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Chapter 1 is up now on MangaOne app. This new serialization doesn't have a fixed schedule, ch2 doesn't have a release date yet.

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Dumping chapter 1.

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It looks like its taking place after end of Mob psycho 100

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Thet's it for chapter 1.
rar here:!ON9AhJbS!Sl13b8racrzS4Im8mxG15w

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Thanks lad

That's some good 2nd panel that will not be portrayed as something slightly sexual by the fans.

I'm guessing this will be just a whole bunch of SoL adventures, like the alien trip one?
Perfectly okay with that.

Anyway, who hype for S2? Think it's gonna cover the entire manga? I believe there's just a bit too much material, don't think they can squeeze it into another 1-cour thing.

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iy would be okay if they cut alien arc
probably is the worst arc of the manga

So it’s true. This magnitude of shit taste does exist

When I heard of I wondered what the hell was ONE thinking. Sure Reigen is popular and unquestionably best boy, but he shined like that as a side character.

If it's gonna be little exorcism/scams SoL with Serizawa and secretary Tome, this might actually be pretty nice. Do Shigeo and Dimple still work at the agency? If so even better.

I'm still waiting for new OPM chapters though


That arc produced the loudest laught I ever had not 100% sure, but it was a really fucking loud ONE

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I unironically think it was better than the final arc, which while it had nice sendoff moments for many characters and I loved the final character development moments for Mob and Reigen, it was still a dragged on linear gauntlet of old characters going against a walking Mob, and cheapened Dimple's earlier death scene. I know it's a recurring gag, but the end of the Broccoli arc was so perfect that continuing the gag was tasteless imo

It was fun, you jerk!

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Agree on the Dimple thing.

Thanks OP.

Does Mob still work for Reigen as of the end of MP100?

Dunno about Mob, but I just reread the chapter and Simple came back with Reigen from a job, so he's confirmed to still working at the agency.

On one hand, Mob seemed well informed of Serizawa getting comfortable with his job, but on the other, Tome asked Mob about his gf as if he hadn's seen him in a while. Then again it could just be that she changed the subject.

Guess the new manga will confirm.

Glad to know that we´ll see a lot more from best girl from now on.

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what? when? wasn't the of mob that he didn't need no gf?

Mob is a normalfag now.

>Reigen is just Mob Psycho 100: SoL edition

I am 200% okay with this.

Isn´t Reigen still in the ghost hunting business?

Yeah. I think it'll just be episodic slice-of-life-ey antics involving Reigen's agency.

I'm guessing it will involve more joke ghosts instead of stuff like the Togashi arc


>It's not a ghost: Apply scam
>It's a ghost: apply Serizawa/Dimple

Reigen's got one hell of a business.

We're likely going to see many episodes like the ones between the first Claw arc and the Mogami arc: the perv girl highschool's ghost, the peeping astral projection esper, the urban legend woman, the evil spirit crop, etc. With maybe something akin to the Mogami arc if this story ddecides to go serious.

Reigen did a fine detective job with the Mogami possessed girl, so more of that would be neat to see too. And if ONE chooses to go full lore, there's also yokai.

Part 2 when?

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do you guys think mob should appear at all?
i like to think he doesn't need to work at the spirits n such office anymore (reigen doesn't have much to pay to 3 people) and i like the "ghost character" vibe the sequel can provide

was this scanned?


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He'll probably turn up occasionally, but Reigen can quite easily carry the series by himself

zomg sauce pls

And saved
That arc had some of the funniest moments of ANY of ONE's works, that includes cockroach hunters
>whole bunch of SoL adventures
I'd certainly rather have that than have newer story arcs that don't develop the characters or seem totally forced and contrived. At least this way we can see the characters but not have to worry about their personal growth or development.
>but Reigen can quite easily carry the series by himself
Eh, I'm inclined to say Reigen is at his best when he's with Mob, they play off of each other well.

>zomg sauce pls
It should not be hard to find since it is literally the only non-yaoi mob doujin.

What I need is a translation

>that complete contrast with the other girls
I love stuff like this.

But you asked for the source and what I posted clearly isn't translated

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ONE will never learn how to draw a face looking up lmao

>One's thinner, improved lines for more detailed faces and hair in normal girls
>Fuck it, just use the good old thick brushlines for Tome


just scans I want scans

pls supply tome chan

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His art has improved lots from back in the day but it seems he's plateau'd when it comes to angles and anatomy. I hope he starts improving again and in a couple of years we'll look back at these current chapters why slight amazement.

