I want a chaika thread

i want a chaika thread

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I don't.

I want a Chaika.

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why not?
chaika is a qt

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Let's compromise and post Freddy.

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>three-way handshake.webm

Red best girl. Anal is her fetish in canon.

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yes. chaika.

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tell me more

I miss Chaika so much

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did you know that chaika meant seagull in russian


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>that one doujin where she is sitting cowgirl and her nipples are being sucked on

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Are you gay desu? every day until you like it. F

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>that one doujin of the only 5 that exist
>where she gets her hairy genitals shaved for many pagaes and then sex
>ending shows red chaika also being hairy too
>no sequel exist

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I-I liked it...

I know it will never happen but I wish there were more Chaika.

I wish they made something about the final war, i need to know more about the original girl that looks like the emperor and yet is not his daughter.

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And don't forget the boobies

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ah yes boobies and ass on small girls whats not to love?

I want her back so much

You can alwasy watch the anime and read the mangos again?

I watched the first 3 episodes of this, and while Chaika is very cute the rest if the show felt very bland. Does it get better? Is it worth watching just for Chaika moments?

Why is there so little porn of green haired girl?

I was unironically enjoying the school spinoff.
Buruma Freddy is the greatest thing to have graced this earth.

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It won't get that much better and slightly worse towards the end. I would say try to watch the first series, because there are still some good moments, and if you aren't a big fan skip the second.

Post more of her.

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Both episode 4 and 5 introduce new characters, so I'd try those, or at least 4 since she's a best.

Would you?

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Not to mention episode 5 is where the actual plot becomes a little interesting.

Would I!

The whole chapter's worth dumping but I'm too lazy

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Thanks anons, I'll give it another shot, because I really like Chaika and want to see more of her.

waith there was a spin off?

japs have shittaste

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I didn't realize it was translated. You should dump it so we can all read it together, but I'll just read it myself if not.

How can she be so cute, lads?

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Because she was custom made to be as cute as can be.


Chaika's made a serious comeback over the past couple of months. Better than hamsterposting, I guess

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like trickery

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Because she was made by her "father" to be a capable but a bit clumsy girl to get your desire to protect her also eyebrows.

It's a mystery to all of us.

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I was individually saving it from some random site since I couldn't find the original scanlation anywhere. Also a bit busy right now and can't be really bothered to rip and dump.


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It's alright user, just continue to love Freddy.

worst chaika


Made for impregnation and cuddling.

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Sharpest teeth! Sharpest claws! That is Killing Bites!


>yes, chaika

Not for lewd! Chaika, made for hugs and headpats!

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>Ah, Chaika

>best teeths
>best eyebrows
>best hair
>best voice

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>be me
>drunkenly want to start this anime one night
>watch 6-7 episodes
>pretty entertaining but im really confused as to why such little explanation is given to the plot and characters and motivation besides the obvious "gotta get the body parts lol"
>next morning realize I started watching the show at the beginning of season 2

haven't watched it since I feel like I fucked up so badly and ruined the whole thing for myself

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to the back!

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what a retard.

Don't feel bad user i watched season 2 of Higurashi first and to this day i have no idea what it was all about.

I would kill for her to came back

Purple > Blue = Red > White > Shit > Black > Diarrhea > Green = Pink

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>white is the most slutty one on the pic
>blue i the most conservative one
>the one that feel no emotions wear a slutty black dress

Somethings off.

Apparently the group that was translating school spinoff shut down in 2016, so there's only 6 chapters
you can still get it from their mega folder

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Chaika butt

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>only 6 chapters
That would imply there are more, which there isn't I found some raws for the first volume, which seems to be the only volume, and the group did the whole thing. Thanks for the link, though

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oh, okay. On mangaupdates it has 1 volume and not completely scanlated status, so I thought there might be more.


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this post would be underrated if it went
>want (SYN)
>give (SYN/ACK)
>accept (ACK)

Why were white and red the only ones with speech impediments?

Because they were dirty foreigners.

Chaika is a weird show in that there it never does anything outstandingly well but it still never does anything wrong (except arguably the ending). It's enjoyable throughout but never remarkably so. Still, I don't regret watching it to the end. The story is consistent and the characters are enjoyable. I would say the most enjoyable or outstanding part to me is how the raid missions were very well orchestrated so that even if the characters split their actions would affect/help the others.


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I really want to fuck Akari.

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but can you handle her user?

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>no goods doujins of her
Why live




Fuck you!

Dude i seriously saw all the second season thinking it was the first, so don't even fret, for me it was actually funny once i realized and just binged S1

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