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how many of you started with the anime rather than reading?

Gappy makes me happy

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explode yourself

Where's the chapter?

Basically everyone here

I had the JoJo Dreamcast game that was my first exposure then I got the Viz translation of the Egypt/Dio whatever you call it. I read some of the first chapters on that old manga site that was shut down years ago. But there was an OVA before the proper show I never seen that.

That's a still picture not an animation

I love Part 4

Anyone know where I can get new part 8 chapters? I'm just starting it now

>everyone here
I have only ever read the manga, the new anime looked too cheap to be worth it.

>posts an image
As you'd expect from the Jojo bronies.

where can I read part 5 in color online? most online scans are fucked or incomplete

Most of us, most likely desu. What, is it wrong? Are we not cool like you?

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bless your soul

Still looks better than the new Berserk series desu

Late on this. Thanks

Joshu makes ME happy

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Doppio gets me Uppio

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It amazes me how there isn't a website/blog dedicated to JoJo artwork. Like usually you can find shit like that for other popular franchises (Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, etc.), at least a blog post with a dump of high-quality artworks, covers and promotional art; yet there is no such thing for JoJo.

i watched the very first chapter and decided to read the manga, because is funnier

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>Tusk Act 4 shoots GER
What happens, can GER set infinity to zero


there is a website dedicated to hosting all of araki's jojo doodles

When's the new chapter
Nobodys even talking about this
What killed the hype?

part 5 anime never

JoJo is dead
But I want to know where the chapter is too

blu ray btw

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>unstoppable force v. immovable object

Watched the anime from parts 1-4 first.
Read through parts 5-8.
Went back and read the parts I watched.
Read the spin-off manga.

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Boring slow plot progression killed the hype.

Depends on who activates first. If Act 4, Act 4. If GER, GER.
also depends on if Giorno can reset himself back to zero

>not gappy makes me happy.jpg
fake shitposter detected

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the car got redrawn for the bluray, for some strange reason

I started Part 3 in a library around 2008ish because of Dio/Sakuya from touhou. I still haven't watched the Part 1-3 anime but I watched 4 with Sup Forums on streams because I was stuck on foreign country..
>37 minutes passed midnight
Judging from Kewl's twitter he started/got stuff way later than usual Wonder whats up.
>What killed the hype.
After the hiatus we got a chapter in which we already knew everything that was happening because of the hiatus. Those who didn't drop off at the hiatus, dropped off then because it's just recapping what anyone with a brain figured out.
In all honestly, it's not even JJL's fault like the "muh boring" cunt, nobody here gave a shit about the new Rohan story. Hell D.N.A was a vastly worse one but people kept talking/bitching about it for a while. This general has become flooded with newfags and circlejerkers and getting to the real bad part of the life cycle of a general. Our population is lower than every and even the mosaic is struggling. There is still hype and enough that the nips online are still talking about in Jobin art has triple but ere it's dead in the water. Even I'm pretty dead with these generals now.

i tought the latest rohan one shot was great, shame it didnt spark any discussion

If they got it late, where did this shitpost come from then?

I watched all of the anime and I've started reading the manga at part 5.

Abba is the best boy, I'm taking a break from reading part 5 because of his death.

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Why can't Araki draw legs?

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he never learned proper anatomy because he studies european statues and fashion magazines instead of actual art books

its out


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is this canon cunnilingus in my jojo?

Well, Araki always had an active sex-life if you look at all his children. Guess he had some reference material to make this scene.

New chapter is out

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dw user, i already sped read through all of it

based hairposter