ran's prophecy hinged so much on him failing to protect her. Ran is just as fallible to her own foresight and arguably plays as big of a role in the events of the series as Ichise or anybody else.

There's a prominent theory based on the timing of her behaviour (i.e, retreating to Gabe after episode 10 and becoming increasingly withdrawn and despondent) that it's based on the fact that Ichise has killed Yoshii, the only character in the first half of the show with prior knowledge and experience of the surface world to recognize the same kind of stagnation occurring in Lux, and who's ambitious enough to eliminate the Class and break the status quo underground. With that in mind there's a strong argument for Ran enabling his actions only to relent later on, perhaps when she recognizes how gleeful and sadistic he is.

Note that Ran's foresight is shown not to be set in stone in the very first episode when she sees the death of the Gabe elder by the two Union thugs only for Yoshii to thwart it entirely.

I does have a slow pacing so it's not for everyone. That said, it's one of the few animes out there that really doesn't cater to the youth masses. Most "adult" animes are usually only destined to target people at or barely above the legal age. Thing is, Tex will leave you fucking clueless unless you've gathered enough knowledge to understand what you're seeing.

It's probably fine. If you go into thinking that it's a story about a guy having an existential crisis it gets a bit easier as you can rationalize the MC's decisions better.

it's a slow buildup to nothing
gore 'little girl dies' aesthetic
the ending was total nonsense with no meaning or point whatsoever, 'villains' were literally not even characters
you have abysmal taste and are far too easily emotionally manipulated

[Heavy panting intensifies]

Anything specific you want to discuss?
Doc was hot

I think that's something that deserves some discussion, as the Gabe elder tells Yoshii in the second episode that Ran only sees one future out of many possibilities, whereas halfway into the show when Onishi and the Organo arrive in Gabe to ask for guidance he's totally set in fatalistic stone about Ran's visions being absolute (while going as far as to actively work towards fulfilling what she's seen by manufacturing weapons en masse for the Class/Kano!).

Brainlet here. what was the whole Class/Kano thing about?

It's been a while since I watched the show but the Class were trying to create the perfect leader by generations of selective inbreeding. Kano is the result of that.
Kano knows this about himself and hates it. Might also explain why he was a fucking loon. Probably because he was more inbred than old Charley of Spain.

What about that two headed thing?
It's been 5 years since I watched it and while I do want to watch it again that ending is just below Yang not making it

As far as I can tell, this is what happened:
>At some point war and violence in the surface world got so bad people decided to genocide everyone with a certain genetic marker or set of characteristics that identified them as prone to violence, that's the source of the raffia mines that are basically colossal corpse landfills
>at some point the people in charge switch from killing to exiling all the undesireables underground to a near lawless city where they could kill and rape each other to their heart's content
>this leaves the surface world full of some extreme kind of pacifists that over the generations become extremely apathetic
>The Class are a group of exiled people given special privileges and are tasked with overseeing the whole mess while remaining separate from the general populace
>After a long while the class become just as apathetic as the surface dwellers, also inbred as fuck due to them being isolated
>The Class keep trying to create better leaders because their numbers are dwindling due to inbreeding and general lack of a will to live. It's even kinda nebulous if the remaining members can still be called human
>Kano is the ultimate result, the last Class child to be "born"
>He was concieved by mixing the DNA of the three matriarchs and gestated inside an artificial womb
>He was completely insane but he was all the class had left so they tried to work with him anyway
>It only seemed like he had a plan, he just wanted to kill everybody and end the experiment
The more I analyze it, the more I resent the production for killing Yoshii. Kano's goals were completely opposed to his even if their methods were just as fucked up, but Yoshii was the only one mental and smart enough to have a chance at stopping him. I'd really have liked to see them go head to head.

Meant for The two-headed thing is Kano's "mother", he says it himself. It's some kind of living machine, maybe developed from a human template, inside which he developed.

I found the show really boring after Yoshii died

>Kano is the result of that.
>Kano knows this about himself and hates it. Might also explain why he was a fucking loon. Probably because he was more inbred than old Charley of Spain.
Don't forget that we're also made aware of the inbreeding from his physical deformities (his legs, and maybe even the colour of his hair, which is totally unique out of all the characters in the show) and how they help form his obssesion with aesthetics transcending the human body (accepting Onishi's donated legs only to have them destroyed and replaced by Texhnolyze, which no other member of the Class utilizes, and finally his philosophy with the Shapes).

Makes sense.
I seem to remember or think I remember something about Yoshii being the last human from the surface or at least the last one who wasn't entirely apathetic to everything

have to screencap this explanation 10/10

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Yeah, Yoshii was the only one that both recognized things were fucked and wanted to do something about it. His methods were just "dude chaos and war lmao", but he at least tried to do something, and it wasn't like the people he killed in Lux were upstanding citizens.

He set in motion the events that got everyone killed.

alot of discussion has already been made about texh on Sup Forums, check the archives and youll find some pretty good discussion

Ueda was speaking strictly about lain in that interview, and on the contrary for Texhnolyze, expressed hope that western audiences could understand its "very Japanese" sensibilities.

Same. I have to recognize I'm a brainlet and addicted to moe.

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garbage slow paced DEEPfag anime