Senran Kagura S2

Say "Ahhhh".

Also who's your favorite titty ninja?

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Right now it's this one cause she's cute and fun to play.

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The one with the smallest tits.

Officer Mirai?

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Ryoubi is flatter

I want to be defiled by mommy haruka

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They are both flat as a baord, the only things sticking out would be their errect nipples when they're horny.

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This is the cutest blob.

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Give me Katsuragi any day.

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Hikage is my favourite.

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>Also who's your favorite titty ninja?

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It makes me angry that she got so popular. I remember back in SV she didn't chart as high, EV made her more popular and now she was the second senran to be featured in the switch dating sim.

I love Miyabi

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Well at least it's not as bad as Yumi's popularity. I still don't really understand it.

But I want Murasaki all for myself. She was my favorite ever since she appeared.

There's only one ninja for me.

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Well I got Kat to myself so you can keep her.

The pain only makes it sweeter, that's why mommy is the only titty ninja for me

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Go to bed Dai.

Her date sim segments were cute as fuck saying she wanted to start a family with you and bebe. I think she included her sister though cant remember which is gross because eww Imu.

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I want Kats for Shinobi Refle so bad.

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It doesn't fit her character at all. Whoever wrote this smut needs to be stoned to death.

It kind of did post SV since she's into fantastic cute romance crap apparently.


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How likely will it be for New Waves to show up, or at least make cameos?

It's Hibari.

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If I pull that off, will she die from embarrassment?

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Possible, not likely

Maybe Leo and/or Yuyaki, anyone else isn't happening.

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I want to be her test subject

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Homura and Ikagura


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I'd say only Ayame has a chance of showing up, in one episode, but she's part of the main cast these days, so i don't think that counts.

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>but she's part of the main cast these days
She counts the same amount as the others. She is no means a main cast member as she completely was written out when plot happened in PBS.

Also she's really unpopular.

Kafuru best girl.

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>haruka will never call you a good boy after experimenting on you until your body and mind are both broken

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What boards would your Senranfu browse?

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>She counts the same amount as the others
The others didn't appear in more than one chapter in the story mode, and only Souji got her own Paradise story. Arguably Yuyaki as well. Poor Leo, did fucking nothing the whole game.
>She is no means a main cast member as she completely was written out when plot happened in PBS.
Hibari and Yagyuu were nowhere to be seen in the whole main game, but they're still main characters.
>Also she's really unpopular.
This is true, but that didn't stop them from pushing Ryouna until she became popular. I can see they trying to do that with her, but i really don't want them to. She's been here since Shinovi Versus for no reason, after all.
That said, saying she's a main character was a stretch, although i still see her above her fellow who waves, at least for now. In main games, that is. We don't talk about gachashit.

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/ck/ and /fa/.

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All the doujins I can fid of this are animal oriented, is that right?

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I wouldn't call Haruka an animal.

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Patrician taste

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The games have been garbage, so looking at the Who Wave art is more fulfilling. Ageha, Fuga, Hisui, Leo, Souji. But Katsuragi, Shiki, and Renka are my favorite real Senrans.

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No, but those are the best ones.


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Good taste.

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Kafuru is pretty good

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She's just jealous because she can't do anything as great as Homura's crab routine.

>rub a dub dub flashbacks

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Call her auntie instead.

Hard choice between Naraku and Yomi.

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>Ctrl+F "Daidouji"
>0 results

Shit taste, the lot of you.

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Dumb dumbdouji poster.

This show was so bad

I am sure she will get lots of screentime too.

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>Red hair
u fukken wot, m8?

Get your eyes checked.

Nep is my favourite senran

I am colorblind, but i'm pretty sure that's regular Daidouji. There's no red haired senran, after all.
Crimson Homura doesn't count.

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The hair's a very vivid red, not her actual dirty blonde. It's not Daidouji.

>tfw you now look retarded on the internet

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Stop babuing the senrans.

Has there actually been any word recently on the second season

and Miyabi

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a man of culture

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Such an handsome girl

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The only thing we know is that it will be an original story.

I don't keep up. When's S2 starting?

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I don't think there's an official date, but probably Fall, to match with SK7's release.

based yomifag. she is the correct choice and has the canonically highest combo of tit + ass quality

what the fuck am i looking at here

also why do i feel like yumi is the character that's only as popular as she is because the series pushes her so hard? she doesn't have a personality and just generic ice powers yet she's always at the forefront just because she's a leader despite being the most boring member of her team.

>why do i feel like yumi is the character that's only as popular as she is because the series pushes her so hard?
Because you're wrong. Japs loved her in SV for some reason, and the games after it started pushing her into the spotlight to pander to them.

i should have fucking known. quiet subservient kimono waifu was a gold mine waiting to happen.

My top 5

1 yozakura
2 katsuragi
3 yomi
4 ryobi
5 murakumo

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Babu cards, they're adorable.
>also why do i feel like yumi is the character that's only as popular as she is because the series pushes her so hard?
That's not true, she was popular before her debut game released. She topped a popularity poll with design and seyuu alone. It kind of fucked over SV's story, but that's in the past.
The ones being pushed are Ryouna and Ryoubi.

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Kagura. But Kafuru is a close second.

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Okay, we can all agree that Takaki and co redeemed themselves in PBS after fucking over Homura's Crimson Squad in Estival Versus, right? They went from poor losers to professional shinobi, despite never finishing high-school.

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I NEED to breed Shiki

I always wonder why these threads usually lack Kagura, she's so fucking top tier.

Ryona beame popular after her first game. She got that instantly.

Good question. She's the main character, after all.

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That's actually true, she did. Altough she fell off after PBS.
That's weird, i could've sworn it was the opposite, especially because she was even better in PBS. At least she won that daki poll over Shiki and Murasaki.

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I guess it's because Kagura showed up in SK2, and most people started with SV. She's only DLC in EV and plays a very minor role in PBS.

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My who wave will definitely show up.

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