Killing Bites

Those with the sharpest Fangs wins, that's what KIlling BItes is, right?

Hitomi is a "Origin"; this means one of her Parents was a Honey Badger Hybdrid?

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How cute, it has his own Waifu... arrrrrr

It means one of her parents was an actual honey badger.

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>tiny badger

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Loli Hitomi saved the show

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>Dat body

I want her to make me lick her body.

What would sex with Hitomi be like?

Several dozen deep lacerations

>Height 148cm

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I want to relentlessly fill her up with my seed.

Is this haleel?

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Why did hitomi bother trying to save rape snake?

Where's the Chita!?

she felt bad for cutting off his twin dicks
where do I watch ep 11?!

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Impregnate the bunny!

Ugly bunny.

In the future
Can't beat the double dick


Abe hopes that Sup Forumsnons will still go outside and meet real sexy women

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Why would Abe care about Sup Forums? We're not Japanese, in fact, many of us are spics from countries that have no trouble overpopulating.

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and with ears straight?

Abe is concerned for his fellow anime fan's wellbeing so that when I restore glorious Nippon Empire there's more subhumans to serve us

probaby 6ft even

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>many of us are spics
speak for yourself equator monkey

smol badger was the pinnacle of the entire anime without a doubt.

Do you think Shido has an album of Hitomi's embarassing baby pictures stashed somewhere?

>many of us are spic savages.
Then make spic board and go there.

Wow she is hot af

That's a weird looking hamster.

No, because he doesn't give a shit about her beyond how useful she is as a tool to increase his political and economic power.

she's an origin beast, doesn't help therianthrope research
He obviously simply loves her

This series is great. It must be selling like hotcakes over in Japan.

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So, will she win the Darling?

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Sharpest fangs huh?
Could Hitomi defeat this man?

I have a question, is Eruza really a dyke I sense some broconess in her, does she wants the onii dick?

>The one with the sharpest Franxx wins

>Hitomi is a "Origin"; this means one of her Parents was a Honey Badger Hybdrid?
I presumed the scientists took a fertilised egg cell and modified it.

How can he get away with this?

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Sup Forums is already a spic board

Goddamn I wanna worship that body until I die.

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delete this

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>What would sex with Hitomi be like?
Her hips would hummer you until you're bruised and going numb. Then she'd grab your hair and force you to please her with your mouth until you can get it up again.

but that's yanderebot from haruhi

>dumb wormfag is too stupid to see that the figure is Asakura Ryoko

Imagine pube editing this picture.

>Hitomi is a "Origin"; this means one of her Parents was a Honey Badger Hybdrid?

We don't know. Either that there's a race of Origins that's now long gone, or that it's just a very rare genetic disorder.

Regardless, she's inadvertently the mother of all Therianthropes.

>Regardless, she's inadvertently the mother of all Therianthropes.
Except therianthropes clearly already existed before Hitomi was discovered.

What user meant that she's the answer to Shidou Gene therapy research, which is why he sought her out in the first place.

Or that you're suggesting that Shidou just encounter her by chance and have nothing to do with his research at all.

>Only 2 episodes left.
I mean S2 is already planned at this point right?

Unlikely due to obscurity and competition.

Jesus christ that pic. I may actually have to pick this up.

Shidoh clearly went looking for her, but she only advanced his research into better therianthropes, she didn't let him invent them.

I want to be raped by countless killing friends while they make fun of me and physically abuse me.

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Hence the mother of modern day therianthropes.

Also, you're saying Announcer Secretary was a therianthrope at the time; or that the she became one afterwards.

Inaba? More like InaBest.

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Friendly reminder to break your monster girls teeth before they runa round spewing memes all day and start slaughtering other anons monstergirls.

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>pissfag bait
>best anything

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this scene gave me a middleage parental boner, I want a cute daughter to protect

Never sadly

>Also, you're saying Announcer Secretary was a therianthrope at the time; or that the she became one afterwards.
as opposed to what

She being that powerful to begin with.

So I really enjoyed Kemono Friends; does that mean I am going to love this show anons?


There is barely any material on the boorus. I just don't get it.

Depends on your stance on sex and violence.

My stance on sex and violence in anime would be around: me finding Violence jack utterly hilarious.

Then you'll love this.

Can you imagine Friends biting and punching and killing each other? If so then yes.

>Those with the sharpest Fangs wins

Then why did Bunny win?

Pure luck.

Because that's what Killing Bites is.

Since Vinland Saga is getting an anime, nothing is impossible, so I hope we get S2 within three years.

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Thankfully neither of these statements are true

what do you call this type of body?



Fuck you, nothing I like ever sells well in Japan. Nips have eternal shit taste.

I wonder how they will end the Anime.

With rape, duh

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With spoiler related. It's the perfect cliffhanger.

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How can he still love her? She's Shido's doll, nothing more.

>erect nipples

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Erect nipples are killing bites

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