Tsukumizu just launched an Art Book and it's already out of stock

Tsukumizu just launched an Art Book and it's already out of stock

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who cares about him

hopefully this postpone her suicide

Tkmiz got pretty popular after SSR, here's hoping for a new series to start soon.

Fun fact:
Tsukumizu means Store on the Water of the Moon! (Literally)

>That lesbian art
Glad to see that tkmiz is still on track.

Yeah, except how many did she prepare?

you forgot half of the kanji I think

I have no idea, here's the store website

Was that previous "game screenshort" art also by tkmiz?

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she posted it on her twitter

>already out of stock
Damn it

This one, yes. That's where I got it from. But I could've sworn there's a much older piece of art that had them driving in the kettenkrad with the same kinda UI to indicate remaining rations and the fuel jar. Don't have it saved and can't seem to find it now. Was wondering if tkmiz took this idea from fanart or actually drew the old one as well.


Are you implying our saviour is not a cute 2D shy anime girl with glasses?

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I thought it was confirmed by convention goers that tkmiz was a dude.

there is that "he identifies himself as a girl so he is a girl" argument

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It's more in the vein "everyone on Sup Forums is a little girl" than gender identity shit.

Just drink some more beer.

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Where's the Yuu-lover-listmaker user?

I'm right here.
1.She probably smells good
2.She is brave and selfless
3.Her attitude keeps spirits up
4.Her body is wonderfully proportioned
5.She has pretty eyes
6.Scientifically proven high adaptability
7.She gives off a sense of warmth and softness
8.She is beautiful.
9.Hair tastes good.
10.Great sense of rhythm.
11.She would keep you warm and share food with you.
12.She is good at pressing buttons.
13.She would be a good mother.
14.Right amount of crazy.
15.Knows how to operate all weapons.
16. Fat teats.
17.She is protective of those she loves.
18.She has no inhibitions.
19.She could make a great meal.
20.She is probably god.
21.She is the coolest person in the world.
22.She inspires creativity.
23.She is very strong.
24.She is difficult to digest.
25.She makes her friend happy.
26.She knows how not to embarrass her friend in heartfelt moments.
27.She always knows the way.
28.Not afraid to experiment with the unknown.
29.Well balanced.
30.Does not get hangovers.
31.Defends the weak.
32.Athletic, could have competed on an international level if the world hadn't ended.
33. Always helpful, regardless of circumstances.
34.Not ashamed by nudity, finds it to be liberating and beautiful.
35.Greatest philosopher of her time.
36.Can harness the power of the moon.
37.Stretchy and cute face.
38.Fears no man or beast, can defeat foes despite obvious physical advantages.
39.High intelligence.
40.Can discern between the inedible and edible.
41.Her body is warm and would be nice to cuddle with.
42.She is a survivor of impossible circumstances.
43.World's greatest riflewoman.
44.Quick reflexes.
45.Great at holding hands.
46.Greatest artist of her time.
47.Not too picky about things.
48.Great with pets.
49.Talented singer.
50.Can hold her liquor.

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Yuuri is really pretty.
51.Possible descendant of Aryans.
52.God emperor of Dune.
53.Know how to FUSION.
54.Understands the complexity of human nature.
55.Cute giggle.
56.Understands the concept of death.
57.Probably fertile.
58.She would never abandon a friend.
59.Very hygienic.
60.She is extremely genki.
61.Very cute when intoxicated.
62.Defines life itself.
63.Can survive long periods without proper nutrition.
64.Understands how valuable food really is.
65.Very resourceful.
66.Highly empathetic.
67. Therapeutic, helped her friends cling to life.
68.She is very photogenic.
69.She is an excellent tactician.
70.Cute navel.
71.She is very kissable.
72.She has very nice hair.
73.She is interdimensional.

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We will reach the 100 someday, list-user.

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I know we will.
Thank you.

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