Just any decent hentai site of your choice and look for mob psycho 100.
It isn't hard to find.

anyone know where I can order a copy of the reigen special or anything related?

The Reigen special is streaming on Crunchyroll

Huh? No one is talking about the Reigen OAV that just got released?

I don't have Cruchyroll and can't read Japanese. Also, didn't watch the live stream. You give a link, people will talk about it

Oh shit, it came out today?!

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I mean, it's on nyaa, where else would it be?


Yeah. Reigen pretty much sums up the whole season by making Mob write a book about him.

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Based CHADgen

Christ, I missed this fucker

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More like between the ending and epilogue. Third years haven't graduated yet.

Best girls appear at the very end. What would I give for a bonus beach episode in season 2.

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such a good kid

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Poor Reigen, even fucking channers don't back him up

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>yfw wacky adventure with tome, reigen and serizawa and maybe dimple
>mob appears from time to time but he is studying for finals so don't expect him a lot (also reigen can't afford to pay 3 people geez)
>he is shown to be more emotional
>the telepathy club, teru, minori and the other side characters appear from time to time. also new characters
>reigen gets some development yet he is still shown to be kind of lonely
>yfw the last chapter is a simple adventure with just reigen and dimple, a pretty boring case
>then he comes back to the office and everyone shouts happy birthday
>the sequel was an interquel the whole time


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Hahahaha holy shit

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Master's just too strong.

I'll be god damned this was good

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>Season 2 announced today
>Reigen OVA released today
>Fucking Reigen spin-off launched today

I'm so glad that I'm alive

reasons to fucking live increased by three

One's art got better.

anywhere I can watch the OVA? or a mega please

it's on nyaa

Seconding this.

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Use a fucking torrent and go to or tokyotosho


I honestly lost any interest for this series after the Dimple arc and I think most people already abandoned the ship, looking forward to the anime though.

That would be interesting.

>the OVA is a fucking recap
Thanks for the disappointment.

Not spoonfeeding
Fuck off dumb frogposter

this. Alien arc and the finale are fucking dogshit. That other personality Mob is just fucking retarded and it came out from nowhere.

we knew this was gonna be the case for months now

why are you acting surprised

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I didn't know about the OVA till today, my surprise lasted too little anyways.

I agree they were weaker but because Mob Psycho is composed of individual arcs with their own endings rather than much of an overarching plot I think it was okay. Definitely would have preferred a better ending. It was pretty weak. Seemed like ONE kinda ran out of ideas desu, and I'm actually surprised he's doing this spin-off because from how weak the ending was I thought he'd lost interest in this series. He's been doing it for years, after all. Either way, I just see the last two as weaker arcs. No big deal. They could have been worse. Maybe a fresh start with this spin-off is exactly what ONE needs to do with these characters. So I'm cautiously optimistic. I hope for lots of Serizawa.

Didn't know that this exist,wtf:

I don't get it
I mean I'm trying to learn to draw as a hobby and even I bother to just look at a perspective grid and try to understand anatomy.
Why doesn't he take 10 minutes to actually look at this stuff and improve?

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Instead of working on OPM, he decided to make a Mob spin-off? RREEEEEEEEEEE!

>yfw Mogami's wild ride is going to be animated

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Shame he dropped OPM, I liked the the cheesy fast-paced tone of the webcomic more

i knew it to be so since tachikawa lavished so much attention on mob's school life. we will see that initial sequence again.

>Learning to draw from charts done by shit artists.

You are doing youself a disservice. This is just filtered information misinterpreted by an amateur. Look for a proper source.


dude that's ONE tier body proportions.

Part of the problem is how both the Claw arc and Broccoli arc felt like they were supposed to be finales for the entire series. I would've been fine if it was just SOL stuff from then on but then the final big arc hit and it just felt really similar to those other 2 arcs. For a series that's trying to subvert shounen tropes, ONE sure loves adding over-the-top action scenes that constantly one-up eachother whenever he can.

I'm optimistic about the spin-off though, it'd really be a really nice send off for the entire series if it ended in a slow burn of SOL stories where we gradually see the characters grow and mature.

I really hope ONE makes a new series after that

>tfw only non torrent download I can find is in xboxhueg 2.5 gigs size

bASED Regjnn

I hope we get a resurgence of the Redraw Reigen meme. Those were some good threads during the peak of popularity.

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I took the announcement pretty randomly, but then my hype up to 100 when Inremembered about Mogami. Holy crap this is gonna be good.

> tfw s2 comes out before opm’s