The new sasuke uchiha of the dragonball franchise

>the new sasuke uchiha of the dragonball franchise

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He wishes.

Goku: I can't forgive anyone who would hurt my friends!
Also Goku: I love my good friends Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta, Buu, and the androids. Heck, maybe I'll be friends with Frieza by the end of this.

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Piccolo did nothing wrong.

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Linkin Park Jiren AMVs when?

If we're only counting Piccolo Jr.'s deeds, I'm inclined to agree. I just couldn't help but make the list as large as I could (while also managing to forget Chiaotzu, as tradition dictates).

Is he gonna go "yeah... sorry" for this scene and become Goku's newest buddy after everything is over and done with?

when he was finally it really looked like Goku was going to give him his energy before his body broke down

also he was supposed to be a hero... having attack the stands is pure bullshit and feels out of character, though you could argue it was due to him being backed into a corner

What is worse is even if it was out of desperation it meant nothing because Goku's muh friendship powerup just auto won. I mean it would have been better if Goku took the shot and it put him in a weakened state that Jiren could have actually stood a chance against and not just Deus ex Amica I win no matter what mode. It just threw away anything left of the cool character he was proposed to be in one ki blast.

I wouldn't be so upset with the auto win if it weren't for the fact Goku really didn't earn this form and win like he as against all other big bads he fought. He trained with King Kai, he trained on the space ship, and he trained multiple times in the time chamber. And yes he trained with Whis a bit but he only got to this point from some bullshit with a reflected spirit bomb and using his Sayin cells to get the shit kicked out of him till he auto upgraded.

All in 47 minuets went from piss nothing to Jiren to making Jiren piss nothing to him.

my name is not important

Strong is beautiful. Jiren is perfection.

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El Hermano Itachi arc when?

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Dbs manages to always +1 itself in bullshit. It always managed to get a laugh out of me. Honestly it's such a disgrace to anime it's impressive.

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It's like the writers are self-aware enough to know when things get fucked but go along with it just to see the reactions.

Goku trained the basics of the form with Whis all the way back in RoF and it was foreshadowed in BoG


>Goku trained the basics of the form
Yeah, no. Back then it wasn't even supposed to be a form, but rather a skill or technique. This shit about "limit breaking" began in the current arc.

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What the fuck is with the title of the webm?

Did someone say perfection?

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Given what we know about Jiren's backstory now, I'm 100% sure El Hermano, or someone that's basically him exists.

Who would have thought that someday Dragon Ball would be a victim of the tropes it helped create.


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Unlike Sasuke, Jiren is always right though.

Easy there user.
Even Sasuke learn about how important frienship is after Naruto beat the shit out of him