Ascendance of a Bookworm


she did nothing wrong
se just knows that money is means to an end and not the goal itself.

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oh and, 68 is out. thank blastron!

I caught up with the translations for this recently, then went to look to see how much raw there was.
>Translations are up to vol 3, the end of the arc.
>There's two more arcs completed with 9 volumes between them.
>And a fourth arc just started.

I might have to get my ass into gear and learn nip properly.

Maine is not only incredibly stupid, enough to dwarf most harem protagonists, she's also a moneyhungry jew who consistently ends up working against her own goals.

3/10 you almost had me untill you implied maine is greedy. try being less obvious next time.

greedy for books, nice quads

she is not greedy for books she is starving for them. would you call a bagger without a coin to his skin greedy?
well at any rate the person i replied to pecificly said 'moneyhungry' and thats obviously wrong.

>All she wants is to read a fucking book
>The universe conspires against her at every single turn.
I feel so bad for her


>manga about loli and books
Why didn't I know about this? Lolis and books are 2 of my favorite things.
Picked up.

By the way this is the picture that goes with the latest chapter.
>You will never have a laploli.

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Is it confirmed that the original loli dies?

It's actually about a loli being tortured by there being no books.
God REALLY doesn't want her to have books in this life.

Her dumb decisions are much more natural than other isekais. She was never pragmatic, is working with a child's body, and the Devouring is forcing her into mania just to scrape up enough willpower to stay alive.

Much better than, say, Dragon's Egg. Eliza is perhaps a bit better, but it's a lot easier to write a character that actively avoids their personal problems.

Maine is my favorite modern isekai character

That works for me as well. Cute loli struggling to read sounds super cute.

Maine is a very good character in a good story among the sea of mediocre isekai. She stumbles her way into the new world, wrecking havoc along the way at the beginning. She's got a one track mind when it comes to the one thing she likes best and tries to make paper with the limited knowledge she has. Her devouring, her lack of common sense in the other world and her quest to read books makes her an interesting and somewhat realistic character.

what about non-modern?

Youko from Juuni Kokuki

>Juuni Kokuki
i remember that one
>2002 is non-modern
i feel old but you are probably talking about the novel which is 92
her naivity as she gained the throne was so jarring it made me drop the series. im not saying it was bad writing, its just that i personally didn't like it. at all.

Already read all the manga chapters, now I need more.
>last translated chapter has her collapsing for what seems to be a heart problem
I hate this.
Is the LN any good? I see it has more than 60 chapters translated.

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I just meant that it wasn't part of the most recent wave of isekai, not that it is necessarily a very old one

>her naivity as she gained the throne was so jarring it made me drop the series. im not saying it was bad writing, its just that i personally didn't like it. at all.
I disliked her in the beginning but she really grew on me over time

the ln is excelent

LN is great

The quality is very good. It's not a heart problem it's much worse. It costs an arm and a leg for as long as she lives and she'll be dead in a year if her condition isn't treated regularly.

The LN is good. I still don't understand why blastron isn't translating the LN and is doing the WN.

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whats the dif?

maybe cuz web is free?

Nice, I suppose I can read that for now.

> It costs an arm and a leg for as long as she lives and she'll be dead in a year if her condition isn't treated regularly.
How does her poor family afford that?

what a slut. I bet she would fuck anyone in exchange for books

>How does her poor family afford that?
oh no, they'd NEVER be able to afford that....and Maine decided dying while surrounded with her family might not be so bad....

I don't know. I'm still learning and Bookworm is the book I'm mostly using for practice. Never went into the WN.
My main reason was that he would have a chance to actually catch up to the LN, but it's next to impossible with the WN.

Well, that's hardly a problem. Translator could simply voice an interested and people would give him the raw.

They can't

Would she even accept a porn magazine at this point?

those have an articles section, so....

That’s kind of the reason why literacy spread in the western world. Porn got published and eventually everyone wanted to be able to read wtf was being written there too.

we need more isekai protags with chronic diseases.

no one would pay a book for her, books are too expensive.
she did consider being a noble's pet for library access but she realized she wouldn't have time for actual reading.

not sure how I feel about her not getting together with Lutz

Oh, this will probably not be going to be a pleasant ride.


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Why is the manga farther than the WN?

the WN is completely done though

neither the manga nor the WN translations are up to speed with the latest chapters.

she finds a way


Nah she gets to be a priestess apprentice and use magic eventually

>thats not an issue cuz he could rely on the interest of strangers to give him the resources
as a person who doesn't like the whole social networking fad, im happy that he took an independent path.

Manga translation is behind by 4 tanks or a total of, currently, 20 chapters.
The web novel has over 600 chapters, I guess I don't have to say any more?

Manga is also basically, as usual, a LN adaption and it's currently in the middle of volume 3 of the LN (aka the final volume of the first part).

Nothing is stopping him from buying it?

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>that pic
I really couldn't stop laughing after I finally understood this

A hundred lashings to the non believer!

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for starters money doesn't grow on trees
secondly, we don't even know if he lives in a fitting area. mail deliveries are annoying

even when he does it for free there are already monthes without a single update. why make the hurdle bigger by adding expenses thus reducing appeal?

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One day, Eliza will have a proper thread, and I will be very happy.

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for starters, wn/ln tl links? what is her story about?

a lovestory between a girl and her warhorse(dragon wolf)

I'm just saying that it would be easier to go for the LN and not for the WN, especially with the limited time he has.
They're available digitally, shipping is not an issue.

