Oni in the FranXX

are you eagerly waiting to see her true form?

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Sharpest fangs

just imagine those sinking into your cock

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Yeas, but with the Ichigo's body and eyes

Did they actually grow? I wasn't sure if they were just over-pronounced in this scene because it was about showing 02's insecurity due to being part klaxxosaur or if it was supposed to imply that her skipping the tests is somehow letting her klaxxosaur side come through more strongly.

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I don't know why, but girls with pronounced canine teeth really turn me on.

Maybe it's something to do with proximity to klaxosaurs and they're moving towards the grand crevasse, which is probably going to have a ton of klaxosaurs in it.

Are you the guy who thinks that her eyes didn't actually turn red in this scene?

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why was she so much out of control here compared to her franxx transformation in ep.1

She didn't like her partner in ep 1, but she actually likes Protag-kun

>oni turns into succubus
my dick is ready

What? No.
I was just wondering if they drew them larger than usually because they were the focus of the scene or because they were actually supposed to have grown larger.

She is having her dino period but didnt get her medicine
Now shes become more feral

Eh, there was a guy who thought that they were red for dramatic effect.
Her fangs are actually getting bigger. We have seen her teeth before, they were nowhere near inhuman in size.

Picked up

but she told Ichigo in this scenethat it won't matter to her if Hiro dies.

That was before the third time piloting with him

That's exactly was to what Oni answered when Ichigo asked her to go easy on Hiro or he might die.

She will turn into a dinosaur and be killed at the end right?

Nah, both her and Hiro will sacrifice themselves to save the other parasites.

hold the fuck up

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la creatura...

No. 02 is uggo.

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I can fap to this

We both know it will end this way. That's what the nips want

I'm so ready.

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One does not grow out of sociopathy in a week, whether that sociopathy is natural or not.

>002 becoming even more unpredictable and feral
My dick isn't going to be able to keep up with this.

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poor, she is suffering hiro must comfort her! he must kiss her

>Dystopian Jap society with useless OLD MEN WARNING WARNING living off the labor and stacking the economy and government against the youthful generations, not letting them have lives and start families of their own

>Have to wait until Thursday to have even the slightest clue what happens next

Reminder, those with the sharpest fangs win. Thus 02 will win.

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Bros, I'm not ready for next week suffering.
But I'm fucking ready for healing in 12th episode.

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Probably not smiling so people don't see that her fangs grew.

She obviously waxed it for the bikini. Going to the beach in a 2 piece and a rug of carpet going up to your navel is just... uncouth.

Break up soon. Their mecha will stop working and the others will have to save them this time

Unlikely, 02's afraid of what Hiro's reaction will be to ONI, but we already know that Hiro's a monstergirlfag and he'll jump on that train first chance he gets. What's going to happen is the Nines will finally arrive at the worst possible time and keep Hiro from healing her, leading to the midseason finale.

>ep 09 & 10
>ichigo's happiness increases
>oni's happiness decreases
what are the writers up to?

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>Oni dino-puberty primal urges are kicking in
>IMAGINEing forcing dahling to the ground and doing unspeakable things to his body

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Why did hew fangs grow? She has chimped out before but here teeth returned to normal or did not change at all.

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I'm learning so much about adjectives and my dick from Killing Bites!

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She's intentionally skipping her medical checks for some reason. Maybe she wants to go full Oni mode.

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I don't get it. This series feels like a storyline of Fallout 2.
A dystopian future where the kids are clones who aren't humans anymore or something? And the humans all hide in plantations to avoid getting infected by toxic or fallout or whatever?

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So the old lady was just an older version of Kokoro, right? Hence the whole naming scheme, their number represents how many times that person has been reproduced. Also why lower numbers are special, they're essentially a new model.

>02 Goes full Oni mode.
>Hiro's erection breaks through his pilot suit and he fucks 02.
>Dr Franxx looking pleased whilst weaving fans with cum inside and Strelitzia.
>Hiro blows the biggest load into 02 and is ready for more rounds. All whilst Ichigo is crying in the background having seen everything.

I think the "infection" the children have is not as bad as it sounds and that the adults have become so obsessed with not dying that they refuse to leave their inert tombs and think the outside world is poisonous and the children are filthy animals when there is nothing wrong with them at all.

How come they decided we weren’t ready for any actual plot development yet? We keep getting those guys in the suits talking about boring shit literally no one cares about. It’s been 10 episodes, let this shit finally go somewhere.

Did you even watch the episode?

I wouldn't be surprised if the "infection" is actually feelings or someshit like that.

Glad this garbage is flopping. What a fucking waste of potential.

Are those fangs really growing?

