Takizawa Thread

3 new chapters in 8 days and the series is doing well. Have you gotten your dose of Takizawa's takizawas yet?

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>tfw no doujins of mc fucking her while new girl watches

>drawn by naku warai

>no vanilla doujins at all

Have another one

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How old is Takizawa? Is she a worthless cake?

If I were to guess, I'd say ~28

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I could have sworn the one by Kozakura Nanane was her but they're two separate things.

Similar setting and characteristics but no. I did find a couple of pages of short Takizawa doujins based off of yanbaru's pixiv bookmarks but they aren't vanilla

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Anyone know any more manga/anime where the main focus/girl is a cake/milf?

All I can think of are
Oyako Heroine
and Yukamo-san


Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai - office setting like thread, artist did pic related
Tsuujou Kougeki - I'm not reading it but it's literally the protagonist's mom going with him into some VR adventure
Sensei Lock-On! - university student starts dating his former grade school teacher, it's completed but has a sequel which will probably get translated in the future, very cute
Domestic no Kanojo - very drama heavy, can't recommend it that much since the focus shifts between the teacher and her sister
Nande koko ni sensei ga!? - ecchi heavy romcom about a guy and his demonic teacher, kinda cute, pretty short though (it's ongoing but focuses on a different pairing later on)

Found these after skimming through latest updates on mangadex, hope they will be of help

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domestic kanojo is the very picture of bullshit. dont ever fall for it

you're a legend. thanks

Takizawa-san is beautiful!

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>like cakes for years
>OLposter for years
>now everyone is on the bandwagon
Fucking posers.

If I were you, I'd be happy with the influx of cake and OL manga
Same thing happening with monster girls and I'm liking it so far

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Out of recent cakes /Megumi/ is the one for me
Would be nice to give her some bully and love

>one doujin
>mmf threesome with the chief
They had one job.

I am just as disappointed as you are, user.

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