Boku no Hero Academia

What relationships do you want to see develop in the future? It doesn't have to be romantic.

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I want Deku's mom to share embarrassing stories about his childhood with All Might.

I’d like some Tsukauchi and All Might detective action

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Yeah, I'm not sitting in a thread of a fucking shipper. Todomomo of all shippers.

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TodoMomo shippers are deluded. Momo doesn't even give a shit about Shoto.

Are they having sex?

No they’re playing with the cat.

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But the cat's outside the door

They left the cat outside.

Then they're still playing with a pussy.

No. The cats inside.

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You're my sunshine

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Is there a doujin where mineta and todoroki swap bodies?

>mfw toga posting will increase during season 3

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Tumblr art.

Baku Deku of course. I honestly didn’t expect their issue to be bared out so quickly, 120 chapters in to be precise.
I expected their issue to last way longer than it did, moving back and forth for hundreds of chapters, the battle shonen equivalent of endless love triangle that’s only resolved towards the end.
But it didn’t, they actually moved on, which is good, because the ceiling for their relationship is raised higher from simply understanding each other

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There’s a picture

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I wish mods would do their job and delete these generals. Instead they'll probably just ban me for saying this.

Get'em to nuke the One Piece one right now and you'll have my support. This shit creeps so who gives a fuck.

>that last bit
Don't know what the fuck I was talking about before this but ok.

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>tfw any chance of Nejire doujin will be overshadowed by Mirio-Amajiki yaoi doujin

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As if these threads don’t have enough Toga already

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why is thread so dead come on out everyone

But it’s late

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i imagine user don't want to spam the thread

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I’ve tried talking about the gauntlets, minimal (You)s

Latest chapter killed the hype.

>pro tip 2

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I really can’t tell what they do. Is he going to be shooting air blasts out of those knuckle holes?

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The Aizawa question has a better answer: he has to look directly at the person to use his quirk on them. Just looking at her clothes or at the area of space she's occupying isn't enough, he can't do anything to Toru if he can't see her.

There's no confirmation that her invisibility is a mutation, her quirk is always activated but the only way to say for sure that it's a mutation would be if we found out if she was born invisible or not.

>Endeavor beating Shoto's mom isn't explicit

>invisitits is hiding herself on purpose all the time
That's retarded and you know it

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He’s technically correct, and if he worded it any stronger the “Endeavor did nothing wrong” posters would be all over him.

I didn't say she was activating it on purpose, but some quirks might just activate on their own. Like Eri, her quirk is definitely a quirk but once it activates she can't turn it off on her own.
Her invisibility could be a mutation but you can't say that it is as a fact when it's never been mentioned one way or the other.

It’s illegal to use you’re quirk in public though, so it’s reasonable to assume she can’t turn it off.

>no little scar

Well, since you’re raring to go. One of the biggest and most important revelations for me in the last 5 chapters was pic related. I’ve been throwing around speculation about how the “middle factions”: individuals like the “the uncanny thief” and Gentle and liberation army will start to come into play very shortly (My estimates is after Endy’s fall which I estimate will happen around 190-200 just like AM’s fall, if the VA follows up on their goal to take down the heroes by making the public lose faith in them.

It should also be noted that on the heroes’ side, the “old guards” besides AM, Crimson was mentioned, and there’s this new name, “Brave” (probably the current #2?).
AM is retired, while Crimson’s whereabouts is unknown he goes by Gigantomachia now. There’s not much to speculate right now without going completely wild, but I think that’s the fun part? Going wild with speculation

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The best ship

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Dear lord.

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>Kirishima isn't actually shirtless

They're probably more of vents.


No, stop that

the issue is not whether or not she can turn it off, only if it could be turned off at all. Like if you used the quirk erasing drug on her, if it's a quirk it'd make her visible but if it's a mutation it would just make her unable to use light-refraction anymore.

It's not like she needs to tell the truth.
Just say she can't turn it off and most cops probably wouldn't care, since being invisible permanently isn't exactly unbelievable in-universe. As long as she's wearing clothes, it's not like she's invisible enough to be a danger to people around her.

I’m confused. They look like nips, but I swear some of them look like westerners

He doesn't have his little scar, what the hell did you expect?

They're all nips.

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Why bother cosplaying Bakugou if you have no toned muscles to show off?

delet this

That Ochako wouldn’t be too bad if she had bigger boobs

The ship isn't even the bad part of this. Seeing Bakugou act like that is gross.

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Exploding frog babies

CUTE. Bakugou is CUTE.

Will S3 adapt the hideout raid arc?

All I want is to see All Might vs All for One animated.

I see it now

was thinking the same thing she is the only one that looks decent

thats's probably the episode 12 finale

>24 eps confirmed
Yes, it will even go past provisionals, very likely

Thank you, my dick is pleased.

>This is what a live action academia will look like
Oh for god’s sake. If there’s something MHA related that I will avoid like the plague, it’d be a live action

to be fair, movies usually have better costumes than fuckin' cosplay.
not all the time but usually

There already is a live action hero academia movie.

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>forcing me to read from left to right
I vomited from disgust.

Also way too ooc, kys

You never know, you might love it

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Why would Bakugou even play with them in the first place?

I don't get it

The same way Sero convinced him to play the drums

>forcing me to read from left to right
Why? That's a nip comic. You read it from right to left.


Momo should have had glasses and a different hairstyle when out of her hero suit.

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That one got 100k likes on twitter. You just have shit taste.

They are the best ship because they have a lot in common

Ok, like what?

Pig tails is a good choice for her, but I like loose hair the best

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>th-they liked it on twitter! that makes it a good, believable ship!
"vomiting intensifies"

Both are shown as blunt, Tsuyu cares enough to be honest. Bakugou doesn't care if the truth hurts.
Both their quirks are weak to cold
Both have their insecurities revealed immediately after the raid arc.
As for appearances, official artwork at times has them either next to each other or parallel to each other and in similar positions. These are likely to be coincidences though

You can ship Frog with literally anyone just because she makes the same demand of everyone she knows to call her Tsuyu-chan. With minor tweaks, that comic could use any other character in the series and the crackshippers would cream just as hard.

>Both their quirks are weak to cold
How do you figure?

He’s actually not wrong about that, a winter Asui is not to be missed

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Bakugou doesn't sweat much in cold weather which is necessary for him to create explosions. Tsuyu becomes tired and sleepy in the cold.

No shit. That actually makes sense I guess. I didn't think about Bakugou not sweating.

Wow! If they have similar weaknesses, they must be destined! Just like the way people with lisps always end up together! Or people who take too long on the toilet!

So what kind of augments do you think would greatly enhance the quirk of anyone? Like replacing parts of the flesh with machines. Also morning, you all have a nice sleep and a good weekend?

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They arent even needed. OFA will make him into MHAs superman, no need for equipment to fight better.

Calm yourself. I still don't agree with the ship, I was just curious about that point and they answered well.

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Nah, OfA is pretty much Vongole powers, he needs the gadgets.

that would be white Momo

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That hero outfit is nice, I really like how many of the girls have skin tight suits.

That's beautiful

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So Eruka is BakuTsuyu's offspring?

Augment for stronger, lighter muscles and more absorbtion of vitamin c/orange juice?

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