Gakuen Babysitters

What did they mean by this?

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Kotaro doujins foreshadowing.

I read that as Babyshitters.

I want to procreate.

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What is the fucking appeal of this show

I want to procreate.

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Nigga, look how cute they are.

That has to sting.

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I want to break into kindergarten and hold this cute toddlers as hostages and fuck the cute teachers and moms brains out


Was this scene really necessary?

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>I want to break into kindergarten and hold this cute toddlers as hostages and fuck the cute Babysitter and moms brains out
Step up faggot

That you’re all pe-do-phi-les in denial and will seek out abuse material, starting with lolicon.

I want to torture Taka to death, cut off his dick and feed it to him.

A kid who can't read yet can't get into sadpanda on his own, no matter how much he hopes to find pictures of hot older chicks like Kyouko there.
Just look at those teary eyes on the poor boy.


Yeah the MC screaming stop that was really out of line. Toddlers want delicious milk pillows so they won't starve and can feel warm and safe when they're sleeping.

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don't like it?

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Why do you edgy faggots have to ruin such a nice show? What's wrong with you?

>not fucking the toddlers


They're in denial. Want to try and make themselves look 'cool' and 'above it all', show people that they're as edgy as ugandan knuckles.

as does this

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This show makes being daycare worker look like a fun, carefree job. Then you remember real children are horrible.

2d vs 3d in general

but they were pretty terriblé this episode

Toddlers love boobs and butts.

They can be good kids, but very often the ones that get sent to a daycare are brats because their parents have no time for them.
The show does skip over the diapers and vomit (it does show all the snot, tantrums and tears) though.

children are cute to be around but you have to remember that on an average daycare you'll have like 3 takas who make the other kids cry constantly, alongside all the other work you have to do. On the show they have 6 kids, in a daycare it can easily be like 20. They dont'say kids are draining for nothing.

Entirely depends on how well the parents have raised their children. You can clearly tell how's a family based on their children's behavior. No good family will raise a bad child.

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