Grand Blue thread

What the fuck is wrong with this diving club?

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Don't you mean drinking club, everyone knows the diving part is just fake.

>tells the editor he wants to do a diving manga
>spend every night to gather materials
>was later discovered by his editor that he drank alchohol all day long
>"wtf are you doing? you said you were gathering materials for diving manga"
>did i said diving manga? i meant to say drinking manga

How can this manga be so based?

more like drinking club

Someone post the correct traslation

And they seem to be rusing again with the Grand Blue PV:

I feel bad for the producers who thought that this was a diving manga

I don't.

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When's the next chapter

>yfw secondaries will soon fill these threads

Thought it would never happen because of all the drinking.

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7th. Read the last page you fucking mouthbreathing faggot.

I admit I wanna rail Busujima

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Who is best girl?

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Isn't it obvious?

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>Isn't it obvious?
It is.

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How do you go from the PoS that was Baka to Test to this masterpiece?

Azusa chapter when?

Wait when was the anime announced? I thought they decided to adapt another non-illegal diving anime.

Baka to Test had decent humor but the author, and it's still coming through here in Grand Blue, is a waifufag who can't write decent harems. He can only write fake harems where one girl is interested in the MC but the MC will only ever be attracted to the worst girl.

>can't even keep up

How more shit can you get?

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Literally /minami/

>the MC will only ever be attracted to the worst girl
but he aint attracted to Chisa yet, user.

the best match. afterall scums are meant for scums


Chisa is literally the only girl Iori will touch.

And we have to bear with fags like you complaining about it too.

What is this about?

Definitely not the best girl but the best match for Iori tho

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When will Iori lose his virginity?


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We need to develop a thesis around this question.

Who said that he's still virgin?
I recall that only the fat ugly of the scumbag group was the virgin one (besides Kouhei)

If n = the number of months Iori has gone without a drink and y = the number of times Kouhei has been murdered....

He's got a job now, right? He'll be able to afford it eventually.

Post the correct version you fag.

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Imagine an arc where Iori's ex shows up and she's like a perfect Yamato Nadeshiko.

And Busujima is the answer

It'll be Azusa.

One job


I like how Iori has like 12 misconceptions about him running at any given time and he literally does not care and just wants to have a fun college life.

You want better translation than that for Riajyuu? You wont find any.

Normalfag you piece of shit.

make one wich says animeonlyfags and ill use it when it airs


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