3x3 thread, but post the best girl from the respective series. Rate taste in anime and best girl

3x3 thread, but post the best girl from the respective series. Rate taste in anime and best girl

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Why is Saber on there twice.

Two different series, Zero & UBW. When HF comes out on Bluray I'll make a new 3x3 with 3 Sabers

Pretty seasonal taste

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>came to post mine
>someone already posted it
What the fuck? Go make your own, faggot.

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Your taste in girls is decent but your taste in anime is fucking shit.

End your life.

I am not going make a different one based on best girl but here are the tv series I like.

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....and my favourite girls in anime.

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Why do you like so many lolis? Especially ones that are kindergarten age? Are you a peek?


>many lolis
Only Sagiri is close to be loli and she isn't one.

Also, that guy stole my chart. I'm mad.

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Jesus Christ user.

What’s the point of 3x3 threads?

Onodera is my waifu. Sue me.

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Validation and to see people with similar tastes in hopes they may also have something you haven't watched.

Nothing wrong with either.

What about the first row second one?

Akari is 14.

Who is middle row right girl?

Does Shiki even have competition?

Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai



What is bottom right and center?



2/3, never finished GitS


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Literally top tier girls

>3 Fates
That's advanced shit taste

So am I supposed to do a 3x3 of my favorite women or one of my favorite anime each represented with a picture of a woman from that anime?

3x3 of your favorite anime represented by best girl

what if one of my favourite shows has zero women in it


I expected more from you

Here's my general anime one

In brackets I'll rate the girl
+ KLK (good), Knk (ok), Fate/Zero (meh), Your Name (ok)
+/- Konosuba (meh), UBW
- AgK (weak)
++ Eva (good)
+ Fate/Zero (meh), Lucky Star (ok)
Don't know any of these
++ TTGL, Bebop
+/- Konosuba, Toradora
Great: Motoko, Faye
Ok: Misaki
Meh: Aqua, Saber
Weak: Taiga
++ Tatami (great)
+ Devilman (good), Steins Gate (good), Monster (good), PP (meh), HxH (ok), Ping Pong
- CG (meh)
+ Bake (good), OPM (meh), Steins Gate (meh)
+/- Food Wars (meh), UBW (meh)
++ TTGL (ok), Misato (great), Katanagatari (cool),
+ Chihaya (ok), Black Lagoon (good), Bake (ok)

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Here's one for best girls in general.

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Newfag here. I don't understand the ++,+,+/- rating system. Can anyone explain it to me?

I mean, from what I gather it's just.

++ = I loved it
+ = I liked it
+/- = I watched it, but felt it wasn't as good as you say it is
- = it wasn't good
-- = it was fucking shit

It's not too hard, user.

Good taste. What's top right?

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Not really, there are a lot of ++ which he simply terms as "Good" and a lot of + as "meh"

He gives TTGL ++ but also calls it just O.K.

Shut Hell

read again

>In brackets I'll rate the girl

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Ahh my bad.

Congrats on picking Yuasa's worst anime.
6/6 I'm glad to see people didn't buy into the hate for LWA. It's a pretty good show despite some pacing and tone issues in the second half, and I really love the movies.
4/8 ++Kuchuu Buranko

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bottom right?

Kanashimi no Belladonna, it's part of a trilogy of avant-garde films Tezuka made that deal with a lot of themes around sexuality and women.

I only post the girl that got stuck in my mind for years only.
Its only 4 fortunately, and by Diana i mean OVA Diana, not that crappy Diana from the TV.

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There is far too much Fateshit in this thread.

>picking asuka in Eva

fucking shit taste

Go hump a wet blanket.

Good shit. 3/3 (+++ for Eri)


Good stuff,I'm too lazy to rate properly

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Fuck off MAL

>Not using MAL

Do you read manga? I'm wondering if you know any titles similar to Belladonna, Fujiko or some of the other ones on your chart. Basically stuff with an elegant art style and sexy ladies.


I mostly read horror manga. The only thing that really comes to mind is Helter Skelter.

MAL will blow your mind if you use it too much.

I use it in moderation

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This is not even bait at this point.

The autism. It's like a blinding ray of sunlight.
I can't even think where to begin yelling at you.
You have good taste, but anyone who puts two of the same people on a 3x3 is a dotard.

>Still trying to get a taste in anime
>Can only choose 6 or so anime right now
>One of them doesn't even have a women in it


They are from different anime though.