Vinland Saga


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Not a drill link.

They better not fuck this up. I don't want my comfy chapter dump threads ruined just for shitty rushed adaptation.

I dropped it at some point when they got to Iceland but any excuse is good to catch up

Karakuri circus then this

I can't handle

Please don't be absolute shit.

What the hell is happening?

Literally best news ever

Shit anime and even shittier manga.

well time to read this manga. It probably won't be out until Fall or Winter, yeah?

Good or not, the anime is going to bring on a wave of fresh shitposting.

>TV Anime
>Probably 1 cour
They are 100% going to fuck this up.

The memes were true. All of them.

My dick has never been this erect. WIT is one of the best studios out there and this will be one of the best anime in history.

I hope they will end it best character death, I really don't like Hobo Thorfinn

Why even hype yourselves for this?

It will be GUARANTEED worse than the original, and on top of that there's a 90% chance it will be shit.

VS is just one of those top manga you can't adapt well.

But hey, if you like disappointments so much, go right ahead

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We will all see princess Canute once again.

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fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, shit, piss cunt

This, fuck this shit so hard.


stupid manga, stupid plot, stupid vikangz

>All those guys who said that IG will adapt Vinland Saga after Netflix deal
Meme magick is real.

It's like people didn't learn anything from Berserk (2016/2017), Sailor Moon Crystal, Blame! and the likes.

>all these salty retards because GOAT Saga got a good anime while Berserk got a shit one


>ALL these salt
>ALL these tears
Too soon

Seriously, what's going on?
Pluto, Hinamatsuri, new season of FMP, Karakuri Circus, Boogiepop, and now Vinland saga?
What's next?

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Vinland Saga is an Abe approved manga

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>I-it's never good anyway

Blame! was about as good as you could get for an anime really

> literally the berserk 1997 of our generation as long as it gets half-assed well enough
> or, even better, the show that will finally generate worse shitposting than fate if it gets to farmland
Perfect fucking storm

You forgot baki s3.

Those fake upcoming anime charts are literally all coming true.

Haha no. Instead we get that shitty Project D whatsoever.

You can thank the isekai apocalypse for most of it coming true.

Well WIT is owned by IG Port.

Vagabond, 20th century, sanctuary, shamo and liar game

What the fuck is with Abeposting today

AnimeJapan is next week-end.

That's my point.

you forgot Banana Fish.
>What's next?
Probably Gunnm or Vagabond

Farmland was genuinely well written and the characters mae the whole thing enjoyable,plus even then there were things happening.The farming arc in Vagabond was the most boring shit ever conceived though and muashi is a mess of a character.

I got quads for Coponicus a while back so I hope it comes true at some point. Dokyuusei might have been the catalyst.

fuuuck it's real

Get in here Hox

And Joe spinoff
+ Lotgh remake

Spice and Wolf S3

Farmland is 3 episodes tops if it's anime. It only dragged because of the monthly pacing.

Which is to say, not much.

Actually, scratch that. No it fucking wasn't.

We will see young sexy Ylfa once again.

oh fuck noooooooo

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It was like 50 chapters thoug,i caught up to Vagabond in early 2015 when it was already finished and it didn't feel dragged to me.


Abe just wants to show his love for his fellow weebs

Berserk was given to a trash studio.


For the inevitable dub they should get people with the right accents like History Channel's Vikings. Warduna for the soundtrack

Abe quite literally can't be a weeb you retard.
Tfw everything on that page including this one will be simulcasted by Amazon.


Also 1 cent budget for each episode

Imagine if they say
>"We want the Game of Thrones audience"

What's next?


>Berserk was given to a trash studio.

Anyone have that image with MGX and Tasogare on it? At least they turned out good unlike one of those manga

Hoshi no Samidare

>WIT is one of the best studios out there
I love this meme

New Mai Hime project series and movie

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Anyone but Sawano for OST, please.

>Trash studio
Say what you want about them being overhyped but they're fucking fantastic at what they do.

What, Sankarea?

It's too early to create Anime Japan thread, so i'm gonna post some other Anime Japan related news here, if you don't mind.
Takahiro Omori (Baccano, Durarara, SamFlam, Natsume) to direct adaptation of Ranjou Miyake's manga series "Pet".
A TV anime adaptation of Mado Nozaki's novel "Babylon" has been announced
A new anime remake for Osamu Tezuka's "Dororo" manga series has been announced. Produced by MAPPA

and music by The Pillows

>simulcast by Amazon
No dub will be happening unless CR/Funi bought the rights like Kabaneri.

This actually is real? It isn't getting a shit CG anime? Best news of the last decade right here. All the salty faggots can go eat a fucking cock.

>at what they do
Which is trash anime.

>but they're fucking fantastic at what they do.
>but they're fucking fantastic at what they do.
Suckering dumbfucks like you into thinking they're a good studio?

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I can't remember, were all three on it? And Franken Fran.

I meant the MGX manga going to shit.

Sticky plox kthx

You forgot to mention these series are also already confirmed for Amazon simulcast including this one and Karakuri Circus.

Shut the fuck up with this shit in every thread. It's dead and deservedly so.

Tbh they could potentially pull a snk-like success since both have a pretty good storyline

>those people who thought vinland was going to be adapted by kyoani because they thought the author was a fan
>it got adapted by the attack on titan studio instead

Oh those poor people. It's almost funny.

Holy shit. All of those shit looks good.

Cry harder, yes please



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Don't forgot City Hunter movie project announced for next year.

Yes, what other series that is overrated by Sup Forums "intellectuals" is going to get an anime adaptation? Barring Hinamatsuri and FMP.

This is going to be one of those cases where the threads are cautious optimism and doomsday posting until the anime eventually airs and when people realize all these series that Sup Forums touts as masterpieces are actually shit, that's the same moment everyone else begins backpedaling and trying to defend them. "The anime is a bad adaptation!", "Read the manga, faggots. The anime skips over so much characterization.", etc. It's not a shit series because the anime is a bad adaptation, it's a shit series altogether. It happened with Houseki no Kuni, it happened with Blame!, it happened with the later parts of Index that everyone dumb enough to read that far claimed were good, it's gonna happen here.

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I don't think I can do it as much as you in all these threads, but if you're willing to keep trying, so am I.

If we are to trust the 2010 troll chart of prophecy (here in shit resolution) it will happen

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>Implying Kyoani capable to adapt serious story

Stop bringing your Kyoani cancer here, homo.

I can't believe it. These two years are going to be amazing.
After all those seasons with 1-2 good airing shows, finally...

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Nothing they can do will save that trashfire that was the movie.

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Indeed all anime/manga is pure fucking shit,what's the point of living really?We should all kill ourselves,i'm just waiting for you to lead us,please livestream it.

t. Projecting pseudointellectual

Go eat your cheap trash LN

>all anime is shit because someone insulted my favorites
What a child.

Great, we're going to have normalfags invading the threads, nothing is safe.

>WIT Studio
I'll be cautiously optimistic like most unlikely adaptions.

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Name a single good series then.