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How does this arc end for them? Will we see them again?

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This chapter felt like an ending, especially Reijus part. I think the wont interact with Sanji from now on and their ending will be revealed once Judge shows up, which should be next chapter.

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I can't believe Thatch is fucking dead...

The LuKa doujin is being translated

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Oh my fucking god, please stop. This faggotry is too much.

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post anime miracles

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If these guys are so damn strong judging by the last chapter, how come they need big mom's help to conquer some random blue? With that kind of strength they could have done it ages ago.

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Last one, I know many dislike it because in this version Katakuri wins

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What are they doing?

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post yfw we get a sad judge flashback and judge looks exactly like sanji

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>Snack is able to fly somehow and jumps up to stop Sanji
>Sanji kicks Snack right in the stomach, but his foot just hits his cloak and goes through his midsection like there's no body underneath it
>It's revealed Snack is two midgets stacked up on top of each other, the bottom one has extremely large legs, small arms, a Devil Fruit power that lets him fly, and is named Brunch
>The top one has extremely muscular arms but tiny legs and is still named Snack
>Snack and Brunch are about to knock Sanji out of the air when all of a sudden a giant mechanical hand punches them both out of the way
>It's Judge in a mech suit
>He has a monologue and then calls the rest of Germa to form into a Megazord
>Smoothie is at the port behind the Sunny by now and is sick of this shit, has Daifuku throw her with his genie onto Cacao
>She grows and starts fighting the Megazord
>Sanji gets to the Sunny and they start sailing away
>The Strawhats are safe
>The Germa starts losing to Smoothie
>Judge commands the Germa fodder soldiers stationed on the castle to fire something from a cannon at the Sunny
>They start panicking thinking the Germa turned on them at the last second
>Sanji jumps up to intercept the projectile
>It's a black raid suit
>Judge yells to Sanji that he'll need to be stronger than his weakling self if he wants to make his captain the King of the Pirates
>He mentions he won't have to worry about it being linked to the Germa
>Sanji's confused what he means by that
>We see Judge's eyebrows are the same as Sanji's
>"Don't be so pathetic as to catch a cold out there!"
>He presses a button in the mech as soon as Smoothie's about to land the killing blow
>The entire Germa fleet, all of the ships, and the mech self-destruct, destroying Cacao island and blowing the Sunny far away
>Everyone on Cacao island dies
>It's the darkest chapter in all of One Piece
>Chapter 900

It would seriously be too predictable. Everyone already thinks his eyebrows are similar to Sanji's. I hope Oda is going to do something better.

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>Everyone on Cacao island dies
>INCLUDING the Charlottes
What a horrid story

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Because Oda is a fanboy and is going to wank them all he can even if it doesn't make sense. A shame the wanking coincide with the Charlottes , they were interesting and with amazing designs

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Oda, where's my friend Jack?

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This thread is now about the best shipping a.k.a. LuKa. Post your best LuKa artwork, chadbros.

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Sleeping with the fishes.

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Will Jobji job again on the chapter?

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Hopefully Zunisha stepped on him.

Why not? It's his job afterall.

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post yfw you're not a sanji or a zorofag

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Why would I want to be a waste of air

> sanji gets a germa suit

Still jobs

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Why is she so cute?

(And not for sexual. Furries go home.)

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Because being cute is all there is to her personality

>sanjifags are delusional shipping autists
>zorofags are powerlevel fags
Looks to me Luffyfag is the true way.

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Sanji is hiding his true power. He can one shot luffy, Zoro

He is the strongest member but isn't bcoz he doesn't use his hands

>sanjifags reduced to this
I actually feel bad for you all.

Honestly I would've really liked if Sanji's character gag of being good with knives were played up more. As a joke, obviously. Have him be God-level with swords or something and have Zoro be fucking pissed at him for it, but he just never uses blades because muh cook hands for kitchen

She's cute AND for sexual.

Also I already am home, where else would I be shitposting on Sup Forums from?

Here we see a male Charlotte performing a mating dance to entice his potential partner, it's working.

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If Sanji ever used a sword I'm certain he'll bear Zoro for sure.
Even a knife is enough for him

I'm a Bellamyfag, it's suffering

>Katakuri with normal black pants
>Toei doesn't know how to draw leather clothes

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Poor Luffy didn't know that fighting a male Charlotte during hours mean marriage proposal

Were these threads always full of gayfags or did the love for Katakuri just go extreme

Both, probably.

Yes. Zoro fags will never get this. Sanji not using his hands is biggest handicap

Greetings, fellow Sanjibros! Check out this epic AMV I found! I think it's pretty #fire if you ask me, LOL! Get it?

It took luffy hours to beat Katakuri
Sanji had better CoO than Katakuri and wudve beaten him in 5 mins.
If it wasn't for the cake, Sanji would have fought and won easily

Lets not act like Luffyfags cant be both and are just fine.

LawLu win again baby

How would you react if Sanji and Snack fought, and Sanji beat him relatively easy like Jabra?

They'll be back for Sanji's funeral when he dies of aids from the okama blood transfusion

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Snack will get one shotted by sanji. It will show that sanji > supernova.

I'd ask my Sanjifag boyfriend to read the chapter instead of dreaming it.

That would have been a pretty cool ending

>relatively easy
>like Jabra
I'd like a moment of Sanji beating down Snack but I wouldn't really consider his victory against Jabra "easy." Sure he beat Jabra relatively quick but he had to let Jabra stab him pretty deep in the gut just to land the finishing blow. Certainly looked easy but the fact that he let himself get stabbed just to win should prove Sanji and Jabra were on relatively the same level.

