What is Sup Forums's opinion on beastars?

what is Sup Forums's opinion on beastars?

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Best story in Champion. Legosi a cute half wolf.

I like it

I like it a lot.

Surprisingly ended up liking it more than I thought I would, especially with how many Zootopia vibes it was giving me at first.

Can't wait to see more of Louis.

Love it.
The side chapters are my favorite

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Just started it. Thought the deer was a cunt but then 3 chapters later now I think he is based. I wonder however if the carnivore-killing-hervibore plot from the first episode will be completely dropped or not.

Its pretty fucking good. Legosi is best boy and doesn't deserve the thots he has around him and needs a pure girl.

Juno victory when?

>not based Pima

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Haru and Bill are the worst. Overall Beastars is pretty great despite having those two shitty characters.

This one was pretty wholesome. I hope nothing bad happens to these two.
Him too. Both are absolute madbois.

What's the speculation on Legosi's father? A hunting dog breed?

>In before he gets with chicken girl

I want a doujin with Legosi and Pina.

I doubt those two will be in another chapter, they were just used to show the kind of insecurity teenagers in this world can have based on their species

I want more chicken girl chapters

Chicken girl will get more chapters we all just gotta believe!

Someone made a fan opening

Haru is one thing, but don't talk bad bout Bill.

.She's gotten more popular so she should be coming on Friday.

Fuck that fucboi tiger. Louis should've shot him dead.

Glad to hear. Chicken girl is simply precious

The story is turning fucking stupid at an exponential rate and I hate the love interest. If it doesn't continue fucking up it has potential as an interesting morally ambiguous story though.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on anymore.

Anime when?

It started off as a good drama/mystery set in an intriguing world. In my opinion it went really dumb and threw a lot of the atmosphere out the window ever since Haru was kidnapped.
similar to I dropped it since Louis pulled a gun on his father. The scene was played straight, as a dramatic moment, but it was so cheesy and edgy that it was the last straw. I still check out chapters from time to time but I'm just not invested in it.
Also, Louis is a stupid fag and should be long dead by now.

You two are stupid fags.

No you're a stupid fag and also probably fat.

Explain how a lone teenager waltzed into a mafia bosses house. Explain why a lion mafia randomly made a teenage deer their boss. Explain why not eating meat suddenly took Legosi's bite strength but transferred it to his arms.
The manga started out as an interesting drama mystery set in a 'racially' charged high school setting. It has since devolved into some gay shounen batman fights mafia story.


I aint gonna explain shit to you.

It's in a shonen magazine. What did you expect?

It's going to get raped to hell by the editors.

>Can't explain shit
>Better call him a speedreader

Well, it's not about what I expect. It's just my criticism of the direction the story has taken, whether it's the editors or the author.

Really good. Better when it forgets that it's a shounen manga, but the dives into that territory are often fun and everything else makes up for the silliness.

Bill is a piece of shit. A well-written, total piece of shit.

>Explain how a lone teenager waltzed into a mafia bosses house.
They were distracted from the chaos.
>Explain why a lion mafia randomly made a teenage deer their boss.
Contrivance, but they did give you two explanations: this guy killed our boss/using him will be good PR.
>Explain why not eating meat suddenly took Legosi's bite strength but transferred it to his arms.
Shounen manga.

I wonder if spoiler tags work this way.

Well, you can't really critizisesds shit for being smelly really.

I'm waiting for Riz's point of view of the story with Tem.

I read it all a few days ago, I was very skeptical and really picked it up for the art, but it surprised me in a good way. I liked it, Gouhin a best. It's my second favourite Itagaki's manga.

>distracted by the chaos
Which chaos? The chaos after Legosi disarmed one lion that had him at gunpoint, fought 2 v 10, and then the panda pulled out a fucking machine gun from nowhere? Ignoring how silly that was, the chaos (i.e. an attack on the compound) is exact thing you have men guarding your boss from.
Well, that's my issue. It's contrived. The explanations are bad because they don't make sense in world. Why does a criminal gang that comprises exclusively of lions need to present themselves as pro-herbivore? If anything, replacing your boss with a teenage herbivore would ruin your reputation as a tough gang. As for the 'he killed our boss' line, the logical thing to do is kill him, bury him where he'll never be found, and elect your second in command to leadership. Making Louis boss ignores any concept of gang loyalty by letting an outsider take over, ignores any ambition other lions would have, and tells the world that anyone can walk into their headquarters, kill their boss, and just takeover.
>Shounen manga
Doesn't make it any less dumb.

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You asked for explanations, not good explanations.

Fair enough, but the fact there are no good explanation proves my point that the plot has turned dumb, which is a shame considering the potential it had (and still has).

I don't think the whole plot has turned dumb, but I have described it as jumping the shark.

I can agree with that, to some extent. The story seems torn between the drama and mystery it had originally and the silly action that's started being thrown in, maybe because of editors. What really put me off was when the drama became silly to me (Louis pulling the gun on his father).


