ITT: Seiyuu playing roles you wish they would more often

>Kana Hanazawa's plays a bitch

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>Wakamoto Noriko
>Any old man

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>Kadowaki Mai
>a loli


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>Mai Nakahara plays a reverse trap
Sick and tired of her big sister and mom roles 2bh, as well as roles where she spends 80% of the episode crying. Kashima was great, give her more of that.

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I need more anime and manga where the FeMC is a bitch.

But isnt that like all he plays?

>Tomoyo Kurosawa

I wish she could play rolls that let her be more expressive like Kumiko and Phos. Need more Kumiko noises videos

>Wakamoto Norio voicing a ditzy girl in a cute girls doing cute thing anime.

*I'd love to see
but that'

Azusa tadokoro's role as Chtholly was crisp, clear and very expressive. I wish she could get more roles to show off her skill.

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>Sora doing genki bakas

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Why the fuck has Sugar had so many downplayed roles after Ritsu stole the fucking show in K-on?

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>Reina Ueda doing drugs

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Crazy HanaKana is a miracle of the universe

Honestly, all them gooks sound alike to me. Can't tell one from the other.

Aggressive HanaKana is supreme.

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Then there is something wrong with your brain.

Dad? Is that you?

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Why would you disrespect such a reliable automobile manufacturer?

Go to bed.

I feel like she's had some of the most consistent work

Consistent, yes, but in Oujou roles or supporting characters. She has the makings of a show stopper and they don't give her the roles that show off her talents. Another actress who gets this occasionally is Chinatsu Akasaki. Holy shit, she's amazing but they usually cast her in a supporting role.

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I wish Pokemon SM got more seiyuu guests who were popular. So far we've gotten Sawashiro, Kugimiya, and Lynn guesting in SM, as well as getting Nobuhiko Okamoto in a recurring role (Gladion), but it would be nice to see seiyuu like Sumipe or Inorin in Pokemon.

Sugita plays pretty boy

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one ep of PTE.

Marina Inoue as genki, kuudere, normal girl, loli/shota, cake, etc.

Seriously she's so wasted.

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I prefer her other role where she plays a dumb psycho.

She should get more of those roles.

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*half an EP of PTE. And he didn't really try to act like a girl very much.

Evil, ara-ara HanaKana is ascension tier

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>Yuuki Aoi plays an ojou


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tomboy Ami Koshimizu. she was perfect as Ryuuko and I get disappointed every time she uses a different voice

Matsuki Miyu stops playing the dead role.