Shokugeki no Souma

What do we expect about this second part?
In my humble opinion... Quality

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Does Erina eventually confess her feelings for Soma?

Another PowerPoint presentation of moving shots with characters just moving their mouths.

Unfortunately, that's probably accurate.

Only watch this for Erina

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Does Taneda back?

What'll it cover? Been a while since I read those chapters. Erina tastes Yukihara again, train stuff, exams, darth hayama, maybe declaration of rdc? Not the best stuff imo, mostly shipper fuel and the worst matchup of the series. Wouldn't even be mad if all we got was panning.

>the worst matchup of the series
Pajeet's match would be okay with decent pacing in the anime.

you forgot shota Azami

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She's coming back in some other series but this is the 2nd half of the third season, so I'm sure Kanemoto was contracted for all of it. So no, she's not back.
yeah, should go right up to before the RdC arc starts. The official name of the cour is "Shokugeki no Souma the Third plate: The Tootsuki Train Arc."

>Another PowerPoint presentation
I doubt it considering the anime took a 2 month break and as we seen from the Pvs the anime looks clean and well animated. Also IIRC Tsukuda stated in an authors comment that he helped improvise the second cour meaning the story and plot will be better directed than the first cour and the Soma and Hayama match will most likely be properly condensed.

>she's not back
meh, there's no reason for me to watch it then

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She doesn't even have feelings for him.

Until now, my boi

I honestly don't see the problem. Kanemoto's doing a fantastic job, they sound almost the same.

Erina without Taneda Risa is not Erina

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Not a long as fuck Pajeet match

When I hear Kanemoto's voice it's too hard not to imagine Tendou Karen. Risa can't be replaced.

This, her portrayal as Erina was fucking perfect

Why did Erina's VA change?

she was sick

No, even currently in the story she does not reside any feelings for Soma yet.

Risa went on hiatus due to a sickness so a temporary VA voiced Erina in Risa's stead until Risa returns. Risa is all better now and will voice Erina again once there is more new anime content.

>I doubt it considering the anime took a 2 month break and as we seen from the Pvs the anime looks clean and well animated.
Do you really think that means shit? You obviously don't know how japan animation works and it will obviously look good in the PV, they take the best scenes so people would be interested in the anime.

Further decrease in the overall quality of the show.

Season 1 > 2 > 3

They took 2 extra months to air the second cour. It'll most likely be better animated but we'll see.

Got the the dick and took a "sick"leave

Took over 3 hours but I did the best I could. I wish Tsukasa and Rindou had a full body shot like Erina and Soma but it is what it is.

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Is that true?

It doesn't matter. Japanese voices all sound similar. Homogeneous society etc etc


He was so cute

Karen is good but yeah doesn't fit Erina


>Japanese voices all sound similar
But not Rias and Kanemoto.

Sad but true.

Facts. Anyone who disagrees and thinks otherwise is a fag.

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I leaner to adapt.

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Nice based work, user.

Didn't bother to watch past the first season.

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To see how they can fuck up

I just binge watched the first season and loved it. What is wrong with seasons 2 and 3?

S1 flopped so the production of S2 & 3 is terribly adapted with a lot of content skipped and no budget for animation sadly.

They are all rated similarly on MAL though

Because the series in general is good but it's not being supported fully from people buying the BD's and such not to mention it's not highly popular in Japan. But as an ecchi series it's probably the most successful there is which is really neat.

Read the manga


so basically Souma's father got bored because he was too good and had no competition?

Wasn't he only second seat though?
(anime only watcher on s2)

No, see this


Saiba is a little bitch. Is Soma a bigger chad than his dad?

Something decent, at least one thing

The match was great and the anime will portrayal the match even better.

What do you think about this pair, Sup Forums?

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The cutest and most pure pairing.

Takumi deserves better.


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Is this more figure skating fanart?


Cute, I guess. Don't really care tho

Yukihira should bone Erina. Rock her world.


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>Rock her world.
But he already did.

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Why is Erina such a slut?

She's not!

Is she a pure slut?

She is plain pure. Not slutty at all.

Cutest one.

The only pair I care about in the manga

Impossible, Megumi is the best

1000x more beautiful than Soma x Erina

Soma is beautiful enough to solo. Not even Erina can compare.

Shhhhh. Erina-sama is sleeping.

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Soma should stay single, travel alone to hone his cooking skills so someday he will defeat his dad and become a legend himself


Love this ship so much

Does anyone have volume 11 and 12 digital color? And do the digital color volumes only go up to 19?

Huh, you notice how Megumi wasn't in this promo art or the one from the first half of the season?

This so much.

Too bad it won't happen.

Yes, and I like it

He'll train forever and never stop losing to his dad's rabu rabu power, sorry.

Would Soma be an abusive BF?

I want to have a threesome with Alice and Erina while Hishoko films.

Me to!!

Don't ever wake up, bitch

As long as he's single I don't give a damn


: I

>this post


Beautiful. Too bad they are in a wrong manga handled by a shit author

No, he would be a loving boyfriend

The girls deserve better

Kek, still mad because Takumi lost?

Shhh. Don't bring stuff like that up.

The only reason why I am still putting up with this shit manga

He won't be single at the end of manga so you can fuck off now

Seems like the author's bait is working in full effect.

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>IP count didn't go up
Stop samefagging