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The last episode got the shitposters nervous as fuck and now they are doing overtime
Cant blame them because it was great

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The twist is that the adults cannot reproduce and are so terrified of dying that everything must be sterile and isolated. They need happy drugs to maintain their sanity. There is nothing wrong with the children.

they seem bigger here, so maybe they just go back to normal slowly?

I did, and for some reason they decided we aren’t allowed to actually see anything interesting. They did the same teasing bullshit they’ve been doing the past 5 episodes. The pay off isn’t even going to be worth it. Worst episode yet.

>because it was great
You've got to be kidding me. It wasn't that good.
It wasn't as terrible as shitposters claim, but it could've been better

If it was Kokoro, then the guy in the machine is Zorome, then..
Uh Oh.

I've been saying the "they are clones" thing from episode 1. And they've made it obvious the past few eps. Just look at this ED. This ED represent the lives of the cast before shit hit the fan.

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>we aren't allowed to see anything interesting
Yeah apart from the society that the children are spilling blood for to defend and are treated like animals by. It confirmed how brainwashed Zorome is and 02 is planning something grim. It changed the tone entirely.

>This ED represent the lives of the cast before shit hit the fan.
this makes me uncomfortable

>that webm
*pounces on you* glomp hehehehe xDDDD rawr missed u darlin' xP

Hnnng. Why are they so cute?

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>Adults wear masks and hazmat suits after klaxobattles, Kids don't give a shit
>02's "what is 'human' to you people?"
>old lady spraying disinfectant around
>Kids normally aren't allowed in the adult part of the city
>APE grunts scanning Zorome "this isn't a place for infected children" "they're basically victims in all this too"

Klaxoblood is probably full of klaxodisease and/or klaxoradiation that kills adults. Kids are gene modified to be mostly immune to it.

Looks like Zorome was born at the same lab that Hiro was, plus his unusual early memories this episode.

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Is Nana the secret best girl?

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>their number represents how many times that person has been reproduced.
that would mean their numbers aren't unique though.

It's a four way tie with Nana, Miku, Kokoro, and 02. I cannot choose a victor.


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What? We already knew the children were isolated and thought of as disposable in some way, that’s always been apparent, on top of adults being the apathetic ones who just don’t understand. We don’t know why that’s significant or why we should even care about that.

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Zorome's dream is literal MKultra shit. I wouldn't be surprised their memories are frequently fucked with.

>children can survive and possibly "thrive" in the outside world
>adults can't and are slowly delaying their demise in the cities
Oni is going to genocide the adults with Strelizia isn't she? We're going to see P13 be annihilated and all the adults wiped out hopefully by the end.

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So would Zorome count as a virgin or no?

It's like Fallout 2, the adults don't consider them "human" anymore because their DNA has been modified to be immune to klaxosaur diseases.

"Papa" is basically US President Dick Richardson from FO2. Well, this is all conjecture.

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If the different models were common knowledge that wouldn't matter.

Is this her final form?

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My genocide crusade begins now.

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It was foreboding before and this episode hammered down the point that the humans deserve to be wiped out. That's a major plot point.

It's a mystery

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Bring back our protagONIst smile!

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Rate my taste, anons

Kokoro, take Nana as a lover
>Become drinking buddy with

She's a very dangerous and vicious dinosaur all right

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If that’s considered a major plot point I might just drop this series right now. We already knew all of that. We don’t even know what 02’s actual feelings are outside of what she said in episode 3. They’re being vague in order to pad out this series and people are starting to get impatient. Why do they think they are allowed to have filler when they’ve barely even done any real world building?

It's not about killing the adults, it's just leaving them alone to rot in their idea of a perfect society once the klaxosaur threat is dealt with

we would see it by now if they just focus on 02

>kill Ikuno
Shit taste.

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02 = Ichigo > Miku > Kokoro > Literallywhokuno

Hiro = Goro > Zorome > Milkman (unironically) > Fatass

This is the ideal rating

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Episode 10 was fantastic and looking back a lot of things makemore sense now. This scene in episode 8 is now much more poignant.

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Give back her smile Trigger

Don't fucking do this to us.

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>she gives you a blowjob
>inserts canine inside your urethra

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If this series is just another "the humans are the real monsters" thing I will be immensely disappointed.

Why are they taking a picture while naked?

Why not just massacre them and take their resources to build a better society. They're all just waiting to die anyway. They're not much better than livestock at this point. The children could overpower them easily.

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This ep is actually kind of sad.

>he thinks there will be healing

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If you still don't think that's the case even after today's episode, prepare to be disappointed.

She will not get her smile back until Episode 20 or something. She will continue to distance herself from Hiro. They will fight. This drama was inevitable.
I keep telling you this for 8 episodes and you faggots still make fun of me for it. Well, look who's laughing now.

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Somebody please shop cum on their faces

Ichigo is washing her back

Adults are the real monsters. As usual.

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