Henreader's Loli no Himo manga serialization

The LN written by Yuki Akatsuki and illustrated by Henreader "Kyou kara Ore wa Loli no Himo!" was announced to be serialized in Young Champion Retsu's 4/17 issue.

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Educate me on this series.

>"Tendo Haru is an aspiring manga artist who finds himself in the greatest win-win situation one day. A super-rich, super-cute elementary school girl, Nijo Toka, is a huge fan of his manga and declares herself to be his patron. She lets him live in her mansion, feeds and clothes him, gives him an allowance for manga, BDs, figures, cosplays, app game pulls, etc, all in the name of "gathering reference" for his manga. In this idealistic setting, all Haru needs to do is produce good manga. He can do it...right? So starts his loli-ful gold-digging life!

Not with Henreader's art style, she isn't.

Anime when?

So no more loli doujins from Henreader then?

How lewd does this get

is it hentai

I hope this is hentai.

Young Champion Retsu isn't hentai, but it's heavy ecchi, which is better than hentai.

>isn't hentai, but it's heavy ecchi, which is better than hentai
user, I think you need to lie down, because you're making zero sense here.

LN raw isn't out. Can't find it. Good to hear that they're making a manga.

Awesome. Looking forward to it, but even though his latest oneshot's being published in Comic LO for the March issue, I hope this isn't an indicator he's moving away from publishing h-manga.

Guy's a wannabe mangaka (or writer?) who becomes dependent (aka gigolo) on lolis with money.


>This isn't ero-manga

So does this means that Henreader is kill?

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See and .

this will flop

Kind of like your beer gut?


I think it'll be fine. It's not like Henreader published h-manga on a monthly basis or anything. The frequency of new oneshots probably won't change at all.


He isn't wrong.
Hentai is often over the top retarded when it comes to body proportions and cubic meters of semen and sweat exploding every where.
Ecchi is more down to earth and instead of showing a grotesque cunt with mosiac, censor bars or shitty decensoring it's drawn in a more cute way with panties instead.

Reminds me I still haven't finished Onnanoko Party.