ITT: Characters that smell nice

ITT: Characters that smell nice.

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But she smells like pee according to that one doujin.

i'm getting hard just thinking about it

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i imagine a faint mesquite smell like russian caravan

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smells like cheap knockoff brand shampoo and soap, a good smell

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Rikka is definitely not the type of girl mature or responsible enough to take regular baths

sweet tea

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All girls smell nice.

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Abe wants to know why Sup Forumsnons don't go outside and smell real girls

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Abraham-sama, it's too difficult and unsafe. It's safer to stay inside and imagine what they smell like.

Why would Abe want filthy stinky gaijin pigs to make babies?

You can't smell 2D images fags.

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Abe loves all his fellow anime fans and wants what's best for them. Also so there's more subhumans to serve Nippon

I thought Abe's plan hinged on the fact that anime makes japs want to fuck girls and makes gaijins want to turn into girls so they become useless trannies who will get mowed down in droves by the new anime-fueled JSDF

farts, body odor and greasy hair
is this a good smell to any of you?

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Like Vanilla or strawberry.

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She covers herself in sugar water regularly though.

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True, but I have considered sparing a few as slaves under my new Empire

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I want to smell Rikka's fat ass

So merciful! TennĊ Heika BANZAI

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Apples, wheat and beer.

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>not spices

Just cause it's in the title doesn't mean she's actually around it / consuming it enough to smell like it.

Its spice AND wolf. Not spice ON wolf.

Doesn't he have some war criminals to pray to?

>worships war criminals
>waaa why does south korea disrespect me!???! :'(

You'll die in the vanguard assault, gaijin

I don't think SK would care who's Japans pm.

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Kiddy shampoo with a slight hint of puberty.

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it's lawrence who smells of spices after handling them as a job everyday

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>slight hint

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What does female smell like?

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