Post characters that are literally you

Post characters that are literally you.

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>unnatural luck
>Scumbag who ALWAYS fucks up a social interaction that's in his favor.
>Self-serving, quick to point fingers, still have a nagging conscience when it comes to dealing with people outside of my circle of retards.
And the kicker
>live with two women. One of them is a fucking retard and the other only fucks guys with a criminal record (thinking of ya, dad)

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Stop eating you fat fucking retard.

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idk why but this killed me lmao

>I am autistic ESP
Believable OP.

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>tall af
>socially autistic
>can't even start a conversation without stuttering

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I've been told before that my personality is akin to a cat.

I don't disagree.

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Yep, that's correct.

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Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humour.

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