The Promised Neverland 79

Mangastream took their time again.


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It’s time

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I bet the other demon will lose his will to live and let himself be killed

he's going to tell her about lucas.

hopefully Jaimini will pick this up sometime soon


>Mangastream took their time
What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you want garbage scans this much?

This reminded me of HxH
>not garbage

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Nah, he'll want to get revenge on those who killed his semen demon first.

I wish.

Jaimini never picked this up, and yet translated far shittier manga, and MS seems to not prioritize this as much... it's interesting how much lower ranked this manga is in the English speaking world compared to Japan.

That anime can't come soon enough.

Yes, not all of us are autistic.

Reminder that ray x Emma is endgame with Norman becoming the antagonist

So are any of these kids going to die?

>they already planned to use 2 special bullets for Lewis because they know he'll dodge the first one
How big is his powerlevel?

Tell me about Paula, why does she wear the mask?

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very low, see the chicken legs here

Nothing personnnel kid-tier

Damn, the quality of details with proper scans is like night and days.

>taking this long to upload the chapter when it's the only series you have no competition with
Fuck Mangastream, also someone dump?

I feel like it'd be anti-climatic if anyone dies before the everyone vs Lewis battle

Did I miss something? How does Lewis know her name?

Gracefield sent out reports about the escapees and bounties for their return, since Emma and Ray are the premium ones they don't want to get injured, they likely also gave out their names as well as id code as part of neccessary information.

>2 for lewis

I knew it, he is either going to dodge the first one, or tank it like a boss.

>1 for Lewis
>1 for the monkey (Lewis' true body)

Emma may not be a man but she sure has balls.

Mangastream has begun waiting for the better-quality scans to be uploaded. I can understand that since the korean ones are really shitty.

How tall is Lewis? Emma is 145cm for reference

>monkey steals the second bullet
>wacky chase by some kid while the rest is getting slaughtered by Lewis

perfect for manhandle her, imagine.

Will Emma stay small and cute or grow up to be the giraffe she dreamt to ride?

>giraffe she dreamt to ride

She'll be riding a giraffe soon enough, if you know what I mean.

No, I don't and I don't wanna know.

She's gonna grow up to be a buff amazonian to complement future Norman's twink manlet frame

I feel like a slender build and average height would be best for the kind of life she will be leading. Cowtits are just a nuisance if she needs to run and be physically active when running or killing demons.

That actually sounds incredibly hot.

You know what, forget my last post, this is patrician.

guys is too early, wait for the dump, some discussion, and then start the baiting for you know who, have some class

You do know. Her asshole will be impaled on Lewis's monstrous demon cock as she spins around on it like a fairground ride. It'll be Goldy Pond's newest attraction.

Fucking really? You're gonna start this shit already? Can't I have a moment of peace without some piece of shit bullying Emma?

I can't stick around for long today so I thought I'd do one quickly before I have to leave.

oh, go ahead then, get your share of autism.

Does Norman jack off in front of the scientists? There's cameras everywhere all the time. I know this sounds retarded but it's a serious question.

>yfw nu-Don and nu-Gilda probably already have more screentime and moments than Don and Gilda

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Surely the bathroom doesn't have cameras, I doubt they watch him piss and shower. So he can just do it there. I hope he doesn't moan though, I'm sure they could hear him.

giving that the news of the other escaping, and how they are observing him to the point of having a second fork ready when he dropped his, I think they watch him even then.

This genuinely makes me wonder how you people guess when I'm here.

This one needs to be edited into one of the new Norman panels, maybe the one where he's eating his food in his room

Wouldn't they feel kind of awkward watching a shota bathe?

>No, I don't and I don't wanna know.

Normanon is quick to recognize lewdness.

>Don and Gilda


I was trying to stop the other user from elaborating. It didn't fucking work though.

So you're telling me Norman can't jack off ever?

they probably dont think of him as shota, and more as lab rat or prisoner.

I never said that, he could be the depraved kind that enjoys the cameras, you know like those porn webcams.

What's that? You want me to elaborate further?

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I almost feel sorry for Nous, he's crying from every single one of those tiny eyes.

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His chin is a literal murder weapon, holy fuck

I want you to fuck off and leave Emma alone.

Norman looks like a boring vanilla man though.

Normanon is tsundere by all this, deep inside, he loves all this abuse we imagine about Emma.

thats the beauty, the more pure, the better is to corrupt.

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Does anyone have any doujins of ray having sex with Emma then Norman walking in on them and then killing himself.

I love you fagoot.

Maybe I should start using Asanagi doujins for reference. The minotaur one with Tiona and Tione looks rather inspirational.

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I hope they shoot him while he's mourning.

>hunts down kids for years
>tortures prey both physically and mentally
>ruined and broken up countless numbers of famillies
>made children watch as their helpless to do anything about their siblings being slaughtered by him and Nouma
Nah this is just classic karma and crocodile tears, semen demon who actually has 8 tits instead of tits and visible abs deserved to get btfo and Nous deserves to understand how everyone in Goldy
Pond feels.

Apparently only Norman x Ray exists

Yes, I have one but I can't post, mods will be mad. Here:

Why is it taking noname and Ray so long to get into the park?

I feel like he's at least going to destroy the two special guns even if he doesn't manage to take any of the four kids down before being killed.

stop shipping kids

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More like lone her the leave to fuck

Fujo shit isn't even that popular in Neverland, i wonder why. There's cute boys.

>Go fuck a whore
>I'm trying

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mods are retarded right now, the deleted the thread of black general story time.

I fucking hate this, I can't comprehend how there's so many shitters in this series but you targer the person that deserves it the least. Emma is so good.

Fujos aren't really pedos and the only two adult males are Noname and Lucas who are yet to interact with each other, fujos will likely draw doujins of them with time.... n-not that I really mind!

you have faced worst post like this one, why so angry?

It's so fucking appalling I can't even hit the right key anymore.

It's been well over a year of me reading comments like this, I'm on edge all the fucking time now.

I'm not just talking doujin wise, just cute fanart. It can't be because they're kids because there's a shit ton of shipping anyway. I'm all for the Lucas and Noname porn though.

Where is that Emmafag from the last thread, Normanon needs a hug

I'm sorry but his eyebrows are just so fat. I can't ignore it. They're so thick. Thicker than any adult male's we've seen so far. Just why? It bothers me so much.

I think there's a bunch of Emmafags me included who are just quiet. Normanon should know , we are always with him at heart.

But the other Emmafags aren't extreme purityfags, surely? That's probably why they don't want to associate with him, because they're fine with her being lewded too.

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no much help when baiters and his 2 love interest go wild

I wish the anime would role around already so that i'm not the only Don and Gilda fag

Remember when we thought Gilda was a snitch?

We're not as extreme but I wouldn't really like to come across Emma lewds. Normanon is just a cute extreme autist.

>It's been well over a year

wow time sure flies, we still love you.

You know scratch what I said about there maybe being more Gildafags when the anime rolls around, if anything we'll have more Gilda haters who'll feel uneasy about her for the rest of the anime up to the escape thinking she's the traitor or will end up betraying the group to become a mama.

Don't keep Norman past his bedtime, Peter will punish him.

Should we do something to celebrate his one year anniversary with us?

Why not? We'll be doing him a favour by having Peter take away his internet and shitposting privileges for a week.

Pretty sure that's already passed but it's never too late, right?

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Just bully him some more I guess? Find a drawfag to make a Norman version of pic related?

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