Whats the most important part of a loli?

Whats the most important part of a loli?

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Go join the other containment threads, pedo.

Pablo is so distraught that Dragonball is ending.

the cunny

Her heart.

Whether it has a penis or not.

Her love for you.

Armpit cunnies

Every time I read this word I die a little bit on the inside

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It depends.

Cute loli:
>adorable face

Lewd loli



The most important part is her height!

Back to your DBS containment thread beaner.

Sexual compatibility


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Yummy bunny tummy cunny cummies.

That her personally reflects her innocence and immaturity


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Fuck off


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Her innocence.

The loli.

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Well, otherwise they would be not different from a shota

her cummy cunny

Her pregnant belly.

her ovaries, closely followed by her womb

voice. Imagine an old hags voice in a loli body. no matter what she looked like you would be off-put by the voice. The voice makes her "cute" just as much as the visuals.

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Her penis.

The flat chest and the cunny.

>Having autistic seizures
Don't make me laugh.

Abe thinks you should get out more and meet real women and breed with them

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Her hymen

Remove loli by pressing CTRL-ALT-Delete.

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The part where you have failed as a human.

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Then he should license national impregnators

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Fuck you Abe, old hags will just produce down syndrome fuck ups.

God I want Nonon to step on me.

the belly

How cuddly and wholesome she is.

The vagina. If she has a penis instead of a vagina she's a shota, not a loli.


I find the most important part of the loli is the BOOBIES!!

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Why does this remind me of


>an ara ara desuwa loli
I have to disagree with you user


The perfect loli remains oblivious of her own budding sexuality and is lewd without knowing it while remaining pure in her heart

almost poetic

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Yep, basically her

Kubo pls.

what about loli futa?

>ctrl+f 'smile'
>0 results

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when she can finally reproduce

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her eyes

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the tummy

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fangs are for fags

I wish I had a daughter

The soul.

You shouldn't have advocated women's rights in the work force and instead forced them into a true woman's role of making babies and taking care of the house. Now they're all old hags with no children, good job.

We all do, user. We all do.

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classic political blaming of the victims. if he really meant that he'd do something about the economy and education-hell around the job markets. People don't magically turn into friendless solo smartphone MMO players - who only leave their 2-square-foot apartment to get to and from their 18 hour work day - in such fucking numbers because they fucking feel like it.
When the whole fucking population's fucking shattered and the only thing keeping most of them from ending it is mass escapism, the problem's from above their damn paygrade.

Their innocent enthusiasm.

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their apetite

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the chub

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Chocolate lolis.

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cunny cunny CUNNY CUNNYYYY

and dem tanlines

Delicious chocololi.

Is it bad to wanna masturbate to Tsumugi?

I was thinking the same thing user

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Is she trying to start a fire on his arm?

Innocence, cuteness, curiosity for new experiences.


>Every time I read this word I die a little bit on the inside
I'm surprised it actually caught on. The next word coming from the cancer factory seems to be "milkies"

The tummy, obviously.

milkies for cunny?

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AFAIK cunny got its bad name from Sup Forums, but then it got used in a cutesy-fashion outside of it without the context so it caught on.

I want to enjoy some delicious yogurt with Chi-chan

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Her smile! That's why the most important thing for a lolicon to do is make sure his loli is happy.

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Can I breed with real lolis?

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I like to make her smile with my cock

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Loli tummies are for bapping

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loli futa have vagoos too

don't abuse the lolis

What if they like it?

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It's just a mating ritual, it stimulates the ovaries

Megumin is not a loli


Her hair needs to be rocking like it came from the 80's.

Can I breed with Abe?