But yeah, in the end it's the translator's choice and they are quite expensive for LNs.
He also didn't want to touch the manga (he was offered the raw and all).
Some user is providing the raw (and still is) and another user was interested in typesetting (this was before EG basically killed the series) so the typesetter asked blastron.

that sounds incredibly chu2. what makes it good?
The main character is reincarnated as an Otome game villainess. Nothing fancy there, only real life in that world, with no cheat powers or abilities, is far, far removed from some dumb flowery romance game.

It’s not for everybody, but I’m really into it because I love Eliza as a character. She’s constantly faced with awful situations, but manages to scrape her way through with demonstrable intelligence and sheer force of will.

Also I’d totes follow her charge into battle.

>The main character is reincarnated as an Otome game villainess
another one?

Someone incompletely isekais into a child. Her first memories are of flames. Her father, a noble, smiles at her. Reveling in the screams of the people burning at the stake, the noble tells the girl:

"Happy Birthday!"

Soon the girl murders her entire family. And now the story can start.

Yep, though that premise has had little to no bearing on the story past the first few chapters.

nothing much happens with it, its reasonable for her to believe that "memories of her pastlife" is just plain insanity

Girl reincarnates into the villain family. The whole family is going to be eventually executed for their crimes since the culture operates in a system of “everyone in your family is guilty”.
Her solution? Poison everyone to death while she’s a 3 year old since no one would execute a baby.
Then she becomes rule 63 Dracula

that's not quite correct.

Her solution was for a slightly different problem, that is: that her entire family was a genocidal collection of monstrous scum and did not deserve to live long enough for Eliza to grow up and stab them with a knife.

>Then she becomes rule 63 Dracula
Picked up


you tried

That was a bonus objective. Her prime motivation was self preservation. That’s why she feels guilty about not doing it sooner.

Wow she looks like Monkey Oujo there.

At least her story got translated again. Bakarina's translation is dead.

Can't wait for Eliza's academic arc though. For all her badassery she's prolly as dense as Bakarina. Can't wait to see her being surprisingly/secretly popular.

Bet she's the secret route in her original otome game.

Anime when? How are sale numbers?

>Bet she's the secret route in her original otome game.
Yuri route?

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The only reason she's in there is because the illness killed the previous occupant.

Why do you believe everything you read on the internet?

Good enough for the manga serialization to keep on going.
As far as I know the continuation of it depends on its sales.

As for the LN, I dunno. It seems like it has a dedicated following and I did spot it in the top lists several times it had new volumes so I'm guessing it's doing well enough.

>believing i believed

no reason not to belive.

Any religion that makes you do the crane yoga pose as part of a regular prayer can't be that bad.

It's nothing compared to how dead Camille's translations are
>last chapter translated 2 years ago
>it was only a rework of the same chapter translated 3 years ago

It got the first place on!

That loli shogi anime that's currently airing now got the first place last year/this year too.

Anime for this when? It's probably gonna be boring as hell though.

At least we see Camille getting boned at least.

Bakarina got kissed at best, and Eliza is too scary/dense to have anyone approaching her.

Bakarina will literally never have sex because she's a harem lead, the whole "joke" of the series would die if she ever got laid.

Eliza will make Ratoka wear a dress and fuck him like that one day.

I assume this is the new isekai thread. Thanks to the anons who posted LEM, nanaki is fucking great.

>loli on first on both, bunkobon and tankoubon formats
This restores my faith in japan.

Be patient nigga. She's getting there. It's damn pity she'l never end up with the OG Heroine though, she the loveliest.

I wonder if they'll ever address the fact that Ratoka is her half-brother rape baby.

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What's that?

>Be patient nigga
I'm not going to, I dropped it after the game plot "ended". It's just a harem series with an absolutely braindead protagonist and reversed genders and nothing interesting beyond it.

I don't think they'll ever address it for multiple reasons.
>everyone knows it already, but saying "yeah he's a rape babby" is pretty insensitive and people who know it care about both Ratoka and Eliza
>technically he'd be higher in the line of succession than Eliza, the only reason why she's the lord is that Kaldias were routinely murdering each other so that they have literally no extended family/branch families except Nordstrums I guess
>it'd change his relationship with Eliza and neither of them is ready to do it

Speaking of female MCs, new Kenkyo chapter is out.

yes although the fact she is reincarnated as a baby and obviously knows very little of the childhood her character would have had makes things go completely off the rails

The story would probably end with him replacing her as the lord.

Reika-sama and Maine's novel is really incredibly slow. I am surprised that Kenkyo never really got any manga or LN adaptation. While Maine's got multiple adaptations and even some mainstream success.

>isekai thread
>no shitposting
>no shit taste
holy shit

Nanaki's Bizarre Adventure

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>There's a Himekishi ga Classmate manga that isn't hentai
What's even the fucking point then?

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Oh shit Yasuda is illustrating the adaptation.

I love this doting dad so much. Desoite being a soldier is so freaking sweet with his daughters,

Jsut hope MC gest cured of her cancer soon so dad wont have to worry that much.

Lightning Empress Maid

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Isn't it web published anyway? It has plenty of sex, get with the times grandpa.

Indeed he is.

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I'm not really surprised, I can't see Kenkyo getting commercially released, what with how slow, repetitive and uneventful it is.

Plenty slower and even more meandering things get adaptations though.

Maine is a dumb autist