Is she popular yet?

Is she popular yet?

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She's popular in my heart.

Doesn't she actually have a couple friends in the manga now? Or that the manga follows a couple other characters that aren't her.

She will forever be the number one for me in my heart.
Not that I matter much.

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Not until she's married with children has she made it

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This. She has friends now. Mostly other weirdos and loners, but friends nonetheless.

Well I guess the author couldn't keep her a friendless loser forever. Would've gotten stale otherwise.

She has her own harem who are obsessed with her and one of them is an outright stalker.

I'm not sure, but the girls are getting better than ever.

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I want to be friends with a real life Tomoko and try to help her.

New chapter when???

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This week.

See you guys this when the chapter come out.

More than most of us

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Yoshida is thicc!

So she constantly cannot believe that she actually has friends now.

Actually yes. She now has friends and goes to karaoke and shit. It happened with no introspection or buildup whatsoever. Yes. Just just randomly decided 'YAY! I can be popular now!' and it happened. It's just as retarded as it sounds.

No, but it's not her fault.

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Haven't kept up with the manga. Yuu has been pretty much phased out though right?

>goes to karaoke and shit
What, no she doesn't.

That's some one level shit

She's being replaced by that Asuka girl. Good riddance too, class mom is way more entertaining than that washed up slut.

She marries her bro so she is popular with him.

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Asuka a best girl.

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she has her own spaghetti squad now

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t. didn't read the manga

What do you think the last ~70 chapters were actually about?

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Yeah. I don't know if I want Komisomething and the other pervert to join the group though, they should make their own hetero circle.

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i bet she likes gangbang

Would she actually get lured in?
I feel like she would spill her spaghetti instead

I think you could argue that, yes, she is now popular among a small group of female classmates even if she doesn't totally realize it herself yet. No dicks on the dance floor yet though.

The Japanese word that gets translated as "not popular" is actually a lot closer to "not attractive". The title is her specifically complaining that guys don't pay attention to her, not that she doesn't have friend. That still hasn't changed much.

There's at least one girl in the manga who is attracted to her in that way though.

if by gangbang, you mean banging her lesbian gang harem

Never to be as popular as her Ototo

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>she becomes popular
>the manga tanks, nobody talks about it ever
Reminder this had an anime adaptation.

The superfags are out of hand we need to do something about it.

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She is not our girl anymore, she is a fucking casual now.

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Because I'm not popular I'll go Ultra Instinct.

The equivalent of this would be if everybody in YuGiOh just stopped playing card games and started trying to kill each other with guns.

What even happens in the manga now?

Tomoko should be happy about it, not sad. replace with this

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I am a little curious about her side of things, we never really see what's going on with her so for all we know she could have been lying about her popularity this whole time

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shitty aspect ratios but still funny

The original guy's was in a shitty aspect and I really didn't feel like fixing it.

It feels kind of bad desu


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That does look funny.


New chapter this week.

What's the worse that could happen?

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Isn't she who has a boyfriend?

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She sent Tomoko a photo of her with her friends at karaoke once, so she does have an active social life. I doubt the boyfriend was fake either, but it was probably a much more harmless relationship than Tomoko was imagining. Especially since Yuu decided she'd rather go to karaoke on christmas than spend time with him.

What, the girl I posted? Maybe. Asuka, however, is ostensibly untainted.

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I just don't buy it, if there's anything the post trip saga taught me is that if you are tomoko's friend you have to be fucked in the head to some degree, yuu is way too normal, she has to be hiding something

what....what beautiful numbers.

She's just dumb and very insecure about it. Remember, she didn't even manage to get into the same school as Tomo.

There's been some speculation about what happened with Yuu's break up and whether that had any fallout. I kind of doubt much will come of that, but it seems like Nico hasn't completely written Yuu off yet because she still gets name dropped a fair amount. Whatever happens in the future my guess is it'll be mostly focused on Tomoko's relationship with Yuu and not on Yuu as an individual.

"Didn't manage to"? Is the elaborated on in the manga? In the animu all that was said about it was she went to a different school. Didn't really have allude to intelligence being a factor. Also, I don't really know since I've only read the manga as far as the anime goes and watched the anime, but Tomoko doesn't seem like a stellar student, just an average one.

Yuu is secretly a cock slut who gained popularity by taking lots of loads in her womb

Normie standards no
Sup Forums standards yes

Goddammit i just want her to have something other than being the normie friend going on, she was close to tomoko's level back when they went to the same school, so there has to be some residual spergottry in there somewhere
Apparently tomoko can do really good when she's threatened with a private tutor, she's probably just unmotivated

She's the most popular girl in school at this point.

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It seems they would've gone to the same school but she failed the entrance exam.

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>manga:not yet

(Second season when?)

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>when you realize you might not be as smart as the other kids are


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You know it's bound to happen that she's gonna end up doing something stupid and alienating herself again.

I don't think she can possible end up COMPLETELY alone, 3 of the girls are pretty obsessed with her, one of which is obsessed with the worst parts of her, even if she drives everyone else away she would still have a group of stalker girls clinging to her, whether this is better or worse is up for interpretation tho

I'd be all down for an ending where Tomoko finishes high school with no friends except now she's perfectly okay with it. I think it'd piss off too many people who are invested in the new characters though.

why did this Sup Forums mascot only got a single season?

Not popular enough.

Happy Ending. Canon Happy ending.

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Pls no

It's about as ironic as the more you walk to the right the further you get from the left.

What is that thing the artist always does with Nemo's irises? It is to signify a lighter eye color than the rest, or are they shining with some kind of innocence?

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It signifies that her split personality has taken control.

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I don't think there's innocence on those eyes user

That's incest.

It's Pure Honest Love.

They both deserve better, yes, even tomoko

>this is a date right? I'm on a date with Kuroki-san aren't I? Play it cool Emiri, just relax and take it nice and slow...I wonder if I should smell her hair before or after I kiss her?

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Yoshida is the girl tomoko needs but doesn't deserve while ucchi is the one she deserves but needs anyways cause she's lonely

Yuri needs Tomoko more than anyone. When do you think we get to the chapter about Yuri cutting herself in middle school because Minami called her a loser?

She strikes me more as the "bottle up until you lash out at the wrong person" type of girl, she may end up cutting tomoko for all we know

As long as we get some sharp banter, I'm good.

Is Ucchi gay or just tomosexual?

>thread derailed by /u/ posting
every fucking time

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is either that or necroposting until the one guy falls asleep

It's what happens when a thread is started when there is no new chapter to discuss.

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I want to be Nagatoro'd by Nemoto Kuroki-san!

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