Would it be better if best girl was a little less obvious?

Would it be better if best girl was a little less obvious?

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Mio isn't that obvious

>ywn experience Sup Forums when K-ON was originally airing
Ui is best girl btw.

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i don't think so. best girl is perfect as she is!

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Because she's obviously the worst girl.

Is Ritsu behind that fatty?

>Is Ritsu behind that fatty?

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Ritsu has nothing to with this conversation.

Keion IS Ritsu.

You are given a day in the K-On world and must choose between two options.
Spend the day drinking tea, jamming and discussing music with the HTT
or get guitar lessons from Sawako
Which do choose?

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>wanting to spend time with Sawako
fuck no.

anyone who doesn't choose the first option is a brainlet.

>doing anything with the annoying old hag

without Azu-nyan the show would've flopped

prove me wrong

It wouldn't flop but it'll just be a generic cgdct anime.

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You know exactly what you were doing with this thread. While Mugi is my favorite (and my waifu), all girls are best girl.

Burden of proof is on you. While Azusa definitely improved the show overall (mostly the second season) it still would have been a financial success without her.

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Completely correct.

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anyone who turns down the guitar lesson from sawako is a fucking retard

It would be much better, specially S2 without 10 episodes of filler showing that little shit sleeping and hanging out with literally whos

>complaining about filler in a slice of life anime

It was only like three episodes focused mainly on Azusa/Jun/Ui anyway

Honestly it kind of sucked. Still in the era where a large portion of Western anime watchers hated moe. K-On is much better received today than it was in 2009/2010.

>K-On is much better received today than it was in 2009/2010.

I keep hearing that it's because of digibro but I never heard of the dude when I watched him last year. Yeah, I'm an Sup Forums newfag,
started lurking 2 years ago then posting last year

I don't know how much effect he had on changing reception of K-On, just that he singlehandedly murdered SaO

I think it still would have done well. It just wouldn't be as remembered as fondly since her role as a kouhai made the ending what it was.

Wouldn't make a difference because best girl is obviously all of them.

What went so right?