We will never have another original blood pumping awesome shit to watch together every week like Code Geass and Gurren...

>we will never have another original blood pumping awesome shit to watch together every week like Code Geass and Gurren Lagann ever again
newfags won't understand

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well did you watch the new dragon ball, that fight was cool. Not the best animation, its almost a sin to be supporting such trashy animation, but I was pretty hyped to see goku fight Jiren.

found the newfag

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>we will never have another zetsubou sensei

every season we get a loli anime to get the blood pumping (to my dick)

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>Valvrave the Liberator and Guilty Crown failed as Code Geass successors
>Kill la Kill and Darling in the FranXX failed as TTGL successors

Nothing can be done

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Franxx is still running

Franxx is shit and I need to see less of it.

Kill la Kill was better than TTGL

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> Season 4 never ever
> Ending adaptation never ever
> New Gekidan Inu Curry style OP never ever
> Re-experiencing all these feels again, never ever.

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franxx has bad pacing and is shit past episode 5

I would settle for another guilty crown or ange. Or even samflam.

Code Geass and TTGL are both like 6/10

>Gurren lagann
>Code Geass

Babies first anime watching I presume?

Only in world of doujinshi

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>Harumi is dead
I swear that shit fucked me up worse than my own grandma`s death

Samurai Flamenco was different kind of beast. I really would like if they made two version of it and one would be without any crazy shit that started with beheading gorilla

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Cross Ange was the last rollercoaster type show. It aired 3 years ago

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Code gayass and TTGL were awful.

Kill la Kill was better, m8

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fucking dragonball is the memeshow of the season with newgrounds flash tier animation.
I guess its time to move on from cartoons

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t. retarded faggot
go back to moeshit

Popular shows always have shitty threads.

Bones or Shaft didn't do a single good original for 10 years? Are you sure you watched them all to be sure?

Just watch anime made by Trigger. They're the only sensible people producing anime.

They were actually really bad.

Watching Ange with Sup Forums was a blast. Nothing's been quite as fun since.

R3 nigga.
Don't lose Hope.

Also how pumped would you be if they fucking remixed COLORS for the OP.

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if you just wanna watch Code Geass and TTGL with friends, why not just do that instead of complaining? It's not like the show just went away.

If it's nothing but metaphysical shit and dick teases of Lelouch I'm going to lose my fucking mind