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I knew I heard that gay as voice and that shitty disco wannabe instrumental, and seems its from the same guys who made that that shitty ass death parade op, seriosuly , fuck those guys, lame and cheesy as fuck

i meant this:

Haru a shit. SHIT!!

Why do people here hate haru? Only because she is a slut?

Legosi is a degenerate fag who makes out with a murderer

Because she's a typycal girl.
She never once asked Legosi about what was he thinking or if they could compromise. It's all me me me. I miss you, I want to fuck, I don't care if you are struggling with your instincts as I nuzzle up to you.

It is good.

She was supposed to be disliked. Even the author said she was afraid that Haru wouldn't be well-liked by the readers.

It's trash.

In hindsight, I think it's really dumb that the carnivoures aren't supposed to eat meat when it's just part of their nature.

Pretty much. A black furred one, and most like large.

>Like a virgin

But that mostly involves killing someone else.

Which studio would adapt the inevitable anime?

This goat is too attractive.

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anything but Toei or BERSERK and Junji Ito's studios


Ghibli, okay I'm joking in all honesty maybe Gonzo,KyoAni or possibly madhouse


I don't know why they decided to add a special snowflake background to Legosi. He already has plenty going for him that makes him special.

I mean how the whole setting handle this point. Carnivoures are supposed to deny their nature for their whole lives in order to be considered good people given the moral compass everyone has in this manga.

Carnivores have substitutes for meat. There is no point in eating meat, especially since its asserts x-is better than why and would lead to a war/genocide as people become hysterical over shit.

I still can't help to feel pity for the carnivoures in this manga, they're treated with utter contempt.

So that the author can explore what it means to be a goblino muttensis in furryland

Probably to explain why he is so freakishly strong. It has been mentioned several times that even for a wolf his physical strength is far above normal.

While I don't think it's necessary to explain that strength at this point I also don't think it was something the author just decided to add out of nowhere.

It was stated that all the animals in the drama club have special snowflake backgrounds

I love it, but sometimes things happens so suddenly i think they where a daydream or something, like when the guy pulled his frieds arm suddenly.

Didn't Louis say something about knowing what Legosi is hiding?
That hasn't been addressed again, right?

I think they were trying to make a point that carnivores have to be careful because they're that much stronger. Which is weird, because I swear they made another point that herbivores have stronger limbs than carnivores to protect themselves. But then they also sad that all of Legosi's bite strength went to his limbs instead, so wouldn't that be the case for every carnivore that doesn't eat meat?

This manga is not that concise, i don't sweat the small stuff until suddenly an arm comes off.


It was something since the beginning. Everyone in the drama club has a "special snowflake" background, they've just never decided to delve into it yet

Hence Juno's entire platform during the festival

Post yfw Legosi confronted the murderer

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They glossed over it for so long that I didn't really care. It feels like they're only bothering with it now to show that Legosi can take on a bear with just his hands.

Getting really tired of this. Sure, you might not have liked that arc, everybody can criticize it, but it was more than half of the manga ago. The plot moved on, so can you.

It wasn't glossed over, it was slowly building up to it.

>with just his hands
LOL What? The entire point of that scene was to show that even with his intense training Legosi would get obliterated, if he'd started a fight

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i love it and unlike most of Sup Forums i enjoy the shonen parts

i agree this chapter and the one with the eggs were comfy as fuck

i mean this is manga ofcourse readers would dislike her

that's a plot point carnivores who don't eat meat usually become murderers that is why the black alley market is so important

this reminds me of the dark days of Sup Forums
it never stopped being dark

I want to marry the snake waifu.

>snake waifu

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the long lashes are deceiving

And now he's training with a panda so he can beat a bear with just his hands.

bears have weak noses he just need to keep punching him there

No no no, haru isn’t a slut. A slut sleeps around, haru is THAT GIRL from highschool who is so goddamn slutty nobody even has to work for it anymore, have dick will travel. A mere slut is completely redeemable, Haru is a dicksock. Her personality is also uninteresting, but she’s well beyond what I think the acceptable point of relationship material is just via her incredible promiscuity.

>there is no point
Except obviously they have instincts that are being exacerbated by their abstinence from it and are terrible for their mental health. Like this is a society with supersoldiers that will inevitably fall to murder if they don’t get a thing, your choies are oust the supersoldiers, good fucking luck, or throw them a literal actual bone.

>Her personality is also uninteresting

Rather than uninteresting I'd say her personality is not attractive or desirable.
In fact, she's written very realistically and conveys well the feelings of inadequacy and fear of being a small weak prey.

I like how she is a metaphor for sexual tension between men and women. On the one hand there's the fear of harassment from people stronger than you (predator-prey dynamic), on the other hand sex can be used to manipulate others or as a substitute for emotional closeness.

In general I like how in Beastars the carnivore-herbivore power dynamic exists in parallel to the male-female one and how that creates drama in the world.

>carnivore-herbivore power dynamic exists in parallel to the male-female
what about female carnivores and herbivore males?

I wander if mammoths and sabre toothed cats are like cavemen to them

That's what I meant by parallel, they coexist but don't overlap.
Like in the Juno vs Louis standoff.