What gives you the idea he even knows how to fight with his hands? He's literally never used them in a fight. That's like saying Luffy will be stronger with a sword.

A literally whofag?

>He's literally never used them in a fight.
Stop right there, Kizaru.

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Besides the wanze fight.

>"He has NEVER ONCE used swords or knives in a fight except for that one time that he did and was extremely talented with them BUT THAT DOESN'T COUNT BECAUSE IT GOES AGAINST MY ARGUMENT"

>he never did that!
>b-besides the one moment where he did, I totally knew that btw

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How do you know he wasn't talking about Bege

He literally fought a ramen noodle. Kitchen knives cut through food easily. How well do you think it would do against people with strong arnament than him and stronger people themselves?

>Implying he wouldn't learn better armament Haki if blades weren't his main method of fighting
>Impling people are better swordsmen than others because they can "cut harder"
>Adopting the most retarded swordsman mentality in any anime ever made of "I HAVE TO CUT HARDER THINGS TO BECOME STRONGER"
Please stop while you still can

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That wasn't his point, nor yours.

judging from next week preview, it looks like that katakuri and the 4-minutes song about the brokers will both be featured in 830

>yfw Luffy says Katakuri is better than Law in that doujin

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>knives = swords

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God these were good times. If only he didnt have his dumb rule, fighting with knives is pretty cool.

I know right? I can't wait. There will be the song and the candy escalator. It's amazing how decent the pacing has been lately.

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Since there are no professional knifemen in history (since the short blade is realistically impractical) the most logical thing to call someone like that is a swordsman
They're not the same thing but I don't "knifeman" sounds like a Megaman boss and I don't want to say that

>if only he didn't have that dumb rule
He can fight half the BMP with knives with that rule.

>It's amazing how decent the pacing has been lately
eh, 828 only covered 6 pages and added some very light filler between them
i expect things to pick up once the tea party finally starts

I dunno, it seems fast to me compared to the usual.
Maybe it's thanks to all these early intros and the end of those quintuplets filler fist fights. Dialogue episode seem faster paced.

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That still leaves out a lot of potential oponents. I am actually upset he didnt fight with knives though. I guess it was just a one time thing.

>these were good times.
Hell yeah they were. The Water 7/Enies Lobby arc was the best blend between action, comedy, and comfort in all of One Piece, and I'll fight anybody on that. It blended both so perfectly, it made you really love every single character, they all worked so well off of each other and it really felt like Oda had all of their characters down to a perfect T. It was the first arc for me that I could really appreciate that all of the Strawhats were like a big family that loves and cares about each other. The anime had beautifully simple animation, too, nothing amazing but also nothing terrible. Those two arcs really encapsulated what One Piece was. It was just a comfy, heartwarming adventure. And it did all of that without sacrificing the feeling of stakes or tension with CP9, they felt like a real threat.
I really miss those days. Things were simple back then.
And people always forget how fucking cute Chimney was and how she took on an imouto role to Sanji and they were fucking adorable

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Wait, the shipping was real?
I think it was just trolls.

I wonder if we'll ever see Chimney's parents. Or Franky's. Since Lola and this arc I can't help but expect all the parents who were mentioned will appear in the future.

Have you been around a manga fanbase for the first time, newfaggot?

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Hope so, but I doubt it. Maybe since we saw her after the timeskip she might be brought up again? But again I'm doubtful, as much as I'd like it

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Sanji is so underrated.
> Beat jabra easily
> Beat wadatsumi easily
> Kicked Vergo's ass despite injured body
> he was going to pull a special move vs doflamingo but law interfered
> He kicked Tamago's ass by himself
> Sheepshead (a powerful subordinate of Kaido) got defeated by sanji easily
> Cudve beaten Bege & co if it hadnt been for zedd
> Kicked yonji's ass
> Was going to kick judge but wall
> Was going to destroy daifuku but family comes first
> Kicked oven's ass
> Kicked Raisin
> Made a cake that'll make a yonko faint

Sanji is the best crew member by far


Honestly I'm considering rereading the entire series soon and if I do I'll mark down every single thing Sanji does that I consider both a good feat and a bad uhhh.. "antifeat?" Not necessarily a loss but just shit that makes him look bad versus shit that makes him look good, and tally it all up at the end to see if he really is as much of a jobber as everyone thinks he is.

Zoro fans are so biased
Mihawk refuses to fight shanks because of an arm handicap
Sanji doesn't even use his hands
Sanji >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Zoro who cudnt beat carrot

Because one admiral is probably all it needs to fuck then up. And trying to conquer an entire ocean would get the WG and the marines involved sooner or later.

>What gives you the idea he even knows how to fight with his hands?
are you a spee d. reader? oda foreshadowed sanji's training with swords when he managed to defeat one of zeff's crewmates with just a pair of knives

My favorite recurring character trait is Sanji being good with children

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Didn't Sanji wanted to abandon all the kids in Punk Hazard to die before Nami's pussy power convinced him otherwise?

That was one time and it was understandable, his logic was that the kids were in a medical facility and they didn't know anything about them, that place very well could have been where those kids needed to be and Sanji didn't want to be "heroes" and save them since they didn't know anything about them
It was completely justified, they didn't know about the experiments and shit

Fucking do it user

>he says this while posting filler

Sanji wanted to fuck loli nami

Reiju is the biggest cum slut we've met so far

Sanji wanted to toss Momo into the sea for throwing food away.

And? I want to toss Momo into the sea for just existing

Still more better than Zoro what wanted to abandon nami at Arlong park, ruined the escape moment from enies lobby of thanks.
Fucking Marimo
Got destroyed by carrot