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Kizuna Ai and Aoi Yuuki confirmed to be voicing two of the site admins.

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I fucking hate this virtual meme bitch

She's literally the pewdiepie of Japan.

Get out with your shot taste. I bet you like Kaguya Luna

I want to fuck the virtual meme bitch

>/jp/ shitposting

But Kizuna AI isn't dropping red pills

luna loves ai as much as we do

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>TV 番組
Not anime

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t. kaguyafag

>Not knowing what Mahou Shoujo Site is
You're the one who needs to go back.

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pewdiepie is a faggot


Manga was trash. Why the hell are they doing this?

I am out of the loop here. Just what is kizuna ai?


Abe approved

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Gee, if only you could find some kind of search engine to ask that question in between sucking so many dicks.

It has an interesting story and premise

Virtual Youtuber

Ironic weeb trash

For the first 3 chapters then goes full retard and recent chapters are so fucking bad Naruto filler is good in comparison.

How can something super popular in Japan be ironic weeb you retard?

I love you Aoi!

Also is Kizuna going to appear in person in the studio to record lines? I would hate to have to voice act with someone who's not even there.

>want otakupigs to marry and procreate
>promoted virtual idol
Is he out of loop?

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>Recent chapters
Yeah, about that...

There's that term again. Maybe one day it'll mean something.

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>nobody wants 3d girls anymore
>turn them 2d

It's genius really.

Literally by being popular. Casuals and other shitters are jumping into bandwagon and pretending to be cool.

This is not okay. I don't want this piece of crap to be successful because Ai-chan.

Fuck you
Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you
Fuuuuuuck you

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Are you literally retarded? This is not how it works. Some crappy western youtuber acting like idiot while watching anime could be "ironic weeb". Not a japanese hit that also became popular with idiots in the west.

But does jaypee like her?

It's fucking ridiculous how fast anime industry is growing these days.

3D by and large is not anime.

Wow, what the fuck. Now that's something I didn't see coming.

Youchubah general is 5x faster than rest of /jp/ combined.

we dont talk much about her but there is a level of respect, she's just too big to bother talking about

Wouldn't be the first time a mediocre work gets popular.

3d CGI is by every japanese definition of the word.

So it just plays games and does lets plays? Does this mean it is actually Sup Forums shit and will not be allowed to be on Sup Forums?

Baachua Youchuuba

Mirai Akari the anime when?

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I don't see the problem, it was a cute idea and they execute it well

She's a VA now. I'm pretty sure those are allowed on Sup Forums.

pewdiepie is actually funny though

No. she's shit. Old and busted
This girl is the the new hottest

Pewds hasn't done videos like that in awhile

No. She does a lot of stuff other than lets play's.

And she kickstarted an entire industry.

By that logic anime in general is ironic weeb trash

>go super gay live
>#1 trending in japan

Yurihaters will get a stroke.

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Why would I care about that? That's what immigrants are for

'Ironic weeb' posters are pure cancer and should be ignored





Wait, are you telling me that there actually people who think Kizuna Ai is really a girl and not some fat neck beard otaku?

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You're not very bright, are you?

You realize her VA identity already leaked right? Shiro and Luna are also girls.

Well, normal people with working ears can tell the difference between a real voice and a synthesized one, and Ai is definitely real

It's not fair Akaribros

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>memers memeing meme memers

Fuck off with your e-celeb trash.

I'd like to think I am.
But at the very least I know I'm not autistic like you, because I can full and complete statements.

>nothing can be faked and no one can lie over the internet
I thank god every day I wasn't born retarded.

The irony.

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Big deal YUA has already had roles in anime

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It's part of anime industry now idiot. Were you crying about KF too?

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Sorry user. She's a voice actor now.

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I could die a happy man if this was the final pairing next week

Fucking retard, there is a difference between talking about anime and talking about seiyuu, seiyuufags have always been crossboarder trash.

This oldman with loli avatar got 100k subs
What stopping you user

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Not being fluent in nipponese.

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I feel stupid. I've been reading it as まほうしょうじょして this whole time.

Why does kaguya luna voice sounds like someone pinched her nose

Again, I thank god every day I wasn't born retarded.

>durr anyone who doesn't agree with me is "baiting"
Imagine having an ego so frail and pathetic you can't cope with the real world.

Based retard user

Sup Forums is dead

Her gimmick is acting like a drunk retard.

I like knowing that you're samefagging. Because you have this autistic way of not being able to make posts longer than a few words.

I don't like the way this one laughs.

>fat neck beard otaku
>being this bad at video games
Nah, she's a girl for sure

Only ironic weeb trash anime like Maid Dragon

It's thanks to /jp/ being unable to contain normalfags.

Were you here during Sup Forums's golden age when we had fucking puddi or morning rescue threads?

I love how fags who are here for 2 years think they understand Sup Forums.

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Probably too busy trying to purposely act like both a retard and a girl to focus on the game.

>it's impossible to purposely play a game badly

>reddit spacing
You're not fooling anyone.

>retard thinks he's not retarded

Half of VY appeared live already you fucking idiot.

Irony thy name is user. Imagine having an ego so fragile that you think everyone who calls you a retard is the same person. Good coping mechanism honestly.

Facebook tards love that shit.

You seem to be looking for Sup Forums

That's because V.Y. threads are locked to /jp/, not because /jp/ want them. Same with boatsluts.

>I have no argument what now?
>Reddit spacing!

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>can't distinguish acting from being plain bad

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What ep was that screenshot even in?