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Subs when?

half an hour

>[HorribleSubs] Kokkoku - 11 [720p].mkv

>pussy backstory

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Don't that make you crazy now?

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Hah, got me.

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This is just bullying.

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I wonder if that scene in the manga looked less tame.

Damn, Juri.

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This nigga.

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what the fuck

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japanese steel web finger cutter scene was a surprise, man. What the fuck.


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Well then. Can't say I saw that coming.

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This show.

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This is good for out of context threads.

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Great foil to Juri and gramp's indecisiveness. The whole time they were distracted arguing I was just expecting Sagawa to escape in a boring way, nice to see they spiced it up.

I see it upside down and I am legit crazy now.

It looks like it is smilign brain


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Best boy.

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For a crazy moment I thought she was going to step on this.

>proceed to khmer rouge tree method
Might be too crazy for anime but probably the only place beside video game to show it nowadays.

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His character really grew on me.

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this fucking episode

Anyone got a webm of dog man rolling around

well hello

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This has been pretty great from start to finish. 8 stars.

>"He's just like me"
Fuck off Juri, no he's not.

yfw this was all just the backstory to the evil baby from JOJO part 3

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I personally would have prefered if they didnt try explain the bad guys backstory. Not only because they did a piss poor job of it but because they didnt need to at all.

What an episode

So Sagawa is a babby now?

yep, hes absolved of all of his crimes now :). I'm personally looking forward to him being raised by Juri after he saying they didnt have the recources to raise the other girls little brother. God I fucking hated Juri this episode.

She's going to be stuck in the stasis for quite some time.

I dont realy believe that


Habeeb it.

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Wait, is that Juri? Doesn't look like her at all.

WTF Juri is used goods now?

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and still pure

Several character designs differ from manga, but yeah.

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This episode was the most eventful yet. It made me crazy now.

Looks like Juri is changed the most and everyone else is just smoothed out a bit nicer

would you say the manga is better than the show?

That herald dog is growing on me now even though it's still bizarre. What were some other instances where a villain turns into a baby? I feel like i've see that recently. I want Juri to use the baby as the new Stone.

Eh, probably. It's almost frame to frame in some moments and doesn't cut much overall except some places. And since you can go on your own pace it helps in some places where anime can feel like a drag a bit.
It really helps seeing powers visualized in anime tho.

People were speculating during the airing of Sekaisuru Kado that Zashunina would become reïncarnated as a baby. The ending turned out to be even worse.

that's one ugly baby.

I would make Juri a mother.

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Get out of here Sagawa.

You know, about halfway through this show I heavily considered dropping it because a part of me knew it was just going to end up being forgettable, shit, or both
Now I have no idea whether I made the right decision or not, what the fuck is this even

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it's fun, my friend
go and watch it all

the final boss.

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Just when I started to like him he gets expelled from Stasis.

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Kado was LITERALLY perfect in every aspect
If it was any other way I would have called it shit

What do you use to make these stitches?


This show is a fucking trip
I dropped a lot of shows that were objectively a lot better than this, I have no idea why I stuck around for this one. Someone explain this to me.

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I don't want to hijack the thread with Kado but that is among the worst opinions I've seen all year.

>this thing will be all alone when they go out of stasis

He'll be killed before that.

I fucking love this guy.

Same here

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Calling it: Juri expels everyone, spends a very long time in stasis until her grown up nephew rescues his beloved aunt,

That wouldn't be possible unless he somehow time-travels.

that book is titled
>Easy cooking for MEN

Maybe it has to do with the blonde woman from ep 1?

Don't forget stasis is not time freezing. They are just moving extremely fast or something. She can remain in stasis for some that would seem as long as eternity and it could happen.

She appears at the end, freeing Juri who is all alone with the baby and that transformed crawling dude. Dunno who exactly she is, need to wait for the subs.

If she releases him from stasis then he would never see her again because she would be trapped in that moment in time while he grows up. The only way to meet her again would be time traveling back before they entered stasis.

Did you faggot just fucking read what in the fuck I wrote? In the series they already stated they are not frozen in the moment, even though this was the original idea. They said time is still flowing, they are just moving faster than anything else around them.

Yes what's you're point? The first comment theorized grown Makoto saving Juri. This would imply a long period of time passing after she releases him from stasis. He would not be able to see her again since her life would be over the instant he perceives himself out of stasis. Even if it's not exactly stopped time she would still age so fast that her life would be over from the perspective of anyone outside of stasis.

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Was waiting for this, thank you kind user.

Ah, now you actually bothered comprehending what I was saying and are pretending you knew the whole time.
Thing is, you don't age in stasis, 'cause magical jelly-fishes.

Well we are pretty much at the end. Overall I liked this one. Not the greatest anime and you probably could have done more with it but still enjoyed it.

I wasn't arguing whether or not time is stopped in stasis, retard. I was saying Makoto wouldn't be able to rescue Juri.
When did they say you didn't age in stasis? As far as I can remember they only said the jellyfish take care simple things like breathing and light.

>trapped in that moment
>would be time traveling

Yes, nearly the entire series took place in a single moment. Even if time is moving really slow it is still in that one moment.
Time travel was just a hypothetical way adult Makoto could save stasis Juri since she would be in the past.