Has fang

>Has fang
>Is worst girl

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>has fang and normal color hair

That's not a fang, that's a fucking canine.

haha onifags btfo

never happened

>ichifags so desperate they'll go into other threads to shit on 02

at least contain your autism in the specific threads



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Came here to post this, you win the thread.

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What do you thing fangs are?

delete this

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>Be OP
>Make a shit thread

Fang thread
Post Fangs

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Not true.

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I don't think you know what a canine is.
This is a canine

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you are right

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then explain this?????

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I think your rat has autism

Dirty hobo.


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jokes on you OP

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One fang = worst girl
Two fangs = best girl

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>single fang
>worst girl

>potential best girl

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This fanged dork is universally agreed to be the best

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Needs flesh fang for true enlightenment

Post more Botan

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Botan has a lot of techniques

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>has fleshfang
>is best girl

I know exactly what you're talking about.

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Sharpest fangs.

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A cute!

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>has fang
>has fleshfang when transformed
>is my waifu

>no fang

Does this mean 02 has the sharpest fangs? Is this what I think it is?

Why settle for fangs?

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good post

Why is people being idiotic, one tooth doesn't just grow larger than the others, there's always 2 fangs and yes, those fangs are canines.

that's the complete opposite of true

>has fang
>it's actually our queen

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Good point

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Shark teeth and quad fangs are best.

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Only applies to Kirino


^p much this
1 fang actually is a crooked teeth ala bongistani.

god i hate it when its drawn as part of the lip.

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You mix up fang and glasses OP.

god I wish that were me

I don't have the image of Hitomi fighting the walrus, so this will have to do.

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Only exception.

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Objectively false.

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>3 hits instead of 4
you fucked up

What about 4 fang

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Right is wrong, Boipuccelle doesn't have a dick in girl form, he's a Ranma-type.

god damn, that triggers my monster girl fetish way more than the horns

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i hated fangs until botan

I was totally indifferent to it until Botan. That was such an amazing girl

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utaha > eriri

get fucked

That's Hibiki, isn't she?

What the fuck is this facebook-tier, non-anime, .jpg as fuck image and why hasn't it been deleted yet?

It's universal.

This guy gets it.

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100% proof of OP's thesis.

Girl of the year

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>not fleshfang

One fang is perfect

Post of the year.

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But OP...

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>thread about anime girls
>it's wrong to post an anime girl

Does this mean she wins?

Man she is just plain thirsty.

Canine and fang are the same thing you fucking retard.