Killing Bites

Hitomi is objectively best girl of the season.

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This is the truth.

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not even close
hitomi is utter trash
as a character

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You'll get shit-posters saying 02 is but she's objectively trash tier

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02 is not even best girl of her show.

There are several girls that are better, but Oni is still good.

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man that's some great 80s 'rock hair' she has in that form!


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post moar best girl

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Here, take it.

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Inaba? More like InaBest.

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No need to be rude.

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why is cheetha so hoooot?

Sleak aerodynamic body.

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Bloody Roar!

Immagine being Tiger, give a long speach trying to express how amazing Lion is, only to have Hitomi stand there with this smug look on her face the entire time.

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no its more her teeth and mouth what arouses me


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Still a little peeved we got this and not Arachnid.

Someone really needs to do a bush edit on this.

>3 threads
>my waifu > your waifu
I'm glad this show ends soon.

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Cute bunny boobies

Why is there not one of Cheetah yet? I need it!

how is this allowed?
isnt she jk?

this now with cheetha please

Cheetah doesn't have one as far as I know. Only Inba and Hitomi got those bikini posters.

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Not sure what your on about. Compared it the daily Franxx shitposting which is too cour this is nothing. These sorts of threads are rare for this show in the first place.

How much episodes are planned? I want the to turn it into 600 episodes shounen.

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12. Only two episodes left.

12 episodes. Mangafags know exactly what part it's going to end at. I wonder how people who only watch the anime will react? Unfortunately the chance of this getting a second season is pretty abysmal.

It's not fair. At least give me pic of her without the watermark.

fuak she is to hot for this world
i want to kiss her neck and body all day all night
i want her to bite me slightly while i pat her fur and head and smell her hairs
fuck fuck fuck
why is she so hooooot?

I wanna fuck that knee

is this a poster?
i need a version without sample
dont tell me when he dies?
that would be worst end ever since he isnt even ded

Spoil me please

I want to breed a faun.

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i want to fuck every inch of her
even her teeths

Hitomi becomes the antagonist.

i could stare at her the whole day

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And who's protag then?

Dog girl and Nomoto

a dog and another rowdy or some shit
check the raws

Smug queen is better

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to bad the new sluts are weak as fuck

This post is Abe approved

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Becarefull you will attract Sup Forums people if you do that.

>dog girl
and dropped...

>'this is why'
>not 'thus'
Fix it user

That's just a general spoiler, it's more complicated than that. Nomoto still loves Hitomi and is trying to save her by going after the guys in charge of the whole thing. Hitomi is the antagonist in the sense that she's still Shido's lapdog and will do whatever he tells her to despite the fact that she likes Nomoto as well.

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Abe posting has nothing to do with Sup Forums you massive retard. The fuck are on one about?

Arachnid was a fucking trainwreck, KB hasn't gotten that bad yet.

I can't get over how much of a fucking semen demon Hitomi is. Shame about her personalty though.

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>her personalty
Or more accurately her lack thereof.

are translations out yet?


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Eh I don't think you can begrudge Hitomi for lack personality. She has far more of it than the vast majority of waifubait. The difference is she's not waifu-bait.

Like not even slightly.

hitomi a ugly shit

Are you serious?
>I am dere dere for this dude
>I like sweets
>For everything else sharpest fang killing bites
That's it. That's Hitomi's character.

She does have a personalty though, it's not very endearing since she's a complete and utter cunt to everyone but Shido. Even Nomoto who she has a thing for she's a bitch to. But you can't say she doesn't have one.

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>lower half (thighs, hips, ass) deliberately bigger

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>The difference is she's not waifu-bait
This. I"d take Hitomi over that pink haired slut that Sup Forums is obsessing about this season from that shitty Trigger show.

Eh are you serious? You can reduce most characters to such traits she's a mean birch but she has far more personality traits than that.

Sure, if you like shit.

>worst girl in her own show

how is she best of the season then?

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Bigger version.

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The author can't charadesign for shit.

who are you talking about?
the flavour of the month?

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t. fag

>tfw beach episode never

>this erect nipples
>those thick thighs
>that huge ass sticking out
My fucking dick.

Nah even long running shounen doesn't get anymore episodes than 52, let alone 60ish.

The shows not that intellectually bankrupt.

Gee, it's almost like she has the disposition of a honey badger or something.

T&A characters aren't exactly better than "waifubait", whatever that even means.
I mean there's nothing wrong with either, but don't fool yourself into thinking one is somehow superior, they're both cases of "I like girl for X shallow reasons".

Let me fix that user.

>delivers a reasonable punch in the first episode.

I can agree that hitomi had the rights to punch that MC in the face at the point.

>Not a tsundere.

It's a fresh wind that's for sure.


And that's the best part I guess,

>fights for reasons.

Erm. Yeah that's it for me.

>Gee, it's almost like she has the disposition of a honey badger or something
No shit. You're the one saying she doesn't have a personality when she obviously does. Nobody said she's a nuanced or well written character.

>she's not waifu-bait.

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>No shit. You're the one saying she doesn't have a personality
No? That was my first post in this discussion.

>The shows not that intellectually bankrupt.
Right, it's far worse.
Still believe these threads are 2-3 people shilling the fuck out of this trainwreck of a series, posting the same shit over and over again.
Fuck you faggots. It's is boring, the characters bland and the fanservice repetitve and lacking as fuck, except for some degenerate niche fetishes.
kys you're selves.

Nah tits and ass are far better. The reason why waifu bait are denigrated is because their personality are trash and fall in love with a bland as a doormat MC for the otaku's to insert into.

It takes an insane level of delusion to even take those sorts of stories serious. Tits and ass are just tits and ass there's no presumed personality requirement.

For example Hitomi generally doesn't give a fuck about the bland as a door mat mc didn't want to be partnered with him and followed through with the plan of killing him. There's nothing illogical about her actions there.

If she was a waifubait character she would fallen head over heels with his bland self and done anything for him

These thread are usually good. What's with the butthurt shitposters now? If you dislike the show then fine, but why come into a thread that's clearly about the show only to complain?

Says the franxc fav it seems. The unanimously regarded most cancerous fanbase this season with designated containment threads that you for some reason escaped from.

Salesfags are bored because their shitposting threads are banned now.

Butthurt Franxxfags they spread and ruin all comfy and reasonably threads with their fandom war.

>fandom war
2 be honest I like this war. It shows the ugly side of humanity: obsession, insanity. No dignity. Like having no soul.

10/10 would worship

Say the line, Hitomi!

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>Hitomi will never let you lick her foot and step on your dick

Is Hitomi a virgin?

I've noticed an alarming decrease in the amount of pubes posting, anons. And it worries me.

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>i'm masturbating therefore having good taste is prohibed.

*tips armchair*

>good taste
but you dont has

>cheetahfag seething