It was by my own two hands that let her into this state of affairs

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was it rape?

I did this

Affairs? You stole Sharo's normalcy and made her like this!

funny meme i laugh



The weight of this sin is on me alone.



I raped rabbits and scold her badly

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Cummies in Syaro's tummies

Where did you get this picture of me?

I want to cum inside of Maya

You want to give her your mayo?

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where can I get one of these

i will burn down this unholy abomination

Why are the Gochiusa threads always filled to the brim with shitposting?

Because the show fucking sucks dude

I wonder who did this to her.

me and my lads


Truly the most sexual of the Chimames.

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Fui yo, ese half breed es mio.

Would do that again



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If you expect people to pay double for it being anime restaurant at least hire some 10y old waitresses.
Can't be that expensive compared to adults.


C J P™

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I hope the movie's better than Kinmoza's.


my dick

yeah children shouldn't be paid as much

UPHOLD Marxism-Leninism-Ujimatsuism-Hotoism!

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>10y old waitresses.

I don't think that's legal, nor I do want to imagine the backlash for hiring 10yo girls for a weeb cafe.

rape fuck kill eat drink burn run again

Child actors exist.
Just call them performers acting anime characters.

You could argue the same for any CGDCT show but none of them have as much shitposting as Gochiusa.

I had nothing to do with this

are those men

that's a big Sharo...

for me

*enlarged to show texture*

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i hope he didn't left any tips for her

Fui eu.

This thread makes me want to take an IQ exam.

Gochiusa threads are the highest average IQ in all of Sup Forums

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You know how taking pictures of other peoples panties is considered rape in the west?
That means whoever took that picture practically had sex with her.

What are those brown baskets for?

I'd spend my money here.